Luxury Nobleness Tasting Longines Collection Series Watch

The original design of the Longines Collection was inspired by classic models. The retro style makes the elegant style of the collection. Among the many Longines watch designs, the characteristics of the collection are the most outstanding. To start the elegant rhythm of Longines, first fall in love with the collections.
  The barrel-type Longines has a high degree of recognition because the appearance characteristics of the collection series are relatively obvious. Today we bring you a collection series men’s watch. Official model: L2.642.8.73.2

When I first saw this watch, I was attracted by the blue hands, because such hands are designed in the barrel-shaped dial to let the Buddha make the watch more extensible.

  L2.642.8.73.2 18K rose gold is more atmospheric on the barrel-shaped case. Sometimes excellent works that represent luxurious and not necessarily popular aesthetic attitudes, which are different from normal beauty, can attract the attention of many people.
  L2.642.8.73.2 The round and smooth texture of the case is extended to the case back, and not all good things need to be shown to outsiders. The curve of this watch is relatively straight, so men will have a different elegance.

The leather embossed leather belt of this watch is more comfortable and more natural and beautiful. Mud leather has a good toughness. It is easy to wear and highlights taste.

L2.642.8.73.2 The design of the side without the crown is exactly the same as the case. The use of 18K rose gold makes the side lines more beautiful.

The advantage of the L2.642.8.73.2 pin buckle is that when you use the watch, you will have a better impression on your watch. This good feeling comes from the touch of good leather and the praise of rose gold.

  L2.642.8.73.2 The lugs extending from both sides of the dial are more elegant. Appropriate size and ease. The colors and materials are very beautiful and symmetrical with the strap.

  Looking closely at the lines in the dial is like seeing the fingerprints in our palms. The lines are clear but undulating. Or elegant lines. The embossed silver surface is lined with blue Arabic numerals, and protected by anti-reflective and hard-to-wear sapphire crystal, which is safe and beautiful. The small seconds dial and date display are set at 6 o’clock.

The back of the Longines logo is sealed with 4 screws, which may indicate the low-key and unobtrusive personality of Longines. The 18K rose gold case houses the L615 automatic winding movement, with a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour and an energy reserve of 42 hours.

This watch is water-resistant to 30 meters, making it easy to cope with life. The price of RMB 52,500 makes many men excited. In fact, choosing a watch, in addition to its excellent function, also requires an extraordinary appearance as a support.
Watch details: longines / 1186 /

A Hublot Women’s Watch In The Forefront Of The Trend

Hublot Big Bang
Sturgeon Caviar Fruit Series
Hublot Big Bang Python-Rose Gold Green Python
Seven years ago, the Big Bang series, which was quite revolutionary both in terms of watchmaking concept and design, was awarded the ‘Best Design Award’ of the Geneva Haute Horlogerie when it was launched. Guaranteed its extraordinary growth. Three years later, the first Big Bang designed specifically for female friends debuted, and every innovation since then can be called the gospel of fashionable women. With more choices of colors and more complicated craftsmanship, the Hublot women’s watch series is equally exciting.
Women’s exclusive color tourbillon
Big Bang fruit series pavé tourbillon
Generally speaking, in addition to the mastery of time, women wearing watches can not avoid the following two situations: out of matching and from appreciation. The former will be more considered from the perspective of daily dress, and color is one of the important trade-offs for them; the more the latter regards the watch as a craft, the more complicated the feature will be attractive to them. The bigger. Hublot watched the colorful colors and the complicated craftsmanship tourbillon which was regarded as the dominant position in the fine watchmaking industry. They made the color tourbillon Big Bang fruit series pavé for the first time. The tourbillon is so enchanting. This women’s exclusive tourbillon, the movement has 153 parts, the flying tourbillon is clearly visible from the side of the dial, with a variety of carefully adjusted trend colors: turquoise, orange yellow, tender powder, iron blue, dark chocolate brown, camel Wait. Among them, the pure white watch completely uses the pavé technique. It is set with a total of 621 diamonds totaling 3.82 carats.
Colourful caviar
Big Bang Caviar Fruit Series
In 2009, the million dollar black caviar won the ‘Best Jewelry Watch Award’ at the ‘Geneva Haute Horlogerie’. In 2012, the famous black caviar series has a new color! Midnight blue, bright purple, red rhyme, apple, lemon … bring more personality and trendy choices to the trendy women who love Hublot. These bright colors come from colored gems such as sapphire, amethyst, red spinel, green tsavorite or citrine set on the bezel, while the strap with colored gemstones is the same color with platinum in leather ‘Good reputation alligator. The inside of the strap is Hublot’s signature material, natural rubber. Multicolor alligator leather and black natural rubber are perfectly stitched. In addition, the crown, dial, and case back are still made of ceramic materials: ceramic is 30% lighter than stainless steel, which can prevent rust and scratches. It is not good for friends with sensitive skin. Can be allergic.
呼 Call from the jungle
Big Bang Python
Leopard print and python print are both timeless classic elements in the fashion industry, exuding sexy charm and elegant and mysterious feminine charm. Any single item of leopard print or python print can become the highlight of the whole match. After the Big Bang leopard pattern that shined in the fashion circle last winter, this year Hublot once again presents the masterpiece of Big Bang python pattern. This mysterious sense originating from the jungle is exactly the latest elegance. The Big Bang python pattern is available in two shades of green and brown. The eight diamonds set as time scales make the entire dial shine.

A Table That Can Be Compared To Killing The Mountains And Mountains.

The hit drama ‘Flower Thousand Bone’ has caused heated discussions since it was released. Some people go to watch the elegant fairy paintings by Bai Zi, some people go to see the cute fairy of the flowered bone, but there are others How many people have the heart to see Hua Qiangu and Bai Zi’s paintings, but they are in love with Shaqian Mo? The fair skin, elegant hairstyle, and stunning makeup are called ‘Sister Killer’. Many women are sighing. It is not only the love of beauty, but also the sister’s love for flowers with the development of the plot. And protection, even countless drama fans are envious of it, the overbearing devil has a soft spot for Hua Qiangu, even if she ruins her appearance, it is bound to protect her. Such a plot will naturally arouse the attention of many movie fans. It seems that the more abusive the movie, the more it will spit out.

  ‘Wind-winded clothes, smiles like a red veil, it makes people fascinated by their faces. Fei Mo Qingcheng, Yan Qing’s six realms are like a green lotus. It is a detention to wait and watch for thousands of years.’ This is a description of killing. Qian Mo’s words are extremely thoughtful and perfect. In reality, I am afraid that it is difficult for someone to compete with Sister Killer, but in the world of clocks, there are really such beautiful watches, which can also be regarded as all over the country.

  Vacheron Constantin Florilege 82550 / 000G-9855 watch


Comments on the models: When it comes to the most beautiful dials, Vacheron Constantin’s Flower Temple is definitely one of the few watch models in the series. Under the change of top-level watchmaking, the flowers on the dial seem to be alive. Métiersd’Art Master Flower Temple Series-Chinese Cranetop Watch, with 18k white gold diamond case, presents luxurious and delicate flowers on the 37mm case. Strelitzia symbolizes loyalty and luck. Different machine-engraved carved patterns and bright enamel color changes make the dial a subtle three-dimensional impression, and the shape of the flowers changes accordingly. From the buds of flowers to be placed to fully blooming flowers, it will be natural. The beauty is vividly presented. The overall hue is a vivid color contrast between the fiery red and milky white of the petals of the petals. It is coordinated with the green flower path to create a tranquil and distant style. Two slender pointers mark the trace of time in a beautiful background.

  The pink leather strap is comfortably and beautifully worn on a woman’s wrist. Such a beautiful watch has already surpassed the basic timing of the watch, but it is a collection worthy of collection. Inside this watch is equipped with a Calibre 4400 movement, 28,800 oscillations per hour, and a 65-hour power reserve.

Basic Information
Number: 82550 / 000G-9855
Brand: Vacheron Constantin
Series: Master of Arts
Movement type: manual machinery
Limited number: 20
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Comment on the watch: Painting on the dial is undoubtedly the way and method that many women’s watches dare to challenge, especially the flexible application of various enamels. Van Cleef & Arpels CharmsExtraordinaire series watches can be used to the extreme. Among the different patterns and colors, I chose this green watch model of daffodil, which is even more extraordinary, and the quiet beauty is not outside humane. Van Cleef & Arpels usually conveys clover by clover, but this time conveys the blessing to the world with the allegorical meaning of flowers. Charms lucky charms are hung on the case and can be rotated 360 degrees around the bezel. The beauty of the details is evident.

  This watch is dominated by gold, green and white, and a bright bouquet blooms on the dial. White mother-of-pearl narcissus engraved with yellow color, painted on the dial, inlaid on the dial, symbolizing the desire for love; narcissus petals are inlaid with yellow sapphire, embellished with a manganese aluminum garnet flower. Imagine that the watchmaker sketched the shape of the watch one by one, and then skillfully matched the colors and diamonds to create a tune with hope and hope. The back is dotted with flowers to match the overall design of the watch.

Basic Information
Number: CharmsExtraordinaire Green Flower Band
Brand: Van Cleef & Arpels
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Published: 2015 Geneva
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Comment on the watch: Cartier not only makes jewelry but also watches, both adhering to the advanced artistic essence and exquisite craftsmanship, interpreting the essence of beauty-beauty lies in simplicity rather than complexity, harmony and not conflict. This dazzling Cartier watch is limited to 40 pieces worldwide. It cleverly combines metal beads and enamel technology, making the combination of watches and jewelry sparkle. Classic blue balloon shape, unique crown at three o’clock. Through the mirror, the dial is inlaid with 22K gold metal beads using metal bead technology. Three orchids quietly bloom against the golden background. Among them, the golden flower stamen is red enamel, which becomes the finishing touch of the orchid. The image is vivid and vivid. The petals also have the decorative effect of beads, noble and elegant. The case is embellished with diamonds and extends to the lugs. At the same time, the white strap is linked to set off the brilliance of the dial.

Basic Information
Number: Metal Bead Craft and Carved Mother-of-Pearl Orchid Watch
Brand: Cartier
Series: Blue Balloon
Movement type: automatic machinery
Published: 2015 Geneva
Limited number: 40
For more watch details, please click: cartier / 37890 /

In summary: beauty is an attitude rather than pride, a taste rather than worldliness. People love chasing beautiful things and expecting themselves to be more perfect. Although we may not be able to afford perfection, we must at least learn to appreciate and taste beautiful. This is why people are now paying close attention to people with high face value, and even many women want to be more beautiful than ‘sister killing’. This is not a pathological pursuit but a desire for beauty. Although we cannot change our looks, there are still many beautiful things in the world. We must learn to chase and appreciate. The beauty of the above watches, do you feel enchanted? (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)