Tissothuang Xiaoming Appears In Platform Wide Sister New Movie

Tissot watch representative Huang Xiaoming ‘dedicates’ to Taiwan
Send birthday wishes to Sister Kuan

For a long time, Tissot watches have been deeply rooted in high-quality watches and superb craftsmanship, and they have strongly supported and cultivated the development of brand spokespersons in various fields, perfectly displaying the century-old watchmaking brand’s greatness and culture. TISSOT’s image spokesperson, the popular nun Huang Xiaoming, especially the sister Qiu Kuankuan flew to Taipei on the birthday of the ‘Happy Birthday’, and also helped him to supervise the production of his sister Kuan Kuan, who will be released in Taiwan on August 9 to promote the film ‘Made 2’ to Taiwan . Tissot watched his support in favor of Chinese films and refused to give strong sponsorship. He even gave her two blessings for Kuan’s birthday this year.

TISSOT watch with Huang Xiaoming
Surprise to arrive in Taiwan

It coincides with the birthday of the super eldest sister Sister Kuan in the entertainment industry. Although her age is always a woman’s secret, Sister Kuan, who is respected as a ‘hero’, does not change her bold nature. She generously promises this year’s birthday, except for the new movie box office director, infrared. , I also hope that this fantasy and warm movie, which appeals to ‘What is more important than the dream of a child,’ can deeply impress the audience who enter the theater, and also reminds us how to care more about children in our lives. At the same time that the world is full of the power of love, ‘love, dreams, and courage, which are always moving’, become ‘things that don’t be forgotten when you grow up.’

倩 Li Qian Anisa, Vice President of Tissot Brand Taiwan, unexpectedly appeared, joined the brand spokesperson, is also the hero of the film ‘Mad 2’, and is also the younger brother of Xiaoqiu Qiu Huang Xiaoming. As the image spokesperson for Tissot, Huang Xiaoming understands the high requirements of Sister Gan for the practicality and design of the watch. It is recommended to choose the ‘TISSOT T-Race competition’ with stylish and unique appearance and more profound functions. Speed ​​Series Rose Gold Chronograph ‘for the sister. Tissot global spokesperson and popular nun Huang Xiaoming, with the surprise appearance of Li Qian, deputy general manager of the brand, together with the TISSOT T-Race racing series rose gold chronograph superior speedometer, chronograph function and dynamic fashion The design appearance, innovative materials and noble and dazzling rose gold colors set off the lofty status of Kuanjie’s performing arts circle and became the focus of envy. At the banquet, Xiaoming gave another birthday gift to Sister Kuan TISSOT Heritage Navigator series 160th anniversary engraving and commemorative watch, bringing another big surprise to the scene!

Li Qian Anisa, Vice President of Tissot watches, presents the TISSOT T-Race racing series rose gold chronograph to Sister Kuan.

ISS TISSOT T-Race Racing Rose Gold Chronograph, priced at NT $ 21,800.

梭 Tissot’s spokesperson Huang Xiaoming showed up at Sister Kuan’s birthday dinner with a warm hug.

晓 Tissot Spokesperson Huang Xiaoming wears TISSOT T-Complication Squelett for NT $ 58,000.

Another climax of the birthday party, the Tissot brand and Xiaoming prepared a bottle of 3 liters of Pol Roger top champagne and champagne tower more carefully, and the sister of Li and Qian, the vice president of the Tissot brand, jointly took this royal royal champagne. Concentric, pouring champagne into the crystal clear crystal glass symbolizes the overflowing of the blessing glass, and also brings a full and warm happiness to all the friends who participate in celebrating the birthday of Sister Kuan. The Champagne Tower has a meaning of being stepped up one by one. It also blesses Sister Kuan’s life, work and film career. ‘Tower’ also has the meaning of a fortified fortress, in order to represent the solid relationship between the Tissot brand and the spokesperson Xiao Ming and Sister Kuan’s liver and gallbladder.

Major actors 2 made a birthday party and took a group photo in front of the Champagne Tower, a symbol of movie sales

The main actors of Mader 2 will raise their glasses and wish the film box office a long red