Buy A Smart Watch, I May Only Choose This One

I heard that Louis Vuitton is about to launch a smart watch, and my response is very indifferent. On the one hand, there are already some watch brands that have launched smart watches, such as TAG Heuer, Frederique Constant, Montblanc, and LV. It’s nothing new; on the other hand, to be honest, I haven’t met any smart watch that really made me heart. So, I don’t have any interest at all.

After seeing the actual Louis Vuitton smart watch, I am in the po map of the circle of friends

   However, due to the professionalism of my work, I still asked a senior media friend who knows watches very well. Why are there so many professional watchmaking brands pushing smart watches? He talked about it in a hurry, only one of which I really agreed with is that no matter why other brands push smart watches and whether they will sell well, LV will push someone to buy smart watches. Because LV is really more than just a watch brand. To put it bluntly, people’s fashion market is more than the watch market. How many followers of LV are likely to buy just the brand’s own effects, let alone this watch. Is it really good? It turned out that he was really convinced. Immediately after I saw the real form of this smart watch, I posted a picture in the circle of friends and commented on the next comment. Several friends began to ask directly where to buy it, and were ready to start. I was already tempted, but now I feel a little afraid of not being able to grab it.

Louis Vuitton’s Global Touch Video

   Won a praise from the circle of friends, especially female groups, which illustrates a very important point-Yan value online. Smart watches want to be good, good-looking and easy to use are the two most important points I personally think of. As for the lack of features and practicality are second, why do n’t you use a mobile phone so much about features? Besides, all smart watches must be connected to mobile phones, which is troublesome. On the other hand, the reason why Apple mobile phones have won the world is that it is also not worthy of beauty, and you have used all the functions of Apple mobile phones? Maybe. How many friends around me, including myself, may use WeChat, email, and photos most frequently every day. They are not the same as buying Apple from generation to generation, so in my opinion, the smart watch should be the first. After the intelligence, it first meets the aesthetics of a watch, and then mentioning intelligence is the icing on the cake.

Take photos at the scene. The case material is divided into three options: brushed steel, black coating and polished steel.

   The official name of this smart watch launched by Louis Vuitton is the Tambour Horizon smart watch. Horizon means ‘Horizon’, of course, it also reveals the close relationship between it and the soul element ‘Travel’ of the LV brand, as mentioned above. That said, it perfectly met my need for smart watches to look good and work well, so this grass was planted solidly.

The case of the Tambour Horizon smartwatch features a unique recessed design

   The original Tambour series, which looks like a drum, has been slightly retracted in the latest Tambour Moon of the 15th anniversary this year, and has become a somewhat concave shape. In order to make the case look more slender, it has actually changed It’s just a little bit, but it is particularly important in Tambour Horizon. The original 42 mm diameter plus the slightly changed case shape makes the model even a certain thickness, but the visual effect is very clean and neat after getting started. Feeling heavy. I believe that this size and the design of the case must have been adjusted and tested many times, because the more amazing thing is that the men and women’s wrists tried on the scene are different, but they do not have a great sense of conflict. Suitable for most people’s appearance. The case is available in brushed stainless steel, black coated and polished stainless steel. I like black coated most.

According to the watch’s ‘customizable dial design’ function, the pattern on the dial and the central color block can be selected according to their preferences
   Another item that adds points to the face value is the design of the dial. The table mirror still continues the sapphire crystal material made by the Swiss workshop. The outermost circle of the table mirror is a 24-hour time stamp, and then one of the many intelligent functions is set to ‘customizable dial design’. Color to choose the combination pattern, for example, those who like the classic LV Monogram pattern can be directly displayed on the dial, if you want a low-key, you can choose the dark flower, so that each new dial design looks like a new watch, I think it’s gospel for someone like me who likes the new and hates the old and is very picky.

Video of Louis Vuitton’s new Tambour Horizon smart watch, you can see travel-related 24 time zones, ‘My Flight’, ‘City Guide’ and other features
   Speaking of ‘easy to use’, Tambour Horizon is specially configured with a number of travel-related functions, one of which is called ‘My Flight’, which should be considered a unique feature that is difficult to see in other smart watches. It can accurately remind you of boarding time, terminal and gate information, flight delay notice, aircraft arrival time and much more. Don’t think this is over. For a trip, this is just the beginning. When you arrive in the city of travel, you can turn on the next unique feature of this watch, the ‘City Guide’. This is from a paper version to an app for mobile phones and tablets that can bring the city’s tourist information functions needed by global travelers. Now it is also used in this smart watch. Louis Vuitton Collection 7 most popular cities in the world, including Beijing, Paris, London, etc. When you arrive, you can search for famous attractions and address information of your city. More caringly, the smart positioning system of the watch can follow the local Time gives you information about the nearest restaurants, hotels, historical landmarks, and tourist attractions, which completely saves you the trouble of doing a raider.

   Of course, other smart watches usually have incoming calls, text messages and email reminders, alarm clocks, timers, weather forecasts, and pedometers. These functions are all out of the question. In combination with so many burdock functions, LV chose from Los Angeles. Silicon Valley’s technical cooperation-Google and Qualcomm team jointly created a software platform that supports both Android and iOS systems, becoming the first smart watch that is accessible for use in various countries and regions around the world.

30 quick-change strap options for men

Women’s 30 Quick Change Band Options

   In addition to its value and ease of use, this smart watch has some other exciting details, such as a special LV case, a special charging cable jacket, and 30 quick-change strap options for men and women. Among them, at the LV Hong Kong event I was invited to in May, the quick-change strap was already carried in the new Tambour Moon watch. At that time, I was very excited to say that this is a replaceable watch launched by all brands I have seen so far. Among the belt settings, the easiest and easiest to operate, LV has specially applied for a patent for this. I can guarantee that it is really too easy to change it, and it will never damage your nails! The various strap designs make this watch more personalized. If you want to add a strap that can change the style in addition to the model, the price ranges from RMB 2600-4200, so the complete set of models The price is between RMB 17,700 and 21500. Compared with other products of the LV family, it is also really cost-effective.

   I am a very superficial person. The things that make me feel good are good-looking, fun and easy to use. A smart watch is good. I only want to wear it when I am good. Decoration, fortunately, LV meets these three points and there is a good price and good brand blessing. I don’t think there is any reason not to buy it, so I saved money!