Passion And Excitement Baume & Mercier Crichton Series Club Indian® Bert Munro Commemorative Edition Watch

In August 2017, Baume & Mercier announced that the brand entered into an exclusive partnership with Indian (formerly known as Indian Motorcycle® and later changed to Indian® Indian)-the first motorcycle company in the United States. To this end, three limited edition watches were introduced, one of which was a Critton Club Burt Munro commemorative edition watch, which was interpreted with watch design through interpretation of the two brand concepts and spirits. For the speed and gallop, pure motorcycle spirit, how does the celebrity interpret it?

 This limited edition self-winding chronograph has many special details designed to commemorate the extraordinary achievements of Bert Munro. What is obvious at a glance is the huge yellow number ’35’ on the dial. This is Munro’s lucky number. It appears on the small chronograph dial at 9 o’clock and on a black horizontal line. The setting is even more conspicuous, reminiscent of the eye-catching decorative design of the Munro motorcycle shell.

The huge yellow number ’35’ on the dial on a yellow background. This is Munro’s lucky number (detailed real shot)

Real details

Black bezel with speedometer scale

The crown is still made of stainless steel and is carefully polished

Dial real shot

 The dial itself is silver, and the surface is sandblasted, reflecting the texture of the Bangwell Salt Flats set by Munro. The top of the chronograph seconds hand is distinguished by the Indian ‘I’ initials. A polished stainless steel case with a diameter of 44 mm is equipped with a speedometer scale on the bezel, and it clearly emphasizes Munro’s ‘184 mph’ speed record.

The back of the case is engraved with Indian motifs, a limited edition watch of great memorabilia

 Then there is the ‘Indian Red’ calf leather strap, which evokes Indian Motorcycle’s iconic deep vermilion and Munro’s ‘Munro Special’ special color.

 The buckle is made of stainless steel, which is concise and easy to wear.

Summary: A watch of special significance, commemorating the extraordinary achievements of Bert Munro. This is a celebrity’s interpretation of the spirit of motorcycles, speed and passion. Has such a watch with a unique personality captured your heart?

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