I Am Inseparable From Him For 48 Hours, In London

Some people say that the main way to experience things is through ‘recording’, and the things that are photographed seem to really exist. So I decided to use this frame-by-frame photo to record the 48 hours we met in London. 1 On a warm afternoon, I can’t wait to meet a friend at Café Royal’s café. If I am interested in him again, then I must let him be my male companion at a private club party tonight. Haha, sure enough, I really can’t help falling in love with him. Is a woman a bit unreasonable? I mean, when I first saw him in Geneva, I was attracted by his temperament. The party scene tonight is a private club that only allows selfies. What about my style today? For the date tonight, but I dress up with all my strength. Then again, my mood has always been in a certain level of excitement, I think that something good will happen today! Believe me, women’s sixth sense is generally accurate. You see, in the private club, I play selfies with my friends, and I am like a little girl, dancing unconsciously. Then I gave him most of my selfie time. In the next get along, we kept talking and laughing. I heard many backgrounds and stories about him. In his humorous conversation, I found that I like him more and more. First, his appearance, now is his. The connotation really confirms the phrase ‘Birth with one’s heart’. At the end of the party, everyone took a photo together. We promised that tomorrow will continue to play happily together. Of course, we also secretly took a photo alone. 2 Early in the morning the next day, we went to a photography studio. Through this study, I really used my mobile phone to record movies. So, I carefully recorded every beautiful moment of our close contact. So that when we ate in the tent set up in Manchester Park at noon, I took a lot of warm moments: the windy and sunny rest place, the juicy and delicious food, the smile service … It was a luxury to be able to dine in the most famous park in the most central part of the city of London. Listen, and play in G minor. When we hear the emotions, we look at each other and laugh. Just like this photo, the food and him are my favorites and cannot be disappointed. 3Let’s go for a drive together? Haha, this is naturally good. After lunch, we started to wander around in the classic car. Berwick Stree Along the way, we went on to talk about the topic that we didn’t finish yesterday, and continue to say, I noisily want to hear him tell more interesting stories. After a short while, we went to Berwick Street, Soho, London, UK. This is one of the oldest streets in London and the cover of the British pop rock ensemble ‘Oasis’ peak album ‘Morning Glory’. On both sides of the 100-meter road, there are many music gathering points that have been recommending British traditional rock music culture for many years. See, I left my figure here, and it was engraved. Ziggy Stardust David Bowie Another famous street we walked through was Heddon Street in front of the K. West Hotel at 23, London. You can put the record on the photo of Heddon Street in the 1970s, and you can do it. See the panorama when shooting that year. I heard that on a wet, cold night in January 1972, young photographer Brian Ward in London took a picture of a controversial rock star in a studio not far from Regent Street and Heddon Street. I imitated the characters in the record and reproduced the classic historical scenes in the red telephone booth. He was very happy, and he accompanied me. Next, we went to the river and looked around. The opposite bank was Battersea Power Station, a retired thermal power station in London, UK, located in Battersea on the south bank of the Thames. Battersea Power Station It consists of two independent power stations, constructed in two phases, with the appearance designed by Scott, the designer of a red telephone booth, one of the British symbols. Battersea Power Station is Europe’s largest red-brick building with luxurious decorative arts. The station stopped generating electricity in 1983, but it has become one of London’s well-known landmarks in the past 50 years. By the way, did you see the flying pig floating between the chimneys on the record? Actually, it is a very interesting story. I heard that in 1977 Pink Floyd released a huge pink inflatable pig (designed by Australian artist Jeffrey Shaw) over Battersea Power Station on the south side of the Thames in London. Cover of the album Animals. Later, because the rope was broken, the pig floated up and down in London … I think the people I saw at the time must be happy. 4 Finally, we went to Abbey Road Studios. Okay, we are ready to enter the venue, I hope there will be a surprise. Abbey Road Studios Wow, the scene in front of me makes me feel full score, I can’t help but shoot it down. Is the perspective of Abbey Road Studios awesome? Haha, I was so intoxicated that it was an unforgettable and pleasant thing to be able to enjoy dinner with him in such a special environment, and we danced unforgettablely. Happy times never stop, but I believe that he, like me, has portrayed the bits and pieces we get along with as eternity, because when I was in a quiet recording studio, I heard tick-like whispers. Just the next day, I had to say goodbye to him. I took the last picture for him, which was a perfect stop for the 48 hours we spent together. Although there is resentment, but at least once owned. I heard that Vacheron Constantin held the ‘One of Not Many National Touring Exhibition Shanghai Station’ in the atrium of the Shanghai International Finance Center these days (20-24). I couldn’t bear to think of seeing him again. Fawn … edit: Zhou Kaixuan Lily | visual and drawing: dried fish photography: Zhou Kaixuan | picture: part from online business cooperation please contact: [email protected] A veteran’s guide to the culture of watches and jewellery for 8090 young people .

Breguet Watches Harvest Two Antique Watches At Record Transaction Prices

These two Breguet antique watches purchased at Christie’s Christie’s Watch Auction in Geneva on May 14th (Monday) set a record for the most expensive purchase in the history of the brand. The highest price of Breguet antique watches in the auction market.

Left: No. 2667 antique watch, right: No. 4111 antique watch

The first antique pocket watch, No. 2667, was made in 1814 and sold for more than 4 million Swiss francs. This ultra-thin pocket watch with dual movement is manufactured to the specifications of a precision chronograph (with resonance technology). This is an extremely rare 18K yellow gold, exquisite and elegant, unparalleled. Mr. A.-L.’s design philosophy is to use this to confirm his theory that two independently oscillating escapements will affect each other in extremely close space. This masterpiece of art has two separate dials, one with Arabic numerals and the other with Roman numerals. This extraordinary pocket watch reflects Breguet’s relentless pursuit of refined aesthetics and genius’ innovative ability.
The second antique watch, No. 4111, is an ultra-thin timepiece with the time equation also made with the precision timer specification. Its special questioning rule is divided into hour, half hour, quarter clock, half quarter clock. The ‘Super Complicated Function Table’ made in 1827 sold for more than 2.5 million Swiss francs. The watch also has an automatic almanac display function and a manual perpetual calendar display, showing both average solar time and accurate solar time. In order to perfectly combine complicated functions with exquisite appearance, the balance wheel in this watch has been specially processed to ensure that the case can achieve ultra-thin structure. It is a ‘super complicated function table’ with subtle technical features.
Breguet announced that the two masterpieces will be preserved in the Breguet Museum. This historical event reaffirms Marc A. Hayek, global president and CEO of Breguet, and his commitment to protecting the brand’s history and cultural heritage.