Sihh 2015 Some New Watches Preview

Baume & Mercier is deeply influenced by a long tradition of watchmaking and a visionary family, and has always adhered to the integration of every detail into watchmaking. After nearly 185 years of development, the Swiss watchmaking celebrity has established a good corporate image, and hearing its name can associate the extreme elegance and approachable luxury. His timepieces have deep historical roots and are loyal to the brand’s values. Baume & Mercier can become a model of watchmaking, no doubt because the watch condenses every precious moment in life.
   Adhering to the brand motto of ‘Aestheticism, only manufacturing the highest quality watches,’ Baume & Mercier launches a new series of Crichton series focusing on extraordinary quality and excellent functions. This watch has a simple and elegant dial design, which is clear and convenient to read. A large date display window at 12 o’clock shows the unique elegance. The power reserve display at 6 o’clock shows the delicate and restrained details, so that the wearer can easily understand the winding condition of the watch and ensure normal operation. The Clayton series large-scale date display power reserve watch is classic and practical, which perfectly shows the outstanding craftsmanship and watchmaking tradition of the Baume & Mercier.
   To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Humberton Collection, Baume & Mercier presents two stainless steel watches with automatic movements. These two new watches are elegant and restrained, with precious luxury at your fingertips, witnessing precious moments in life. The watch has an exquisite outline and a beautifully decorated dial that fits perfectly on the wrist. It is suitable for everyday wear with a variety of clothing, and adds elegance to your hands and feet at any time or occasion.
   Baume & Mercier watches always accompany the wearer through wonderful moments in life through outstanding watch work. Beautiful weddings, happy birthdays, personal achievements … countless touches have been condensed and precipitated under the testimony of famous Swiss watch brand celebrities and turned into the most precious moving memories.
Baume & Mercier Clifton Automatic Large Date and Power Reserve Display
   This timeless and elegant watch is equipped with a 43mm polished satin-brushed stainless steel case with practical complications that can meet all the needs of urbanites. The Clayton series large date display power reserve watch has a modern and elegant appearance, inspired by a 1950s watch in the brand museum collection, elegantly inheriting the brand genes of the Baume & Mercier watch. The watch is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement, exquisite workmanship and exquisite decoration. The oscillating weight is also engraved with the brand’s Greek letter ‘Phi’. This ‘golden section’ symbol is clearly visible through the transparent case back. Its self-winding movement is specially equipped with two display panels to display the single digit and ten digits, respectively, to achieve a large date display function, and can also show the degree of winding of the spring of the barrel.
Baume & Mercier Clioton Large Date Display Power Reserve 10205

  This Crichton watch presents a pleasing balance of beauty and delicate details. The 43mm polished satin-finished stainless steel case showcases the concept of making high-quality watch pieces with extraordinary quality and excellent functions for watch enthusiasts. Inspired by a deep tradition of branded horology, this watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. The sun-satin-finished silver dial has a large date display window at 12 o’clock in addition to the time display. There is a power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock. This watch has a balanced aesthetic and extraordinary quality. It is waterproof to 50 meters. The square brown alligator leather strap is equipped with a triple folding buckle, which is safer and more reliable. It can be worn freely anytime and anywhere.
Baume & Mercier Hamilton Automatic
   The two new Humberton series watches are newly reinterpreted, with smooth lines, continuing the classic aesthetic characteristics of this legendary series, such as the grooves at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, which highlight the unique arc with elegant appearance. Crystal glass watch; equipped with Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement, transparent and transparent through the case back, elegant and noble.
The line-shaped rectangular case fits perfectly with the curve of the wrist, bringing a different lightness. The pure off-white dial is illuminated by blue steel or gold-plated sword-shaped hands, and it is a perfect tribute to the brilliant tradition and history of Baume & Mercier fine watchmaking.
Humberton 10155 watch

   This new Humberton watch combines simplicity and sophistication. The 31 x 47 mm polished satin-finished stainless steel rectangular case is perfectly modern. Equipped with a Swiss-made self-winding mechanical movement through the transparent case back, the case thickness is only 10 mm, and the delicate curve makes the watch fit the wrist perfectly, showing elegance and agility.
   As a perfect urban companion, this watch is a wonderful interpretation of the golden ratio of watchmaking technology, which is also the brand’s proud sign. The watch’s off-white dial with blue steel hands shows the hours, minutes and seconds, and a simple and elegant date window at 6 o’clock highlights the traditional aesthetic style. Precious and timeless, this watch is decorated with a black crocodile leather strap and a stainless steel folding safety buckle for a balanced aesthetic.
Humberton 10156 watch

    Following the classic design and full of urban style, this Humberton series watch has a polished steel satin-finished rectangular stainless steel case and a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement. The delicate and exquisite decorative details are seen through the transparent case back Nothing. With a classic size design (31 x 47 mm) and a water resistance of 50 meters, this watch is a versatile men’s watch. The appearance curve has been re-interpreted, and the exquisite design makes the wearer feel comfortable anytime, anywhere. The style of the watch is simple and elegant, the off-white dial is decorated with fine gold-plated hands, the date display window is at 6 o’clock, and the brown alligator leather strap and stainless steel folding safety buckle. Its classic charm will last every precious moment of life.