2014 Basel Clock & Watch Exhibition Chinese Faces That Cannot Be Ignored

Baselworld 2014 has come to an end. This exhibition once again successfully attracted about 10,000 visitors, exhibitors, buyers and journalists from all continents of the world, highlighting this exhibition as Trend watch of the world watch and jewelry industry and the status of important trading market. The Watch House also gave a detailed report on this wonderful exhibition. Looking back at this exhibition, in addition to the wide range of watches on the exhibition, the stories outside the exhibition are equally exciting.

  In recent years, the Chinese market has become increasingly important to the Swiss watch industry. Although sales of Hong Kong and the mainland of China fell last year, Hong Kong fell 5.6% and China fell 12.5%. However, the Swiss watch industry achieved a small increase in 2013. It increased by 1.9% in 2012 to almost 22 billion Swiss francs. Faced with such an important Chinese market, the Chinese face at the exhibition naturally became a part that cannot be ignored.
Chinese wedding at Swiss Table Fair
  On March 28, the Basel Watch Fair ushered in a happy event. Mr. Conway Kai, a senior Chinese watchmaker and his wife, held a wedding ceremony in the Sydney Hall of the Basel Convention Centre. This was the first time a Chinese wedding was held at the Centennial Watch Fair. At the wedding, a couple appeared in a traditional Chinese dress. The groom wore a Longines master series GMT watch, and the bride wore a Longines Dolce Vita watch.

   The groom, Conway, is a well-known Chinese watchmaker. He currently serves as the editor-in-chief of the ‘Shopping Guide’ and has been engaged in the watch industry for more than 10 years. The bride has worked for the Longines brand. The two men became married at the Basel Watch Show due to their relationship with the watch.

   In addition to the newlyweds’ friends and family gathered at the wedding scene, members of the Basel Watch Fair organizing committee, watch brand executives, and domestic and foreign media colleagues also attended, and witnessed this great event of the Chinese watch circle.
Organized for Chinese media
   Following the great success last year, the China Media Conference was held again the next day.
   Mr. René Kamm, CEO of MCH Switzerland, the organizer of Baselworld, delivered the opening speech. He extended a warm welcome to the guests in perfect Chinese.

   Ms. Sylvie Ritter, Managing Director of Baselworld Watch Fair also gave a welcome speech. She then mentioned that Switzerland and China have had good relations since ancient times and that the two countries have an indestructible friendship. As an inter-enterprise event, the Basel International Watch Fair is also of great significance to the relationship between China and Switzerland. China is one of the main markets for Swiss watches and jewellery. This makes China an important partner of the Basel International Watch Fair, a display platform for the global jewelry and watch industry.

   Mr. Duchêne, Chairman of the Exhibitor Committee, introduced to the media some important progress made in 2013, and emphasized the conclusion of the free trade agreement between Switzerland and China. In addition, the expansion of mid-range products and emerging markets, especially the Chinese market, have also played an important role. Mr Duchêne believes that the potential of the Chinese market is endless. Mr. Duchêne concluded his speech with the following positive words, ‘The fight against counterfeiting, innovative innovation and the cooperation of emerging markets is the key to the success of our industry. Basel International Watch Fair, the gathering place of watch and jewelry industry companies, is the industry Has made an important contribution. When I look at business and economic data so far this year, I am confident about the prospects for 2014. ‘

   Finally, the meeting announced the marriage news of Mr. Conway Kai, a well-known Chinese journalist and a frequent visitor of the Basel International Watch Fair. This is the first time Basel International Watch Fair has done so!
Organize Chinese media tours in Basel
   During the watch exhibition, the organizer of Baselworld in Switzerland also specially organized Chinese media to visit Basel, to appreciate the beautiful natural and cultural landscape of Basel, and to learn more about this beautiful city.

Summary: The Chinese face at the watch exhibition is no longer a new thing. In the face of the Chinese watch market, the Swiss watch industry has given more and more attention. In addition, many Chinese watch brands represented by Fiyta also participated in this watch exhibition. I believe that in the future watch exhibition, you can meet Chinese people at the corner. (House of Watches Picture / Text Source)
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