L.U.C Watchmaking Art Perseverance’ Adhering To The Exhibition Opening And Chopard L.U.C Traveller Series New Product Release

Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele decides to revive the founder of the company Louis-Ulysse Chopard In 1996, he built a real watchmaking workshop in Fleurier, determined to restore Chopard’s reputation in the watchmaking industry.

   Over the past two decades, Karl-Friedrich has been striving to continue the pace of Louis-Ulysse Chopard, pursuing the perfection of mechanical and aesthetic craftsmanship.

   The L.U.C series is named after the initials of the brand’s founder, and believes that modern gentlemen with outstanding taste offer elegant timepieces that carry precision watchmaking.

   As part of the anniversary event, Chopard presents the new LUC traveller series for travel-loving gentlemen, including a GMT watch and a World Time watch, all researched and developed by Choaprd. Production. Karl-Friedrich chose London, the birthplace of the gentleman, as the launching place for the new watch.

   On October 11th (Tuesday), Karl-Friedrich Scheufele gathered with a group of British gentlemen, close friends of the brand and watch enthusiasts. At the same time when the new watch masterpiece was released, A theme exhibition entitled ‘LUC-The Perseverance of the Tradition of the Art of Watchmaking’ kicked off, paying tribute to the outstanding achievements of Choaprd in the past two decades.

   The exhibition is located in Phillips and will be open to the public from Thursday, October 13th from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm.

   Well-known British actor Colin Firth and his wife Livia Firth attended the new product launch together with Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. For many years, Colin Firth has provided great support to Chopard’s ‘Sustainable Luxury Road’ project, and especially praised Fairmind’s ‘fair gold’ in the LUC series. The watch industry can be described as a pioneering move. During the press conference, he wore an elegant appearance wearing the L.U.C XPS Fairmine watch, as always showing the gentleman’s true colors.

   During the event, Colin Firth delivered a speech:

    ‘Tonight, I am honored to be attending an event hosted by Chopard to celebrate the LUC collection. My first visit to Fleurier was to Chopard’s LUC watch factory as part of the’ Sustainable Road to Luxury ‘project. Part of the project is the company Eco-Age, co-founded by my lover Livia Firth, and the Fairmind ‘fair gold’ raw material procurement project co-sponsored by Choaprd. In this way, I have experienced the various steps of Chopard’s supply chain. The admiration also made me realize that this has a deeper level of social responsibility and ethics. What is behind the watch is the story of the two hands: the hand that mines the underground gold mine and passes the obtained gold raw materials into the hands of the watchmaker. The watchmaker then passes the carefully crafted watch to the consumer. Behind each watch masterpiece is a unique story. Whether you want to add another story to this story depends entirely on your choice. ‘

   Musician and record producer Mark Ronson, supermodel David Gandy, brand old-timer racer Jacky Ickx, supermodel Yasmin Le Bon, and Mollie King, Toby Huntington Whiteley, Noah Huntley, Dougie Poynter and many other London social celebrities attended the dinner, London nightlife circle Well-known figure Jack Guinness also presented a wonderful DJ show for this.

Parmakini Kalpagraph Series Watch

The creation of this watch was inspired by a number of experiences in the hot air balloon world. The Kalpagraph series showcases the true colors of sports, with its unique appearance and attractive charm, the chronograph is the most pursuit of adventure. Good tool.
Never compromise, show elegant ‘power’
Kalpagraph series watches are a show of momentum. Kalpa’s true color lies in the style and momentum of its streamlined case. The two chronograph buttons fit perfectly into the precious gold or palladium metal streamlined case, while Kalpagraph’s stainless steel models are paired with oversized start-stop buttons for a rounded shape. The flowing curve accentuates the innovative and minimalist dial design. The ‘Kalpagraph Watch’ is available in dark grey, black or silver dials. The color contrast of the chronograph hand is uniquely used to highlight the watch’s surging movement.

How To Accurately Adjust The Date And Time Of Tissot Watches

Calendar adjustment
  Pull the crown outwards to the first position, and turn the crown clockwise (or counterclockwise if no day is displayed) to adjust the calendar.
  Day of the week watch adjustment
  Pull the crown out to the first position, turn the crown counterclockwise to adjust the day of the week, and turn it clockwise to adjust the calendar.
  Time adjustment
  When checking the time, if you want the time to be quite accurate, first move the second hand to the 12 o’clock position and pull out the crown to the second gear. At this time, the second hand is still, and the crown is turned clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the hour and minute. When the hands are in accordance with the standard time (using TV or radio as reference), push the crown back to its original position.
Things to note
 The adjustment of the watch’s calendar, day of the week, and moon phases must not be operated between 21:00 PM and 3:00 AM. During this period, the calendar function is operating, and when the gear teeth are low, frequent movement will damage the watch. Internal parts. Weekly calendar tabbing is divided into two types, fast and slow due to different grid formats. The first type is completed within ± 5 minutes, and the second type is completed within 3 hours. Therefore, the watch emperor hopes that everyone must pay attention to the time period. If the watch with a spiral crown is used, do not pull it out. Please turn it counterclockwise to open the locked crown. After adjusting the time, turn the crown clockwise. Push in the lock to prevent water from entering.
  If you need to adjust the date on a watch with a calendar, please adjust the calendar to the day before the date you want, and then turn the hour hand to adjust the date. The date will change when the hand passes 12 midnight. Confusion.

  Recommend this Tissot-Leloc series T41.5.423.53 men’s mechanical watch! This watch features a black classic diamond-patterned panel with golden willow-leaf hands and Roman scales, a gold 316L stainless steel case with a black high-grade calfskin strap and golden butterfly snaps. The combination of gold and pure black makes the wearer look noble And mysterious; the movement uses the ETA2824-2 Swiss original movement, with hours, minutes, seconds and date display functions, practical and not fancy; fine carved semi-hollow case back, to reveal the beauty of the rhythm of the movement; the dial size is moderate, The diameter of 39.3mm fits perfectly on the wrist; this watch is suitable for urban business men aged 28 ~ 45!
  Tissot watches are divided into quartz watches and mechanical watches, while Tissot mechanical watches are relatively tedious in adjusting the date, and there are some things to pay attention to when adjusting the date and time. Although it is explained in the product manual of Tissot, it is necessary to introduce it here for more specific operation steps and precautions. Specific answers on how to adjust the date and time of Tissot watches can be easily grasped here.

  How to adjust the date and time of Tissot watches correctly
  1.Steps of adjusting the date of Tissot watches
  The crown of the Tissot watch is divided into two steps. The pull out of the crown of the Tissot watch is the date of adjustment, and the pull out of the crown is the time of adjustment. When adjusting the date, it is recommended to stay at 7 o’clock after the hour hand is dialed out, because it is said that this operation can make the Tissot watch not enough to be stuck, and it will not cause damage to the movement of the Tissot watch. Pull the crown out one step to adjust the date. To adjust the time, just pull out one more position.
  2, precautions when adjusting the date of Tissot watches
 The maintenance and maintenance of mechanical watches are described in detail in the article ‘Maintenance of Mechanical Watches’, which also mentions that it is necessary to avoid damage to the models of mechanical watches when adjusting at night, but the specific impact is large. At present So far, there is no exact data, but many people are just avoiding it. Secondly, because the mechanical watch is left for a long time, it will loose the clockwork, which requires the operation of adjusting the time. However, it should be noted that before adjusting the time or adjusting the clockwork, the clockwork should be vigorously performed before the operation is considered correct. Finally, in addition to Tissot watches, the mechanical adjustment methods of other famous watch brands are similar.
  3, Tissot watch time adjustment method
 After adjusting the date on the Tissot watch, you can also adjust the day and month. The button on the lower right of the Tissot watch is used to set the month adjustment. Generally, the small dial in the Tissot watch dial displays the specific month. On the right side of the Tissot watch, the day of the week is adjusted, so it is relatively convenient to set and adjust these operations.

The Strongest Dad On The Surface Loves Hamilton Hamilton Jazzmaster Gmt

The ‘Rescue’ series starring the strongest dad on the surface is back! The ‘Immediate Rescue’ trilogy set off an unprecedented blockbuster response around the world, creating the tough guy’s father, Lynnson, ascending to the top of Hollywood’s top male star; Hamilton in the ‘Rescue’ series with the strongest veteran Dad concluded many wonderful friendships.

Hamilton Hamilton World Time zone watch appeared in rapid rescue, worn by ‘the strongest dad on the surface’ Lian Nixon in the play

The Hamilton Jazz Master Series contains a strong and restrained American style, and is also favored by the strongest dad in the movie; the brand has accumulated a century of craftsmanship, corresponding to the calm and calm character of the strongest dad in the play, which stirs up Exciting charm.

The world city time zone mark on the outer circle of the faceplate is in black and white color, and the function and details of the gain table are used to show the ‘external performance’ and ‘practical standard’ of the world traveler.

In order to support Hollywood screen friends’upcoming upcoming movie“ Fast Rescue ”, Hamilton specially created a business function watch with world time zone and time in both places. The strongest dad in history, in order to show the importance of commuting people to time, even appeared in the movie wearing a watch to fall asleep. This grid is really the best screen combination.
World Time Zone x Commuter Jazz
The faceplate design of the Hamilton World Time Zone series is based on the world map, with concentric axis warp and weft lines, showing the modern white-collar elite, mastering the macro vision of Qiankun Huanyu. The faceplate uses a ‘gentle gray’ tone with ‘Navy Blue’ warp and weft engraved lines. The special contrast contrast sets off a charming and restrained aesthetic, showing an elegant and extraordinary jazz style. The world city time zone mark on the outer circle of the faceplate adopts black and white color matching, and the functions and details of the gain table are used to show the ‘external performance’ and ‘practical standard’ of world travelers. The strap is treated with cowhide embossed crocodile pattern and specially embellished with beige stitching.

Jazzmaster GMT

Stainless steel material / ETA-2893-2 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / time display of both places / world time zone display / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 50 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 8,400 RMB- —

Vacheron Constantin Recognizes 2014 Graduates Of Swiss Watch Institute Of North America

Vacheron Constantin, the traditional watchmaker with the longest continuous watchmaking history in the world, recently honored the 2014 graduates of the North American Institute of SwissWatchmaking (NAIOSW, the North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking), and in the evening of August 13th, Prior to the graduation ceremony, a special award ceremony and private luncheon were held for the best of them. Vacheron Constantin is the first Swiss watch brand partner of the Swiss Watch Institute in North America.

Mr. Vincent Brun, President of Vacheron Constantin North America, and Mr. Laurent Mugnier, Director of Vacheron Constantin After Sales, attended the luncheon.

The development and inheritance of watchmaking craftsmanship is the brand value that Vacheron Constantin has always adhered to. The skills of brand watchmakers have been passed down for 10 generations. Since the founder of the brand, Jean-Marc Vacheron, opened his first watchmaking workshop in 1755, he began to recruit apprentices and share his watchmaking concepts and knowledge with the apprentices. Inheritance is the foundation of brand value. Last year, on September 17, 2013, in celebration of Vacheron Constantin’s anniversary, Vacheron Constantin founded the Vacheron Constantin College very forward-looking to train young watchmakers. Vacheron Constantin’s support for the Swiss Watch Institute in North America also demonstrates the brand’s sense of brand responsibility for supporting watchmaking education around the world.

The North American Swiss Watch Institute was established in 2009, dedicated to inheriting fine watchmaking craftsmanship, and training qualified watchmakers to meet the needs of the watchmaking industry. Adhering to strict admissions procedures, the school only accepts 6 students each year and provides students with the best one-on-one training and guidance in the industry.

‘We are proud to support the education of young watchmakers,’ said Mr. Vincent Brun, ‘the efforts and dedication of these graduates to the finest watchmaking is also a manifestation of Vacheron Constantin’s intrinsic value. We look forward to their ability to Maintain excellent watchmaking skills and continue to succeed. ‘

After a week of graduation exams, all six students graduated: SeanBlanco, ChristianBusta, HomerCapetilloII, FrankKerner, CurtisMille and TylerPosto. All of these graduates will receive a special gift: a Vacheron Constantin knife with their initials.

At the luncheon, CurtisMille was recognized as the best graduate. As a reward, CurtisMille will receive an internship at Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Swiss Watch Institute of North America is part of the Swiss Watch Institute (IOSW, the Institute of Swiss Watchmaking), which was established in 2008. The Swiss Watch Institute is a partner of the Swiss Watchmaking Training and Education Program (WOSTEP, Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program) It is an independent institution in Switzerland. It is recognized as a model training center in the field of watchmaking. The watchmaking schools it cooperates with adhere to strict training standards and carry out strict quality education in accordance with Swiss watchmaking technology.

The Swiss Watch Institute of North America offers two types of certificate training: the case maker certificate requires 640 hours of training and the study time exceeds four months; the watchmaker certificate requires 3,000 hours of training and two years of study time. Both training contents strictly adhere to the ‘Swiss watchmaking’ standards, adopt a student-centered learning environment, and impart theory and experience based on the students’ knowledge and understanding. The college’s instructors have more than 50 years of watchmaking and teaching. experience. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)