The Rolex Gmt Series Only Retains 6 Models, Others Will Be Discontinued

This year, Rolex launched a new blue and black circle GMT, namely the steel shell five-bead chain blue and black circle, number 126710BLNR. This is also the second five-bead chain GMT launched by Rolex after the red-blue circle of the five-bead chain. The blue-black circle GMT (116710 blue-black circle) is one of the fastest-growing sports labor in Rolex in the past two years. This year, a new generation of Rolex 126710 blue and black circles came out. As a replacement for the previous generation 116710 blue and black circles, it will inevitably attract great attention.

Rolex new steel shell five-bead chain blue black circle.
 Rolex’s new generation of blue and black circles 126710BLNR, compared with the previous generation of blue and black circles 116710, the biggest changes are two. First, the new 126710 blue and black ring uses a five-bead chain instead of an oyster chain. Second, the new 126710 blue and black circle uses Rolex’s new 32 series movement (3285), replacing the previous generation Rolex 31 series movement.

The two models of the new Rolex 126710 are the five-bead chain blue-black circle and the five-bead chain red-blue circle.
 In the past two years, Rolex has continued to introduce new products on the GMT series. First, the steel shell five-bead chain red and blue rings, and the steel shell five-bead chain blue and black rings, and the gold shell and the gold shell GMT have been updated. The purpose of Rolex is to reshuffle the GMT series and streamline the GMT series. With the launch of Rolex’s new steel shell five-bead chain blue and black circle this year, Rolex completed the planning of GMT. Rolex retained 6 models (sale models) in the GMT series, and all other models were discontinued. Let’s focus on the models that Rolex reserves and the models that will be discontinued.

The Rolex GMT series will be discontinued.

The Rolex GMT series will be discontinued as follows:

 Rolex steel case black ring GMT (green pin), model 116710LN

 Rolex GMT (green needle), model 116713LN

 Rolex gold case GMT (black plate green needle), model 116718LN

 Rolex Gold Case GMT (Green Disk), Model 116718LN
 According to Rolex’s new plan, from now on, Rolex GMT will be a two-color bezel, the previous models of single-color bezel will be discontinued. In addition, Rolex GMT will no longer use gold, including all-gold models, gold models will be discontinued. Rolex GMT will only use steel, rose gold, and platinum. Another is that Rolex GMT steel watches will no longer use oyster bracelets, steel case GMT will use five-bead chains. In the future, Oyster chains will only be used on all-gold and inter-gold GMT. Therefore, we can see that the discontinued models above do not meet the new plan of GMT, so we will no longer update and end.

Rolex GMT series, currently reserved models.

The Rolex GMT series remain on sale as follows:

 Rolex steel case five-bead chain blue black circle GMT, model 126710BLNR
 Public price: 72200 yuan

 Rolex steel shell five-bead chain red and blue circle GMT, model 126710BLRO
 Public price: 72200 yuan

 Rolex rose gold gold black brown circle GMT, model 126711CHNR
 Public price: 109,900 yuan

 Rolex Rose Gold Full Gold Black Brown Circle GMT, Model 126715CHNR
 Public price: 286,800 yuan

 Rolex white gold full gold red blue circle GMT (blue plate), model 126719BLRO
 Public price: 286,800 yuan

 Rolex White Gold Full Gold Red Blue Circle GMT (Meteorite Disk), Model 126719BLRO
 Public price: 299,900 yuan
 The above 6 GMTs are the full lineup of the Rolex GMT series currently on sale in 2019. The above six models are in line with Rolex’s new GMT plan and use Rolex’s new generation 32 series movement (3285). All GMTs on sale are now two-color ceramic rings. As for 2019, whether Rolex will add new watches to the GMT series, let’s take a step by step.

Rolex new steel shell five-bead chain blue black circle.
 In recent years, you can see that since Rolex launched the two-color ceramic ring GMT, whether it is red, blue, blue or black, the heat of the two-color GMT has begun to rise all the way, significantly exceeding the previous black ceramic ring GMT. And now the steel shell five-bead chain red and blue circle, five-bead chain blue and black circle, has become beyond the existence of green ghosts. Once, the actual prices of black ceramic rings GMT 116710 and Jianjin GMT 116713 were relatively low. In other words, two-color GMT was not available, and monochrome GMT was also available. Now Rolex will stop production of monochrome GMT. From the perspective of Rolex GMT series, it is undoubtedly a full upgrade of GMT series, which is a good thing. However, from the perspective of actually buying a watch, it does further increase the difficulty of GMT.
 Regarding the current situation of Rolex’s popular watches, some people say that buying 200,300,000 watches directly, and those who follow the popular steel watches widen the gap; some people say that super-priced watches are never bought. My attitude is that I like it, I have enough money, and I am willing to be on the hot model; if I do n’t think it is necessary, in addition to the hot work, there are N more watches to buy. After all, buying a watch can’t explain anything, it’s just a game, just feel free to do it yourself, don’t let yourself be too tired, and don’t hold yourself back.

I’m Afraid You Can’t See Clearly Ball Watch Fireman Necc Ii

Ball Watch produced Fireman NECC II, a tribute to the U.S. Navy’s Expeditionary Operations Command. Its simple design is convenient for daily use. The watch is easy to use in operation and can assist the battle to successfully complete the task, especially easy to read at night.

Fireman NECC II is designed for military combat mission requirements, emphasizing basic but practical functionality

The BALL WATCH H₃ self-illuminating miniature gas light allows the wearer to read clearly in the darkest environment. The brand sealed H₃ gas in a miniature glass test tube. When H₃ gas particles hit the inner colored surface inside the tube, light energy is released. This phenomenon can last up to 25 years without any external light or energy to supplement. The pointer and the surface are composed of 13 gas lamps. The self-luminous miniature gas lamp is 100 times brighter than the traditional traditional luminous paint.

The face plate is equipped with 13 self-luminous gas lamps, which can play a clearer visual reading effect in the dark than traditional luminous materials.

The faceplate displays the hour, minute, second and date zoom functions. The watch has a diameter of 42mm and a stainless steel blue rotating outer ring. It can withstand 5,000 Gs. It is waterproof to a depth of 300 meters and has a magnetic resistance of 4,800 A / m. Anti-glare sapphire crystals and screw-in crowns are also distinguishing features of this model. Equipped with a stainless steel titanium carbide (TiC) -coated case. Titanium carbide is an extremely hard metal carbide with high hardness, wear resistance, and oxidation resistance.

Fireman NECC II

Stainless steel material / BALL RR1103 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 300 meters / diameter 42mm