Fiyta 2014 ‘time Medal’ Theme Tour (Xi’an Station)

On December 6, 2014, the well-known watch brand Fiyta grandly held a “time setting, such as eternity” at the Saige Plaza in Xi’an in 2014. It kicked off the Christmas season carnival. The Fiyta brand has been exploring the art of photography for many years. At the same time, the ‘Time Medal’ award was set to express encouragement and appreciation for photographic works and photographers. On the day of the event, Mr. Gu Tianle, the spokesperson of the brand, also came to the scene to personally show the guests the 2014 FIYTA latest photographer series watches, and exchange discussions with the guests to experience the art of photography and time together.

Time Medal Tour

  Dreams are the power to walk, and the motivation to persevere. Fiyta launched a nationwide tour exhibition with the theme of ‘Time Medal’ to realize the relationship between photography and time with everyone and pay tribute to the enterprising spirit. The first stop of the tour in Shenzhen, and then Nanning, showed Gao Yuanyuan becoming a time traveler photography work during New York Fashion Week. Together with Fiyta, she recalled the moments of classic New York street photography and revisited classic New York movie clips. Then, Fiyta brought the prize-winning work of the ‘Time of Medal’ award ceremony and the precious photos of ‘Best Starlight Photographer’ Zhang Yadong’s trip to Guizhou to Beijing to show people the dream mission of the brand. This time, Xi’an is the ending point of the 2014 ‘Time of Medal’ theme tour. Fiyta joined hands with its brand spokesman Gu Tianle to share time and photography stories with everyone. It also marked this year’s ‘Time of Medal’ theme tour. A full stop.
Capture love discover life

  Photography can capture every bit of love, and it is also an art of recording time; photographers can always find love and feel beauty through the lens. At the event, Gu Tianle admits that he is a photography enthusiast and also loves to collect photography-related items. He said: ‘Photography is an art that extends time and space and condenses beauty in the picture. The most essential thing about photography is not photography technology, but unique insights into life and love. At the same time, he also expressed his feelings for the recently released movie ‘Single Men and Women 2’: ‘Zhang Shenran is a person who dares to capture his love, is a master of extreme climbing, and is willing to challenge new love and life The peak of life. ‘It is the attitude and philosophy that Fiyta hopes to convey through watches. During the event, Gu Tianle played an interactive game with the audience at the scene to watch the highlights of single men and women. The atmosphere of the entire scene was also pushed to a climax.
Fiyta Photographer Series

  The Fiyta Photographer’s series watches are like retro cameras on the wrist. They use sand straightening, mechanical metal, and double rings to create the appearance of time. They are inspired by retro cameras with hollow, thread and inner circle design. It is both calm and wise, and it also stirs up the surging artistic sense and passion, which all stem from the brand’s understanding of photography culture. With superb craftsmanship, Fiyta brings time to the wrist, with memories of the precious past, and imagines an infinite future.