We Can Not Watch The Nba, But We Ca N’t Help But Wear This Watch

As soon as the 11th National Holiday is over, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with top sports events again. On October 8th, watch the Rolex Shanghai Masters Cup at Shanghai Qizhong Tennis Center, and once again admire Federer’s pleasing, stunning art tennis. Is Tian Fei, 38, retired? His world ranking is still 3rd! Federer is the spokesperson for Rolex. Everyone knows this, but there is a special opportunity this year. This is the 10th year that Rolex sponsored this event (Shanghai Masters Cup this year is the 11th). Entering 2019, Rolex has once again launched its firepower in tennis sponsorship. Not only has it gathered the sponsorship rights of the four open tournaments. In China, in addition to the Shanghai Masters Cup, Rolex also plays the timing of the Beijing China Tennis Open and the Shenzhen WTA Finals. The Rolex Shanghai Masters in 2019 and the Shanghai Masters Cup also surprised me that the brand invited another spokesperson Li Na to the scene. Still in 2011, Li Na joined the Rolex family. In the same year, she won the French Open crown and became the first Asian player to win a Grand Slam singles title. At the time, I was traveling with a group of friends in Guilin. Everyone greeted the moment Li Na set a record in front of the TV. The joy and excitement of the people were still fresh in memory. I think Rolex is a great point. In addition to seeing the heroes, they can be included in the player before they score. And the lottery is for many years. They will not give up because of fluctuations in player performance, but wait patiently for the player to return to the peak. . Unlike the spokespersons of many brands, they often change every two or three years. In the end, I don’t remember who spoke for whom. I always feel short-sighted and short-term. For example, Li Na has been a Rolex spokesperson for 8 years and retired 5 years ago, but Rolex did not terminate the contract because of this. This is what Rolex is commendable for. Although she is a mother of two children, 37-year-old Li Na is more slender and beautiful than when she was a player. In addition, on October 10, Tissot also invited me to the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Center to watch the NBA China preseason game. The Lakers played against the Nets. , But everyone should be aware of the ‘thunderstorm foul’ incident, Tissot immediately canceled the viewing schedule. I think the brand is doing a great job, as many netizens say: ‘The ball is a ball; the country must love it!’ Back to the topic. Sponsoring sports is naturally due to the precision and enthusiasm of the event, and the spirit of hard work and continuous improvement of the players-faster, higher, stronger, more accurate challenges and breakthroughs, which are in line with the core values ​​pursued by high-end watch brands. . The large number of ‘sports watches’ should be traced back to the 1950s and 1960s. After the rest and recuperation after World War II, the world is full of vitality. People are brave to challenge the unknown nature, and a large number of flights have emerged in the watchmaking field. Watch, climbing watch, diving watch, polar adventure watch. More than half a century has passed, and today, adventure, courage, persistence, exploration, and sportsmanship still best define these androgen-filled timepieces. Sports watches are actually a kind of sentiment, a kind of life attitude. After all, most sports watches cannot be played on the court, whether it is basketball or football in which the body collides fiercely, tennis or volleyball against the net, or golf in competition. Balls or gymnastics are basically not recommended to wear watches. However, these rough watches, thick cases, usually with water resistance of more than 100 meters, some can also be anti-magnetic watches, really suitable for outdoor leisure wear, hiking, hiking camping, even a little bump or rain is not afraid. Rolex, the front page of the London ‘Daily Mail’ on November 27, 1927, can be said to be the pioneer of sports watches. It is waterproof, dustproof, durable, accurate and practical. In 1926, an oyster case was introduced that provided the best protection for the movement. The following year, the British swimmer Mercedes Gleitze wore it across the English Channel and traveled for more than ten hours to reach the end point. The watch still functioned normally. To this end, Rolex released a full-page advertisement on the front page of the ‘Daily Mail’, which caused a sensation. This successful event marketing also opened Rolex’s brand spokesman strategy for more than 100 years. Next, Rolex began to challenge the limit everywhere, including the pilot wearing a Rolex watch on the first flight over Everest, the racer wearing a Rolex watch broke the track record on the track many times, and even later challenged the North and South Pole and climbed the beads Peak, dive into the Mariana Trench. When buying Rolex, sometimes it was that reputation and peace of mind. By the 1970s, another epoch-making product in the watchmaking industry was born, which was the so-called ‘luxury sports watch’. Compared with the mainstream small-size formal gold watches at the time, we generally felt that the waterproof, dust-proof, rugged and durable sports watches are mostly made of stainless steel, which is not so expensive and the price should be relatively cheap, but luxury sports watches subvert this concept. The Royal Oak introduced by Audemars Piguet in 1972, the Nautilus introduced by Patek Philippe in 1976, and the predecessor 222 watch of the present-day cross-sea series launched by Vacheron Constantin in 1977 are all outstanding. The high-end sports watch that emerged in the 1970s is still selling well today. Another high-end sports watch that was born later in 1980 may be less known, which is Chopard’s St. Moritz watch. St. Moritz, located in southeastern Switzerland and surrounded by magnificent Alpine peaks, is a famous tourist destination. The watch is named St. Moritz, and it is obviously going to be a sports watch for mountaineering and skiing. This is the brand’s first sports watch and the brand’s first watch made of stainless steel. Chopard’s advertisement for St.Moritz sports watches in the past may be the sports watches of the previous brands. The St.Moritz watches were discontinued shortly after the launch and slowly faded out of people’s vision. But almost 40 years later, Chopard inspired this watch and launched the new Alpine Eagle. The appearance of Alpine Eagle follows the design elements of St. Moritz, but with a modern interpretation, it looks thicker and rounder than the original. Features include: round bezel with 8 screws, two pairs of two, distributed in four directions: up, down, left and right, the notch of the screw is the same as the bezel. The case has bumps that protect the crown, which is engraved with a compass rose pattern. The case and bracelet are integrated and integrated, the bracelet gradually narrows, the links are in the shape of a single brick, with a raised square in the center. The plane of the case is brushed and polished and chamfered. The hour and minute hands and indexes are coated with a luminous coating. Alpine Eagle watch details The watch is available in 36 mm and 41 mm sizes, and is made of 10 models including stainless steel, rose gold, rose gold and stainless steel, bezel or bracelet with diamonds. Equipped with the brand’s self-winding movement, the power reserve is 60 hours for the large model and 42 hours for the small model. It is certified by the Swiss Observatory and has a water resistance of 100 meters. There are a few more things to watch about the new Alpine Eagle Alpine Eagle. The first is a disc surface, two of which are mother-of-pearl, showing Alpine frost white and Sils star ash, and the other two are brass plated, showing Aletsch Glacier Blue and Bernina rock ash, with radioactive patterns on it. Symbolizes the iris on the pupil of the eagle. Secondly, the stainless steel is Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel, which has the advantages of hypoallergenicity, Vickers hardness of 223, abrasion resistance 1.5 times that of traditional stainless steel, and because of the low content of impurities, it can reflect beautiful gloss and brightness. Finally, Chopard uses ‘fair mining’ certified gold and ‘Responsible Jewellery Council’ certified diamonds, which everyone knows and will not repeat them. The radioactive texture on the dial of the Alpine Eagle watch symbolizes that the iris on the pupil of the eagle is inlaid with screws on the bezel. This is a very effective method to create a sporty style. Many brands are doing it. Yes, Bellease also joined the ranks a while ago, introducing a new sports watch BR05. The biggest feature of the BR05 series is that there is a circle in the square. In fact, the BR03 series of the previous brand is a round shape in the square. This is the brand’s most distinctive and most popular series for consumers, but the BR03 is a combination of 4 screws. At the four corners of the square case, BR05 is to turn the original round bezel into a rounded square, screw the screws on it, and use the integrated design of the case and the bracelet (this is another feature of the sports watch) You can compare. Bell & Ross BR03 and BR05 stainless steel case sizes 40 mm, brushed and chamfered, the bracelet is also treated with these two decorative processes. The dial is decorated with a radial sunburst, available in silver gray, navy blue, and dark black. Each can be paired with a stainless steel chain or rubber strap. Automatic winding, 42-hour power reserve, 100-meter water resistance, priced 39,900 yuan for steel chain models and 35,900 yuan for rubber strap models. Enjoy more brand new Bell & Ross BR05 watches. This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the brand or the Internet. 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