Introduction To The Jaeger-lecoultre Spherical Tourbillon Watch

Playing around with gravity
 The traditional tourbillon mechanism can only rotate on one axis, so it can only offset the influence of gravity from one direction. The ideal tourbillon mechanism must have at least two rotation axes to ensure the center of gravity. The interference of gravity on the escapement is minimized.
 After Jaeger-LeCoultre development for many years, this ‘Gyrotourbillon 1 Spherical Tourbillon Watch’ released by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2004 has brought the already hot Tourbillon development competition into a whole new field! The Gyrotourbillon spherical tourbillon designed by Eric Coudray is a dual-axis tourbillon structure. It is no different from the traditional part in the drive train. The third-wheel-drive spherical outer frame follows a circle of teeth fixed on the board. The orbit rotates at a 60-second cycle, which in turn drives the escapement wheel of the tourbillon body in the frame to run around the rack rail fixed to the inner frame of the outer frame at a 24-second cycle, so that the two axes of the entire tourbillon mechanism The heart always maintains a running angle of 90 degrees. Compared to the traditional design where the uniaxial rotation can only be corrected to the vertical gravitational influence, the spherical tourbillon running with the dual axis can further make the watch movement can correct the error caused by gravity due to any attitude. .
 Gyrotourbillon can be said to be a major initiative of Jaeger-LeCoultre in the field of complex functions. In 2007, in order to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the founding factory, Jaeger-LeCoultre specially loaded this design into the classic Reverso series and became the ‘Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 spherical tourbillon watch. At the same time, in order to enhance the accuracy of the sphere-shaped tourbillon, a cylindrical hairspring used to be used in marine clocks was used in particular to enhance isochronous performance. At the same time, the operating cycle of the inner frame was increased to 18.75 seconds.

Gyrotourbillon 1
 Cal.177 hand-finished movement ∕ Platinum material ∕ Diameter 43mm ∕ Hours, minutes, small seconds, true solar time indicator ∕ Perpetual calendar, time equations and other functions ∕ Sphere dual-axis tourbillon ∕ Dual retrograde date, retrograde month 、 Power reserve indication, retrograde leap year indication, month indication on the back of the case 宝石 sapphire crystal, bottom case ∕ waterproof 50 meters ∕ limited to 75 pieces ∕ suggested price: € 290,000
Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2
 Cal.174 hand-finished ball tourbillon movement. Platinum material. Table diameter 55mm × 36mm. Hour, minute, and small seconds. Ball dual-axis tourbillon. Front and back power reserve indicator. Sapphire crystal mirror and bottom cover. Water-resistant to 30 meters ∕ Limited to 75
 Loading in the Reverso case allows the wearer to flip the watch to the other side at any time and enjoy the full view of the spherical tourbillon. It can also be regarded as the best feature of the Reverso’s flip case design!

 The Gyrotourbillon spherical tourbillon is a two-axis tourbillon structure. The spherical outer frame runs along a rack of gear wheels fixed on the machine board at a 60-second cycle, which drives the escapement wheel of the tourbillon body in the frame. Gear rails fixed to the inner ring of the outer frame. This CG picture is a Gyrotourbillon 2 spherical tourbillon, which uses a cylindrical hairspring that was commonly used in marine clocks to enhance isochronous performance. At the same time, the operating cycle of the inner frame is increased to 18.75 seconds.

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