Luxury Masonry Watch Balance Aesthetics And Machinery

Mechanical and aesthetic balance
    Perhaps in the watch industry, a diamond watch is more of a mechanical and aesthetic balance. In the design of a watch, you cannot blindly pursue more visual effects and add more diamonds, nor can you place them arbitrarily so that the diamond loses its original decoration. effect.
    The beauty of snowflake mosaic is that it is an artistic ‘recreation’ that minimizes the limitations of diamonds in mosaics. When inlaying, the inlayer only looks for inspiration and creativity directly from the gemstones on the watch itself, or the pattern that needs to be inlaid, and inlays on the watch. He placed the diamonds one by one, arranged side by side, and paved beautiful diamonds of different sizes on precious metals in a clever layout, and spread the diamonds on the metal surface as they rubbed against each other. This mosaic method makes each pattern and table different from each other.
    Omega Constellation Luxury Watch. The “snowflake setting” technique is used to set a large number of round diamonds. The 24mm, 27mm and 31mm models are set with 7.60 carats, 8.84 carats and 9.06 carats, respectively. Athens Royal Blue Flying Tourbillon Diamond Watch. The watch is set with a total of 568 top Wesselton baguette diamonds (approximately 33.8 carats) and 234 perfectly cut sapphires (approximately 16.79 carats). Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra Art Ice. The snowflake mosaic method is used to make diamonds and sapphires dazzle each other. 1300 diamonds and 1755 sapphires embody modern design styles with a variety of graphics and light and shadow effects. Blancpain large date window jewelry tourbillon watch. Diamond inlays are made of spiral radioactive patterns. Diamonds vary in size but are self-contained. The dial holds 194 diamonds. The bezel and lugs total 166 diamonds, and the diamonds total nearly 10 carats. Breitling Bentley Speed ​​3 watch in white gold and diamonds. Following the arched rectangular design of the Bentley Spread Wing Watch, diamonds are spread throughout the dial in a unique way. Hublot ‘$ 5 million’ watch. Using 1282 square diamonds with a total weight of more than 100 carats, the diamond cutter participated in the initial design stage and sought out the diamond that best matched the complex structure of the case, dial and strap. Glashütte Spring Blossom watch. The case is made of 18K white gold and the bezel is set with 64 white diamonds around the dial. 37 natural pink diamonds and 70 white diamonds are set on the face plate.