Special Cross-border Alliance Between Breguet Watches And Opera Company

According to Watch House, we know that Breguet, Switzerland’s top watch brand, has been committed to supporting the development of culture and art for many years, tracing European cultural history. Music and timepieces have similar development processes. Benefiting the church and the court, after long-term development and innovation, it has become the common material and cultural heritage of all mankind, which reflects the human’s unremitting pursuit of beauty. Breguet has recently partnered with the Moscow Opera Troupe, becoming the official sponsor of the theater.

 It is also a cross-border cooperation. The exchange of culture and art can always strike the most beautiful spark. Of course, in order to celebrate this great collaboration, Breguet also invited many customers and friends to watch the performance of the Hamlet Collage stage directed by Robert Lepage himself.

 Hamlet, also known as ‘The Revenge of the Prince,’ is a tragic work by Shakespeare, and is his most famous and most cited script. All the guests of the evening enjoyed countless food after enjoying the wonderful stage performance.

   Breguet also prepared a lot of watches for the guests, and felt the infinite charm of watches in the world of art. In the long history of timepiece art, Breguet is not only a model of fine watchmaking, but also a heritage of history and culture. Breguet’s connection with music has a long history.