Lady’s Watch Trend Dating Back To The Middle Of The Last Century Appreciation Of Blancpain Ladybird Watches

‘The first to launch the world’s smallest circular mechanical watch’-this is the advertising promotion of the gorgeous birth of the Lady Watch in 1956. At that time, jewellery watches were all the rage, and the gorgeous decoration occupied almost the entire face of the watch. Blancpain, as a genius, launched the world’s smallest circular movement Cal.R550, achieving a great technical feat.

    In pursuit of the ultimate beauty, the winding function of the crown is made into a rotating bezel, hidden on the back of the watch-in fact, this ‘magic that makes the head disappear is a reproduction of Blancpain’s groundbreaking classic design With salute.

    Blancpain specially introduced the new Cal. 6150 self-winding movement in tribute to this classic model that has played an important role in the history of women’s watches. With a diameter of only 15.7 mm, this movement is still one of the smallest self-winding movements in the world.

Summary: In addition to these two beautiful pieces, Blancpain also launched two other Lady Bird watches at this year’s Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair. One of them features a mother-of-pearl dial with 4 heart-shaped rubies. In addition, the watch is adorned with a detachable inverted heart-shaped charm, which brings the watch its extraordinary elegance.
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