Hamilton New Khaki Navy Sub Automatic Chronograph

The Hamilton Khaki Navy Sub Auto Chrono watch is full of modern style. This model is at the forefront of the trend. It uses today’s technology and materials to pay tribute to the classic timepieces that have been popular for 60 years. .

Extracting inspiration along the long history of the brand, dating back to 1928. This nautical watch is rich in time, with lines drawn from the classic Hamilton Piping Rock watch launched that year, which is the designated timepiece of the New York Yankees baseball team. This immortal masterpiece is still loved by collectors today. The Hamilton Khaki Navy Sub Auto Chrono has a round surface with a barrel-shaped case, and the corners are hollowed to see through the wrist.
Into the water can swim Out of the water can jump
Hamilton has always been close to water, and various watches have appeared in water-themed movies many times. The Hamilton Khaki Navy Sub Auto Chrono confirms the brand’s outstanding waterproof performance, reminiscent of many previous Hamilton waves, such as the indispensable equipment for heroic military divers in Frogman (1951), as well as underwater action films A good helper to avoid sharks in Deep Treasure Hunt (2005). This water-resistant watch with a depth of 30 bar (300 meters) is designed to reveal the atmosphere of the ocean, like a giant devil fish embossed on the bottom cover, and an aggressive sports bezel for comfortable grip. The stainless steel is set with convex rubber to create 3D Three-dimensional effect; the spiral chronograph crown and buttons are easy to grasp, resembling the valve of a diving cylinder, echoing the reliable and solid characteristics of the watch; the smooth surface and the sandblasted surface are staggered to simulate the beautiful shape of the ocean current, reflecting the land The unique nature of the all-suitable, whether it is the Maxthon Ocean or work and leisure, is also impeccable.

Meticulous detail
Hamilton is committed to the highest performance, and through the most advanced materials and watchmaking technology, to ensure that the watch is stable and reliable even in the deepest ocean. The brand has always been the supplier of elite navies in many countries around the world. The unique H-31 automatic movement has unparalleled accuracy and stability, and also has a 60-hour power reserve. Its shape is delicate and exquisite, the surface is decorated with H-shaped pattern, the extra large 0 is easy to watch when diving, and the sports pin is also shaped into an H-shaped. Available in black and metallic gray, with a black or orange rubber strap, it has a bold and striking appearance.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Sub Auto Chrono data parameters
Case size: 43 mm
Materials: Frosted and smooth stainless steel; rubber trim details on the bezel; spiral buttons and crown
Surface tone: black / grey, center H, luminous coated hour markers
Strap: black rubber / orange rubber, sports H-shaped buckle strap
Movement: H-31 automatic chronograph movement with up to 60 hours power reserve
Crystal: Non-reflective coated sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 bar (300 meters)