If Apple Iwatch Is Made By Rolex

If Apple is to release another disruptive product, the most likely one is iWatch. Swiss watchmakers have fixed the general aesthetics of watches for hundreds of years. A handsome male watch must be elegant, classic, retro and low-key. So what would Apple’s smartwatch follow this design language? Better give it to Rolex.

VedCurved website has recently produced an iWatch rendering video, combining Apple’s smart watch with Rolex’s classic design, named iRolex. The iWatch pointer in the concept is like a normal watch, and the screen is the dial. I wonder if such a smart watch is not suitable for your taste. However, if the Apple Watch is really made by Rolex, it is not enough to sell kidney, it may have to sell heart.

What Watch Is Suitable For Summer?

Come directly, what watch is suitable for summer? Look at some of the choices of foreign media editors in this issue. Through observation you will find that their common point is: no belt, I hope to also provide some help for your selection. # 1 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15450 ‘ Cara Barrett: I am a Taurus, relatively conservative and stable-not to mention that 15450 is the ultimate match of spring, summer, autumn, winter and all seasons select. I am one of the few women who likes hot and humid. For me, the strap must be waterproof, so sorry, the strap will not be my choice. This Royal Oak goes well with all my outfits, the size of 37mm is not small and small, and it shows a shiny sheen in the sun. These are cool, and I will continue to wear this watch for the rest of the summer. Reference price: 122,000 yuan # 2 Rolex 126710 BLNR ‘ Jon Bues: Of all the watches on display in Basel this March, I I am most interested in Rolex’s new Batman. About a year and a half ago, I bought a Grand Seiko SBGM221, and I started to realize that GMT is the most practical function in watchmaking. The appearance of the Rolex 126710 BLNR can make me scream. The new Batman has continued to have a diameter of 40mm. The biggest change in appearance is the replacement of the oyster bracelet with a five-bead chain, which reduces the sporty atmosphere and improves wearing comfort. The bracelet is modified, and the lugs are slightly adjusted, shorter and more curved. The small crown at 6 o’clock on the dial marks the internal replacement of the 3285 movement, and the power reserve is increased to 70 hours. In summary, I think it is a perfect watch this summer. Reference price: 72200 # 3 Omega Flightmaster145.013 ‘ Cole Pennington: Traveling around this summer means two things-a lot Flight and the need for a dual time zone watch. Throughout the Omega chronograph, Flightmaster is a niche model suitable for collection, specially designed for pilots. The yellow hand chronograph, the blue hand shows the second time zone, and the green disk at 9 o’clock provides the AM / PM indicator function. The overall tropical The wind is very eye-catching. Of course, the diameter of 44mm cannot be held by everyone. The 910 movement around the 1970s also looks a bit old for today’s Omega, but this old-fashioned Omega 145.013 makes me originally boring high-altitude flight Life becomes more interesting. Reference price: 30000 # 4 Oris 65-year replica diving watch ‘ James Stacey: I like the freedom of summer and the fun in it One is to pair the hot day with a suitable watch. Arched mirrors, aluminum rings that appear mottled after being soaked in seawater, NATO straps, etc. are all attracting me. When the original version was launched in 65, its diameter was only 32mm. With the change of consumer aesthetics for decades, the re-engraved version has also expanded to 42mm in diameter and 13.6mm in thickness. However, due to the For sharing, the middle shell is only 4mm, and the whole is still not heavy. Movement model 733, dynamic storage, face value points. Reference price: 13400 # 5 Swatch Skin Classic Sky Net ‘ Stephen Pulvirent: I know this quartz watch is for a HODINKEE editor An unconventional choice, but please don’t criticize it before you try it. Wearing this watch in summer may feel like wearing it. Lightness and thinness are its characteristics, and the Milanese strap is also very appetizing to you. You can also change the NATO strap to be waterproof. Needless to say otherwise. Reference price: 950 The source of the material is HONDIKEE, subject to modification. Do not ask for powder, just talk about the public number of the watch