Oris Oris Psychedelic City Fengge Handsome Exhibition Show

Oris ORIS recently released the latest season of Nicholas Nicholas’ brand advertising blockbuster to announce the continued cooperation between the two parties. The new commercial filmed in Hong Kong perfectly interprets Nicholas Tse’s journey of searching for his inner self and soul in the flashy city, which fully reflects the brand philosophy of ORIS-loyal to the true self. The advertising location was selected in Hong Kong, a neon flashing dreamy flashy capital. In the film, Nicholas Tse wears ORIS’s latest art master analogue calendar watch, showing a subtle balance between an urban successful man seeking ideal ambition and loyalty to the true self, conveying the infinite pursuit of perfection and truth shared by actors and brands.

ORIS’s new advertising picture was shot in the neon flashing dreamy flashy capital-Hong Kong

Mr. Ulrich W. Herzong, CEO of ORIS, said, ‘As a 110-year-old prestigious watchmaking brand, we are proud of the brand’s solid and reliable quality, and the passion for the design and production of each ORIS watch. As a passionate actor, entrepreneur and brand ambassador of ORIS, Mr. Nicholas Tse perfectly interpreted this journey of exploration in ORIS’s latest commercial, which is the best interpretation of the brand spirit. ‘

Nicholas Tse’s handsome performance perfectly interprets the brand image of ORIS

Speaking of cooperating again, Nicholas Tse said, ‘I have always felt that ORIS’s brand philosophy—real watches for real people and my personal principles are very consistent. In the latest commercial, we are exploring how to challenge ourselves and stay true. I am very happy Continue to work with ORIS to share common career ideals. ‘
Master’s Analogue Calendar
In the commercial, Nicholas Tse wears ORIS’s latest art master’s pointer monthly calendar to gallop between urban lights and shadows. ORIS has been committed to the innovation of watch functions and quality control. This year’s latest Master Art Analogue Calendar is a new member of the Master Art series. On traditional watches, the hands accurately display the moon’s operating cycle. ORIS’s self-developed 761 movement is a testimony to ORIS technology innovation and continuous improvement of watchmaking technology. In addition to the traditional calendar display function, the new watch hands can also display the moon operating cycle. The monthly calendar pointer moves once every half day, which can accurately indicate the moon’s running position, which is different from the previous moon phase display.

ORIS 2014 Basel Watch Exhibition New Culture Series Art Master Pointer Calendar, big and classic design is extraordinary