Witness For The Growth Of Basketball Superstars—tissot And Tony Parker Go Hand In Hand

Lightning speed and beautiful shots. This is the most amazing skill of NBA professional basketball player Tony Parker on the court. It is this outstanding ability that makes this team play for the San Antonio Spurs. Of players among the basketball superstars.

 Lightning speed and beautiful shots, this is the most amazing skill of NBA professional basketball player Tony Parker on the court, and it is this outstanding ability that makes this San Antonio Spurs player among the basketball superstars . As a successful basketball player and one of the absolute leaders of the Spurs, Parker won three championship rings during the Spurs, and he himself won the highest honor in the basketball industry in 2007. title.
 Parker was born from a basketball family. His father was an American basketball player. He played in the European professional basketball league for 15 years and spent most of his time in France. Therefore, French is the mother tongue of Parker, but his English is equally excellent. And his days in Chicago recorded his hard work in the past.

 The combination of such an outstanding basketball player and Tissot has undoubtedly become the most sensational news of Tissot in sports in 2011.
 ‘Tissot watches are very much in my image.’ Parker said, ‘I like the styles of these watches. Tissot has many different styles of watches, sports, casual, mature. I am very eager to establish a good long-term relationship with Tissot, right I think it’s a very important partnership both during and after my career. ‘

 Today, Parker is still one of the most respected shooting guards in the US Basketball League. His ability is very comprehensive, he can shoot, be lightweight, organize fast breaks, and lead the team and score at the same time. Although he is shorter than most NBA players, Parker still stands on the team with his fearless spirit and his light speed. His first start was always surprisingly fast, causing defenders to have to step back, which gave Parker ample opportunity to jump shot. In the 2012 All-Star Weekend Skills, Parker won over Rondo with 32.8 seconds.
 Parker said time is the key in basketball. ‘Time is the most important element,’ he emphasized. ‘In NBA games, managing time is often the key to winning-especially for a shooting guard like me.’
 In order to show Tissot’s respect for this talented player, Tissot launched the Tissot Racing Series Tony Parker limited edition watch based on Tony Parker at the Tissot flagship store on the Champs-Elysees in Paris in 2011.

 Just like Parker’s superb ball skills, this watch stands out from the rest. With a sporty look, such as the strap around the crown and buttons, and a dynamic touchscreen feature, this watch brings the wearer’s energy to a professional athlete. On this limited-edition watch, Tony Parker’s jersey number 9 is marked on its dedicated index. In addition, there are many details that enrich the connotation of the watch, such as the lines on the black dial that outline the pattern on the surface of the basketball. The dial and chronograph are surrounded by the minute track, which emphasizes the accuracy of the watch. Tissot PRS330 series Tony Parker 2012 limited edition can be described as a classic with sports and watchmaking.