Langue Double Split Stainless Steel Watch Geneva High Price Easy Owner

At the Christie’s Geneva “Exquisite Watch” auction held on November 11, 2013, Lange’s only DOUBLE SPLIT with a stainless steel case changed hands for nearly 380,000 Euros. At the same auction, a LANGE ZEITWERK “Lumi-nous” limited edition (limited to 100 pieces) was sold for approximately 122,000 Euros.

                 DOUBLE SPLIT volume production model with platinum 950 case

 DOUBLE SPLIT, released in 2004, occupies an important chapter in the history of watches and clocks. This dual chronograph chronograph is the first mechanical watch to compare chronographs during up to thirty minutes of activity. The auction sold well above the original estimate of 96,000 to 140,000 Euros, with outstanding results. This watch was sold in 2008, and the current transaction price is more than four times the original retail price of the mass-produced platinum 950 model.


 At the same auction, a LANGE ZEITWERK “Lumi-nous” limited edition (limited to 100 pieces) was sold for approximately 122,000 Euros, an increase of nearly 75% over the original retail price. This time, I believe it is the first time that this model has been auctioned publicly. Launched in 2010, this watch is equipped with a luminous jumping display and an innovative constant-power escapement, making it one of the brand’s best-selling models.

 Lange watches have repeatedly achieved good results at auctions. One of the most successful examples is the TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Merite’ launched in 1994. This year, the auction price of this model is on average four times higher than the original retail price, which shows its appreciation trend. Since 2010, the average auction price for this model has tripled. Other limited-edition models of the brand, such as 1815 MOONPHASE and ANNIVERSARY LANGEMATIK made in 1999 and 2000 respectively, also have great potential for appreciation.

Young Watchmaker From Girard Perregaux-jun

Girard-Perregaux, the world’s top watch, has pioneered the world of watchmaking since 2012, and has held roving exhibitions of young watchmakers’ workshops around the world, explaining the brand’s ‘new traditional look’ . This year, the GP Girard Perregaux young watchmaker’s world tour exhibition has begun its journey to China again. After visiting Beijing, Jinan, and Dalian, the touring exhibition officially landed in Shanghai, presenting the art of watchmaking and displaying a series of chic and exquisite watches including the revolutionary ‘constant power escapement’.

 This fall, GP Girard-Perregaux introduced the third part of ‘Traditional New Look’, introducing young watchmakers under the Swiss watchmaker. is an online log dedicated to their introduction. We can get a glimpse of the work side of young watchmakers and their unknown interests. Watchmaking is a flowing art, like a young watchmaker! Come and discover the personality side of this passionate watchmaker.
This season, we start with music, Jun, an opera artist …

Jun A Samurai Opera

 Seven years ago, I left my hometown in Japan, and after a long journey, finally came to this Swiss home. I carry a box of packs, of course, with the slightest memory hidden in my heart and mind. Among these ‘belonging to me’ things include my passion for singing, which was my interest in singing karaoke at a family party when I was very young.

 When I arrived in Switzerland, like all foreigners, I started looking for traces of Japanese culture in this new country. I found a Japanese choir. They regularly meet and rehearse, and perform in different places in the community. Eventually, I joined the choir and found that the choir’s repertoire is mainly Japanese traditional songs. But when the choir conductor proposed that we practice Italian opera, I felt a little bit confused.

 However, I quickly realized the middle meaning: compared with the Japanese restrained music, I fell in love with the passion of Italian opera in real time. When we made a change, when traditional Japanese music gave way to opera, I saw the audience’s face full of surprise expressions. An unexpected combination, which was surprised and confused at first, brought great fun in the end.

 Watchmaking and music have many things in common. In addition to stability and accuracy, enthusiasm must be injected. Both are exciting art.