Fly Without Fear Of Jet Lag Tasting The Oris Grand Crown Pilot 114 Since The Movement Watch

Oris announced the launch of the Big Crown Pilot 114 Automatic Movement Watch, which is an aviation watch equipped with the brand’s latest movement. The 114 self-powered core has a number of functions such as a 10-day power reserve, a patented non-linear residual power display, a calendar, and a 24-hour GMT. (Model: 11477464164)

Watch the real shot

   The GMT dual time function was first appeared in aviation watches. In the 1950s, long-distance voyages were very common, often crossing time zones, frequently changing jet lag, calculating the time between the departure and destination places, which caused pilots a headache. A watch that displays both local time and home time solves these problems. Today, GMT-enabled watches are not only a pilot’s exclusive tool, they have also become a reliable partner for international business travelers.

Dial detail real shot
   The diameter of the dial is 44mm. The dial is simple and rough, and easy to read. Patented non-linear residual power display function, calendar display at 9 o’clock, 24-hour GMT dual-time function with half-hour adjustment.

Case and crown details
   The case is made of stainless steel, with a combination of brushed and polished sanding technology, which is tough and durable, and the solid and tough texture of the metal makes the watch more texture and quality. The screw-down crown is adorned with the Oris logo at the top for detailed and easy handling.

Strap detail real shot
   The strap is made of crocodile leather, which is delicate and soft to wear and comfortable. The watch has a stainless steel strap and a fabric strap in different colors. A variety of styles are available to meet the wearer’s preferences.

Watch movement details real shot

   The watch movement is a 114-calibre movement, independently developed by Oris, manually wound, with a 10-day power reserve, and a water resistance of 100 meters. The 114 self-winding movement is the fifth generation of Oris manual-winding mechanical movement following the 110 introduced in 2014. 114 has a 10-day long power reserve performance of the previous generation movement, and is also equipped with Oris patented non-linear power reserve display function, which can accurately remind the wearer of the remaining power of the watch.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Witness The Glorious History With The Essence Of Museums

Since Abraham-Louis Breguet founded the brand in Paris in 1775, for more than 200 years Breguet has adhered to the principle of inheriting classic beauty and created countless precious products. . Although we can’t go back to the era where Mr. Bao Di lived to witness his outstanding creation, we can still glimpse his extraordinary talent from the antique watches that have been passed down to this day. On July 30th, Breguet Shanghai Langham Hotel Boutique invited 15 media to appreciate antique timepieces together and appreciate the endless charm of masterpieces handed down from time to time. The brand Fang specially prepared wines from France for the media, and arranged professional lecturers to guide the media to appreciate the antique timepieces handed down, and to start a romantic “邂逅” journey with antique timepieces.


   Grape wines from France are reminiscent of the indissoluble bond between Mr. Breguet and the romantic country of France-it is in France that the world-renowned watchmaker founded the Breguet brand and opened the watchmaking life of his life. cause. Breguet especially invited sommeliers to impart wine knowledge and methods, so that guests can enjoy the luscious and mellow wine while experiencing the outstanding creation of Mr. Breguet in this romantic country.

Antique timepiece exhibition hall on the second floor

   After tasting exquisite wines, the media led by the professional instructors of Breguet to the Breguet Museum on the second floor of the boutique to jointly appreciate several precious antique timepieces in the museum. In 2016, in order to satisfy the majority of Breguet watches, In the museum’s demand, 13 antique timepieces are added in the museum, which allows people to appreciate and admire the profound heritage of the brand’s history. The Breguet Museum, located in the Langham Boutique in Xintiandi, Shanghai, is the third Breguet museum in the world and the only one in the Asia-Pacific region. The antique timepieces displayed in the museum witness the long history of the brand and Breguet’s amazing innovation ability, which will be the benchmark for the fine watchmaking industry, and will fully reflect the great influence and contribution of the watchmaking industry.

Well prepared snacks on site

   In-depth explanations by professional lecturers also let media friends better understand the legendary history and superb craftsmanship of the Breguet brand. The event lasted about two hours. Media friends explored the extraordinary charm of antique timepieces through time and the cultural heritage of the Breguet brand in the elegant fragrance of grape wine. After the media appreciation event, the Langham Boutique also arranged wine tasting and appreciation of antique products for brand VIP customers, which received the support and affirmation of many customers.