Iwc Sponsors 2013 Beijing International Film Festival For The First Time

Beijing, April 22, 2013-Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC is well-known not only for its top watchmaking technology, but also for its long-term passion for the global film industry Prestigious. As the designated watch sponsor of the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival, IWC held a grand filmmaker dinner with the theme of ‘For the Love of Cinema’ during the Beijing International Film Festival. More than 200 filmmakers and celebrities from home and abroad came to the event. That evening, Mr. Zhang Yimou, a well-known Chinese director with international reputation, was awarded the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award, creating the climax of the dinner atmosphere.

 ‘It is a great honor for us to support the emerging Beijing International Film Festival,’ said Georges Kern, CEO of IWC. ‘Beijing International Film Festival brings together representatives from the film industry at home and abroad to provide a platform for these professionals to discuss professional and innovative exchanges. As the sponsor of this film event, we hope to take this opportunity to express IWC’s commitment to film The enthusiasm of the industry at the same time underscores the significance of the Chinese market for the IWC brand. We are honored to have a presence in the capital of China. ‘IWC Schaffhausen has always been with Kevin Spacey , Hollywood stars such as Cate Blanchett, Jean Reno, and Marc Forster have maintained close ties. In China, the brand has included Wu Zhenyu, Zhang Zhilin, Yuan Yongyi, etc. Chinese movie stars also have good relationships and have collaborated with many brand friends to achieve many independent film projects, dramas and photography projects. In addition, IWC watches are also the accessory of choice in countless film productions. In the classic commercial war crime blockbuster ‘Wall Street’, blockbuster ‘Ocean’s 13’ and action comedy ‘Red Flame Battlefield’ (RED), the leading men have all worn Schaffhausen IWC The watch’s exquisite timepieces starred. Similarly, IWC is loved by the heroines and heroines of American TV series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Gossip Girl.

Film festival with many stars

  IWC’s ‘For the Love of Cinema’ filmmaker dinner was held at the site of the Ming Dynasty Wall in Beijing, which has a history of 600 years. Many celebrity guests from home and abroad attended the event. Famous movie stars Wu Zhenyu, Yu Nan, Zhang Zhilin, Yuan Yongyi, Zhang Xiaoquan, Li Zonghan, Lian Kai, Xiong Naijin, and famous directors Zhang Yimou, Chris Wedge, Chris Brown, Li Shaohong, Xue Xiaolu and other stars Together with many well-known filmmakers at home and abroad, they set foot on the red carpet one after another, and the scene was bright. Subsequently, Mr. Benoit de Clerck, Managing Director of IWC Asia Pacific, unveiled the dinner, saying, ‘We are honored to promote the development of this important film platform as a sponsor of the Beijing International Film Festival. In addition Tonight’s dinner we are also very happy to receive the support of the American Film Association (MPA). The Beijing International Film Festival and the American Film Association have integrated film resources at home and abroad, and also promoted the exchange and trade of the global film industry. Film is a culture Power, it opens the window of the unknown world for us, let us feel real and fiction. Movies have the power to move us, it can inspire us, open up our horizons and activate our emotions. ‘

 The dinner atmosphere culminated in the award of the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award. IWC has presented this prestigious award at important international film festivals such as Cannes, Tribeca, New York and Dubai. It is designed to recognize outstanding filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to the film industry. . Zhang Yimou, the world-renowned master of the Chinese film industry, received warm applause from all guests and received the ‘IWC Outstanding Film’ from Mr. Behwangda and Ms. Karoline Huber, IWC Global Market Communications Director People ‘award. Caroline Huber said of the award: ‘Director Zhang Yimou is undoubtedly one of the greatest filmmakers in contemporary China. He has won numerous awards and honors at many film festivals at home and abroad. We are very honored to award At the same time, IWC also awarded director Zhang Yimou a unique IWC watch: the new Portuguese chronograph classic (model 3904), this stainless steel watch case is specially engraved ‘For the Love of Cinema ‘The word is unique worldwide. ‘Watchmaking and filmmaking have a lot in common,’ said Ms. Caroline Huber. ‘Both parties have a long tradition, with profound expertise, and the creation of timeless masterpieces with technological innovation.

Aloe Blacc Concert

 At the dinner party of the evening, the passionate singing of American soul music superstar Aloe Blacc, who became famous with the single ‘I Need a Dollar’, created the musical climax of the night. This special concert by Black complements the ‘For the Love of Cinema’ dinner. The live performance of this soul music superstar fully proves that he is not only an outstanding singer, but also a talented performing artist. Then, in the inspiring musical atmosphere created by DJ Miles Slater, the party began and the guests enjoyed it until the early hours of the morning.