Breguet Breguet Queen Mary Pocket Watch Revival Splendor

Marie-Antoinette has a special fondness for Breguet’s works. She loves to collect anything novel with auspicious signs, so she bought several Breguet timepieces, including Yi Bao玑 Developed automatic watch (perpétuel watch). In 1783, an admirer wanted to present a gift to the queen, so he placed an order with Breguet’s workshop on the Quai de l’Horloge. He asked Breguet to integrate all the watch technology at that time to create One of the greatest watches. The order specifically stated that gold should be used as much as possible to replace other metals, and it must have a variety of complex functions. Since there is no limit on budget or time, Breguet is free to play.

Queen Mary’s watch N ° 1160 is equipped with an automatic winding device, and can repeat the time, time and minute with three questions, and the watch box is made of royal oak wood.

It is a pity that Queen Mary never appreciated this timepiece. This watch was completed in 1827. At that time, Queen Mary had died 34 years, 44 years before the order was placed, and the founder of Breguet had passed away 4 years. N ° 1160, also known as ‘Queen Mary’, has been a watchmaking legend since 1783. Its origins, stories, and extreme mysteries are as brilliant as epics, so it has been a dream for watchmakers and collectors for more than 200 years . Recently, its fate has been covered with a mysterious veil. It has been stolen in museums in Jerusalem and has disappeared for decades. A new page has been written for this legend.
The Breguet company set itself a challenge to fully replicate the Queen Mary watch in 2005. The company learned that the Queen Mary’s favorite oak tree in Versailles had fallen, so it decided to use oak wood to make the watch box and give it a new life . As the Breguet company worked hard to restore the Queen Mary’s palace, Versailles presented the oak tree as a gift. In 2007, just before the production of this watch was completed, the stolen works of 1983 suddenly appeared miraculously in Jerusalem, adding a new page to this legend. However, Breguet has not yet had the opportunity to inspect the stolen goods. Therefore, documents and sketches from the Breguet Museum and other important cultural institutions, such as the Paris Museum of Arts and Crafts, are the only research data on this table. A comparative study of today’s antique watches, especially Duc de Praslin watches, has made the watchmaking style and technology of that era shine. These studies gave a little insight into the lost technologies and allowed Breguet to make timepieces that were completely loyal to the original work. It can be difficult to reproduce and design so many complex functions based on documentation only, but watchmakers at Breguet have proven their talents. Every feature and decorative feature of Mary Anthony N ° 1160 is After careful research, this case with a diameter of 63 mm as an example, more copper alloy must be added to match the gold color at that time, so it is specially cast. The dial and case are equipped with mineral crystal mirrors, allowing the movement to display exquisite parts and ingenious decoration. The research results also bring another complication of the original pocket watch: the time jump indicator.

Queen Mary’s complication pocket watch N ° 1160 has been carefully studied for every function and decorative feature

Queen Mary’s watch is equipped with an automatic winding device and the three-question function that can tell the time, time and minute at any time. From that point of view, it is an unquestionable masterpiece. The complete perpetual calendar device displays the date, day of the week, and month at 2, 6 and 8 o’clock, respectively, and the time equation display at 10 o’clock provides the daily difference between solar time and average time. In the center of the dial, Breguet’s invented hour-jumping hand accompanies the minute hand and the independent long second hand, and the small second dial is located at 6 o’clock. The 48-hour power reserve indicator at 10:30 and the bimetal thermometer at 1:30 form a balanced configuration. Its self-winding movement has 823 parts and is carefully decorated. The plate and bridge plate, the small gears of the transmission gear train under the dial, the date and the minute repeater are made of polished rose gold. The screws are made of polished blue steel, and the friction points, openings and bearings are set with sapphire crystal. All tiny details are hand-decorated, revealing the perfect superb craftsmanship. This ingenious and incomparable movement is also equipped with a unique natural escapement, spiral gold balance spring and bimetal balance. Breguet’s invented pare chute anti-vibration device protects the balance shaft and automatic disk shaft from collision. harm. In order to collect this masterpiece that matches the queen, Breguet took more than 3,500 pieces of wood from the Royal Oak to make a precious watch box. The inside of the watch box luxuriously uses its wood to compose the pattern of Queen Mary’s hand-held roses. Inspired by the famous portrait of Queen Mary, the watch box faithfully presents the parquet flooring of Petit Trianon. Just as Breguet intended to make this watch a commemorative piece of the glorious era of the 18th century watch, the brand revived through this legendary masterpiece.

Together But Different Rado Swiss Radar And Global Brand Spokesperson Tang Wei Unveil New Diamaster Series #

(Beijing, China-June 7, 2017) Pioneering watch brand RADO Swiss radar watch ‘News and differences, idealism and firmness’ theme new product launch conference was held in Chao San Hotel Beijing Sanlitun, Rado Swiss radar watch Mr. Matthias Breschan, the global president, and Ms. Tang Wei, the global brand spokesperson, unveiled the scene and unveiled the new DiaMaster series of diamond watches, paying tribute to their sincere love.

   Along with the dreamy light and shadow effect, the RADO DiaMaster Diamond Master Series unveiled the mystery. Mr. Matthias Breschan, Global President of Rado, shared the design concept of the watch with his guests and expressed his hope for love. He said: ‘The Rado DiaMaster series of watches has subverted the traditional The watch concept and a new interpretation of it, conveying a unique love concept, not only reflects the most popular trend today, but also a striking statement of style, can be described as an excellent time praise among lovers. ”And RADO Ms. Tang Wei, who spent three years together, appeared gorgeously after the birth, interacted closely with the audience, and shared the time.

   The atmosphere of this launch event is relaxed and comfortable. Every detail is as if you are in an exclusive world of texture. The exquisite decoration embellishes the epitome of time, and conveys a sense of soothing and quiet. It’s heartwarming. At this moment, the soft light is intertwined with the looming halo; at this instant, time seems to penetrate into our lives. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the pendulum of time seems to have stagnated, just like the comfortable wearing experience of wearing a DiaMaster watch, leading us to enjoy time in the most comfortable way.

Together but different

   Abandon the lingering attachment like glue, who says that women are men’s accessories? As an exclusive pair of watches full of romantic atmosphere, although the DiaMaster series of large seconds and DiaMaster diamond series ladies watches are both the brand’s iconic DiaMaster series, they each have their own unique flash points. A style full of honey. It is like a pair of heavenly couples. Although they are like each other and love each other, they become two unique landscapes because of their independent and candid style. In the context of differences, I still maintain myself at all times, no need to disguise and please. In the long river of time, two unswerving and sincere hearts are interdependent, merge the two tributaries, and linger in the journey of time, so that all The differences are insignificant in the face of true love.

   This kind of independent and firm love concept is fully shown in the design of the watch of the RADO DiaMaster series. The couple watches with the same appearance and different sizes are quite different from the past. The newly released pair watches adhere to the same creative concept and have a unique design. The DiaMaster series of large seconds watches has a strong and gentle appearance, and the DiaMaster diamond series The ladies watch has a dazzling and elegant look. The comfortable wearing feeling is like living in a comfortable resting place, and it deserves to be an ideal watch that can always be accompanied by a comfortable experience.

Idealistic and firm Goddess Tang Wei interprets strong affection

   It’s not sick, it’s calm, and it is the only consistent label of the goddess Tang. She came back with a short hair style and a DiaMaster diamond series ladies watch that night. She shared her unique views on love with the guests. Tang Wei said: ‘I personally agree with the concept of’ coming together and being different, being determined and determined ‘. In life, the way I get along with my lover is exactly the same. Co-matching is a very good description of the relationship between the two of us; we have completely different Life backgrounds, languages, cultures and lifestyles are all different. In order to manage this beauty, we will spend as much time as possible with each other, but we do not want each other to change our original personality and pursuit. This is A kind of promotion to each other; nevertheless, we love each other deeply and keep our hearts firm at all times, this is the magic weapon that keeps our love fresh. It’s like this pair of DiaMaster series, although their designs are full of different , But the same plasma high-tech ceramic material is just like a firm heart, so that they can permanently embellish the partner’s wrist, perfect transfer of comfort experience. ‘

Human First Landed On The Back Of The Moon Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 & Aquaracer

The most frequently discussed topic among space fans recently is that China’s Chang’e-4 led the world by dropping drones on the back of the moon, writing down the latest pioneering work in China and even human space history, and as China TAG HEUER, the partner of the Lunar Exploration Project, naturally enjoyed the joy of writing a new record at the same time. With this successful lunar exploration plan, Tiger Heuer previously launched two CLEP (China’s Lunar Exploration) Program China Lunar Exploration Project) special edition watch once again aroused the keen attention of space fans and watch fans.

China’s lunar exploration project recently completed the feat of putting drones on the back of the moon, and Tag Heuer, the official timepiece, also contributed its efforts to the event.

TAG Heuer supports China’s lunar exploration project
In addition to Tag Heuer being one of the pioneer brands that first provided watches to space missions in the 1960s, their interest in space missions has continued. The brand first entered into a cooperative relationship with China’s lunar exploration project in 2017 and became the plan. As the official timepiece of China, with the successful launch of unmanned aerial vehicles on the back of the moon in China in 2019, the Tag Heuer timepiece is expected to be synonymous with a new generation of lunar missions.

TAG Heuer and the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project jointly held a celebration of the back of the moon. On the site, TAG Heuer brand ambassador Angelababy and Li Yifeng participated in the celebration.

Write a human undertaking
Although it is said that humans have landed on the moon as early as the 1960s, and the Soviet spacecraft also completed the operation of orbiting the moon, but because the radio signal of the earth could not be received on the back of the moon, and the earth fluctuated violently, it was as if covered with a mystery. There is no record that humans have actually explored or approached the back of the moon, so the back of the moon is also known as the Dark side of the Moon. Until the beginning of December 2018, Chang’e-4 was launched in Xichang, China, after a 26-day trek. After that, it finally flew to the back of the moon on January 3, 2019, Taiwan time, and let the drone become a Feng Carmen impact pit that landed on the back of the moon. With the good news of the successful landing of the probe, Tag Heuer also co-organized the ‘Exploration · Back of the Moon’ celebration event with the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project. On the day of the event, the brand ambassador Angelababy and Li Yifeng joined together to witness the human race. A new achievement in space history.

The Aquaracer CLEP special model is based on the diving watch series, plus the ceramic bezel for enhanced protection, and the dial at 9 o’clock also cleverly adds a moon pattern to echo the creative theme

Aquaracer CLEP Special
TAG Heuer has launched two special edition works related to the Chinese lunar exploration project in 2018. One of them is the Aquaracer CLEP special model equipped with TAG Heuer 5 movement. It uses stainless steel and a black ceramic bezel. The waterproof watch’s natural color makes it have a water resistance of 300 meters. In addition to the three-pin and date functions, the most special feature is the addition of a moon pattern at 9 o’clock to echo the theme of the watch. The solid back cover on the back of the section is also engraved with a lunar rover design to echo its relevance to the Chinese lunar rover project.

The brand Carrera Heuer 01, which has been very compact in recent years, also launched a special version of CLEP. In addition to the yellow and red embellishments that symbolize the Chinese lunar exploration project in some details, the entire watch is almost all black, as if it interprets the mystery on the back of the moon

Carrera Heuer 01 CLEP Special
Another special CLEP model is derived from the Carrera Heuer 01 series. This basically uses the All Black design (black PVD stainless steel). The black three-eye face plate is treated with dark gray sandblasting, which is reminiscent of irregularities on the surface of the moon. Grain, Heuer 01 movement has shined in recent years, and has quickly become the main style of Tag Heuer. The overall quality is more and more stable after market experience. The translucent bottom cover design of the case back can explore this machine. The core is exquisite, at the same time the bottom cover is also printed with the lunar rover pattern, and this is a limited edition, the limited number is engraved on the case back at 6 o’clock.

Aquaracer Calibre 5 CLEP Special Edition

Stainless steel material / Calibre 5 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 300 meters / diameter 43mm

Carrera Heuer 01 CLEP Special Edition

PVD stainless steel material / Heuer 01 automatic winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 43mm / limited to 100

Astronomical Mechanics Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar ‘terraluna’ And Its Mysterious Prototype

The production of Nebra Sky Disk and RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ is nearly 3600 years apart. The former is the oldest astrological disk, while the latter depicts the current map of the earth, moon, and sun. Both have the same goals and both represent the mutual orientation of celestial bodies as accurately as possible.

   RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ is one of the most watched new works of 2014. Whether it’s front or back, this extraordinary watch is fascinating: the front has a historic hour dial, perpetual calendar and large calendar display, and the back has a track moon phase display. This miniature astronomical device uses three rotating disks to form a constellation map of the earth, moon, and sun, and simultaneously displays the phases of the moon. Its design is extremely precise, and the watch only needs one day of correction after 1058 years of operation.
   Deep blue solid 18K gold celestial discs, set with 2116 glittering stars with precise technology, are fascinating. The famous Nebra horoscope was unearthed less than 200 kilometers outside the town of Glashütti a few years ago, and has since found more treasures nearby. The discovery was a sensation. The Nebra astrological disk, made 3600 years ago in central Europe, is by far the oldest manifestation of the universe. Mysterious patterns show the origin of human recorded time.

RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ and perpetual calendar details
   The producer of the Nebra astrological plate is no longer available. He just assembled several gold-made inset scales on a bronze plate with a diameter of 32 cm. accurate. The focus of the astrological disk lies on the full moon and crescent moon with 32 stars. The seven stars gathered between the two moons are the symbol of the Pleiades cluster. These stars will disappear in the night sky in March and reappear in the morning sky in October, representing the time of spring sowing and autumn harvest. These are the two most important moments in the agricultural calendar. The arc at the edge of the astrological disk also has a calendar function. The summer solstice can be determined when the astrological disk is aligned with its discovery location, the sunset at Mittelberg near Nebra and pointing towards the Brocken Mountain, the peak of the Harz mountain, about 85 kilometers away. The date of the winter solstice.

   The knowledge left on the Nebra astrological disk makes it a major milestone in human history. It also witnessed the first attempt by humans to understand and record celestial processes. RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ combines modern astronomical knowledge and exquisite hand-made watchmaking skills to accurately reproduce the trajectory of the moon phase of the next millennium, and is equipped with a calendar that does not need to be adjusted 2100 years ago. This is the result of Langer’s in-depth exploration of astronomy and the use of research to continuously produce innovative designs. In this respect, Lange watchmakers are as aggressive as the earliest astronomers in the world.