Romantic Autumn Between Your Wrists

Each Bucherer watch is a symbol of independent personality, perfect detail and top craftsmanship. With a unique case design, the Bucherer Aleksandr ALACRIA series watch perfectly interprets the female waistline, shining every moment, like the autumn muse and continuing the summer beauty.

Bucherer-Algeria Princess
Simple early autumn

Get rid of the hot summer sun, and in the early autumn blowing on the breeze, a simple design Alija Princess watch is worn on the wrist, showing a fresh style. The stainless steel strap is paired with a simple dial, the Bucherer emblem on the dial and large Roman numerals, which are easy for the wearer to see at a glance. The independence and self-confidence of contemporary women is the perfect interpretation of Alija watches.

Technical specifications
Model: 00.10701.08.16.21
Movement: CFB1950 quartz movement
Function: hour, minute
Case: curved sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 21 mm x 30 mm, thickness 6.2 mm
Chain: stainless steel, stainless steel folding buckle
Price: 23,500

Bucherer La Rica TwoTone Watch
Touching late autumn

Late autumn is a continuation of love, a warm box for love. The Bucherer La Rica TwoTone two-tone watch is undoubtedly a testimony to the loyalty of love. The silver dial has a slightly deep and wide elegant stripe in the center, which neatly forms simple and light-colored straight bars on both sides. The bracelet is a two-tone combination of stainless steel and rose gold, which can be easily matched when dating. The details are meticulous, and every minute is perfect.

Technical specifications
Model: 00.10703.07.15.21
Movement: CFB1850 quartz movement
Function: hour, minute
Case: Stainless steel with 18K rose gold, curved sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 21 mm x 30 mm, thickness 6.2 mm
Chain: stainless steel with 18K rose gold, stainless steel folding buckle
Price: 55,000

Bucherer-Alliance Queen Watch
Shining late autumn

The autumn wind is bleak, and the winter is approaching. In the late autumn, which is about to enter winter, the Alija Queen watch on the wrist is a shining fan. The designer’s ingenious inspiration and idea perfectly matched the curve pointer and the curve of the case; the rare devil leather strap and the TWVVS1 diamond inlaid on the arched case by the hand, are full of brilliance, dazzling, and highlighting the treasure Qilai 125 Top-level jewellery inlaid skills; the perfect fusion of elegance and beauty, also shows excellence and nobleness, aesthetic appearance, it is hard to put it down.

Technical specifications
Model: 00.10701.08.36.11
Movement: CFB1850 quartz movement
Function: hour, minute
Case: Sturgeon (devil fish) leather strap with 38 FCTWvvs diamonds (0.6 carats), curved sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 26.5 mm x 38 mm, thickness 7.4 mm
Chain strap: stainless steel pin buckle
Price: 65,000

Smart Movement Between The Princesses’ Wrists

Princess Kate’s fashion taste has always been sought after by everyone. Now that she is imminent, people are starting to pay attention to her forthcoming child, a beautiful life as the third heir to the British royal family. The watch channel is also taking advantage of this unabated princess fever, launching a princess watch gift. Experience the elegant charm of the princesses.

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The charm of Princess Kate’s personality watch

 After marrying Prince William of the United Kingdom, Princess Kate became a new darling of the fashion industry with her elegant and decent dressing style. She was also named the UK’s best clothing person of the year. Her dressing style has also changed more. When visiting the Singapore Presidential Palace, she abandoned the monotonous solid one-piece and put on a printed slim-fit dress, showing a different side than before. The matching bracelet watch is exquisite and elegant, and the elegance of the lady is perfectly blended with the royal dignity.

 The slim body of this watch stretches between two rows of rectangular diamonds. It takes time back to the artistic 1930s. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 101 movement was born in 1929 and is the world’s smallest mechanical movement. Contains 98 components in less than one gram. Combining feminine charm with bold innovation, this movement embodies the imagination of Jaeger-LeCoultre craftsmen. This watch is embellished with the most graceful and elegant lady’s wrist, which can not only play the eye-catching jewelry, but also reflect the noble temperament. At the same time, this is Jaeger-LeCoultre presenting to the Queen Elizabeth II the 101 high-end jewellery watch specially created for the ceremony, which shows the royal elegance.

 Watch for Princess Kate

 As the world’s top watch and jewellery maker, Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS once again blended strength and elegance into the most recognizable style. It was held on April 29, 2011 in Prince William of England and his girlfriend Kate Middleton. On the occasion of the wedding, a new ‘Kate style’ series watch was launched to congratulate Princess Kate on her wedding and pay tribute to her feminine attitude. This watch was designed by the Chairman of the Board of the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS Alliance, a well-known French painter, Chairman of the French Artists Association, a professor of the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, UNESCO Chief Financial Officer, and well-known social activist Mr. Remy Airong , And participate in the entire production process. This watch combines the design elements of the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS Louvre, and combines modern art with classical art to achieve a peerless masterpiece. Grand Mercure Paris MAGZO PARIS reinterprets the essence of deterrent and elegant brand with gorgeous creations, creating unique watches and jewelry for outstanding women and women, showing their extraordinary style.

 Diana’s elegant watch style

 The British royal family has always been one of the models of the global royal family. The joining of Princess Kate in the new era has added more humanity to this ancient royal family, and it also shows that this ancient royal family will accept civilians in a more up-to-date manner. As the mother-in-law of Princess Kate, the late Princess Diana, although she is considered to be the unfortunate one, although she has passed away for more than ten years, her voice and smile still persist. She is a model of modern Cinderella. She represents an era. Her noble and elegant temperament, whether it is appearance or talking, is regarded as an eternal classic in the fashion industry.

 This charming woman not only showed her good taste to the world with a set of high-level custom-made clothes, but her wrist watch also showed her elegance once. Cartier Tank series watches accompanied Dai Fei to different occasions, which set off her magnificent looks.

 The Cartier Tank watch was a great success shortly after its launch in 1917, and it quickly became an iconic watch of the time when the high society, the rich and the nobleman were rushing to compete.

 Princess Grace’s stunning watch

 From the famous Hollywood movie actress to the Princess of Morocco, Princess Grace has completed her perfect identity transformation, and her life is also full of legends. She is elegant and moving, and fascinates thousands of people. To commemorate her legendary life, Montblanc specially created the “Grace Princess Collection” jewelry watch inspired by Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. The combination of rose gold and pure white dial brings out the pure beauty, which is also the deepest impression of Princess Grace.

 Montblanc Monaco’s Princess Grace series watches have launched a number of styles, combining the most classic characteristics of the series, with the ultra-fine movement made in the tradition of Swiss top watchmaking tradition, exuding elegance and meticulous aesthetics. The case design has a slim figure and classic beauty, reminiscent of the eternal Princess Grace. This new Princess Grace jewellery watch collection from Monaco includes two unique white and rose gold jewellery watches that are unique in the world; an automatic watch made of rose gold and diamonds, and its extended stainless steel style, Each model showcases its unparalleled femininity with extreme elegance.