The Third Day Of Huashan’s Sword Competition For Longines’ Elegant Watch # 之 #

The ‘Longines Red and Blue PK Tournament’ has started on the third day, and the voting in full swing in the previous two days has ended.

So what’s the highlight on the third day? It turned out to be PK battle between cousin Bazhu and GQ Zhizu Director!
Welcome everyone to vote actively ~

Round three cousin PK GQ male god

Voting time (17:00 on April 9-17:00 on April 10)
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Tomorrow is the red and blue battle between Mr. Zhang Meng, the editor-in-chief of Watch House and Mr. Conway Kai:
Everyone actively vote!

Round 4 Editor-in-chief of “House of Watches” PK Senior Watch Media

Voting time (17:00 on April 10-17:00 on April 11)
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Round 5 Fashion Writer PK Fashion Reviewer

Voting time (17:00 on April 11-17:00 on April 12)

activity details
Activity time: April 7 – April 11
Activity Rules:
1. Confrontation between experts and experts: Ten watch experts and fashion experts will be divided into two camps: red and blue. New Longines watches will be recommended daily and the theme PK competition will be held.
2. Weibo and WeChat voting: Click ‘Read the original text’ immediately to vote for the watch you support, and you will have a chance to win the prize;
3. ‘Daily Bole Award’: Each day, one voting fan is selected on Weibo and WeChat platforms, and a wonderful gift is presented;
4. ‘Extreme Masters Award’: Finally, one winner is selected from all participating fans and a new moon phase watch from the Longines Compaq series is awarded.
Scan the QR code immediately to participate in the voting. I hope everyone will participate.

Until April 11, Longines will join hands with many watch experts and fashion experts to recommend two new Longines watches daily and conduct theme PK competitions. Scan the QR code below to participate in the event and vote for the models you support, and you will have the chance to win the new Longines watch!

Senior watch media professionals, front-line fashion editors, professional watch bloggers, and well-known fashion commentators are coming together to form two camps, red and blue, to compete in the same contest. As long as you look down, you can see the super strong lineup for five consecutive days, and the details of the PK match event!

Click to participate in the century war voting: