Cartier Witnesses The Elle Fashion Ceremony Fanxingyi

On October 13, 2017, the ELLE Fashion Ceremony was grandly held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. For many years, the ELLE Fashion Ceremony has gathered many stars and presented it to elites from all walks of life with various important awards, showing the charm of the era without boundaries, and interpreting the independent and elegant female spirit advocated by ELLE.

Actor Ma Yili
Wearing Panthère de Cartier watch, LOVE bracelet, and Amulette de Cartier ring

Actor Yuan Quan
Wear Cartier Maillon Panthère bracelet, Etincelle de Cartier earrings, and Coup d’Éclat de Cartier ring

First Chinese Miss Zhang Zilin
Wear Cartier Les Oiseaux Libérés earrings, Coup d’Éclat de Cartier ring

Singer Yi Xi Qianxi

Two models wear Cartier Juste un Clou bracelets, rings and Clé de Cartier watches

Cartier Santos100 watch, cheetah brooch, JusteunClou ring and bracelet

Actor Chen Xiao
Wear a Drive de Cartier watch, Cartier Cheetah brooch

Actor Zhang Huiwen
Wear Caresse d’Orchidées par Cartier ring, earrings and Cartier Agrafe bracelet

Actor Qin Lan
Wear Cartier d’Amour bracelets, Coup d’Éclat de Cartier ring and Caresse d’Orchidées par Cartier earrings

Actor Xu Lu
Wearing Amulette de Cartier bracelet and earrings

Actor Sun Jian
Wear Drive de Cartier watches, Cartier Juste un Clou rings and necklaces

   Cartier accompanied the star lineup of Ma Yili, Yuan Quan, Zhang Zilin, Yi Qian Qianxi, Chen Xiao, Zhang Huiwen, Qin Lan, Xu Lu, Sun Jian, Li Hui and other jewellery products, adding glory to the ELLE fashion ceremony.

Where’s Romance? Tasting Tag Heuer Formula One Ladies Watch

‘Wonderful eyes and shy eyes, smiling lips’ writes about the pretty face of a woman, ‘Slim and delicate steps, exquisite world unparalleled’ writes about the beauty of a woman’s posture, ‘looking back with a smile ‘Life, Liugong Fandai has no color’ writes about the charm of women. Since ancient times, the beauty of women has been highly respected and praised. TAG Heuer, as a leader in the watch industry, naturally regards the beauty of women as the source of inspiration for creation, and creates a brand new ladies’ watch from the perspective of female aesthetics. Next, let the watch house tell you where romance has gone. Official model: WAC1219.BA0852


  TAGHeuer has a history of 144 years, adhering to the original concept, manufacturing precise, reliable, beautiful and reliable watches, known as ‘the representative of Swiss avant-garde style since 1860’. This TAG Heuer Formula 1 series is inextricably linked to sports, and the overall design is full of romantic atmosphere, which is really addictive.

  Looking at the whole, the most eye-catching is definitely this shining diamond. The exquisite diamond inlay not only sublimates the temperament of the entire watch in an instant, but also reflects the superb technical level of TAG Heuer watchmakers. Obviously, diamonds are also one of women’s favorite decorations, and this design is also their favorite.

  The size of 37 mm is very suitable for women’s slender wrists. The fuchsia dial is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this watch. The fuchsia symbolizes nobility and elegance. It has red passion and purple elegance, which reveals the beauty of women. . Four large Arabic numerals are used as the time scale, and the calendar display window is located at four thirty.

  Although the crown is small, it is still an indispensable part of the watch, and its compact design makes it very unique. The material of the crown is stainless steel, and the uneven shape looks like a rotating wheel, with the TAG Heuer engraved on the top.

  Unlike the side of other models, the side of this watch is not completely smooth, engraved with the English letters of Tag Heuer Tagheuer, showing the brand’s imprint everywhere, every detail is displayed on the watch.

  The lug width is also a very important parameter when choosing a watch. The lugs of this watch are straight and tiny, and the polished luster is translucent. Its design is integrated with the dial and strap, which is comfortable to wear, and this design visually makes the dial look more exquisite.

  The strap is an important part of the watch. Metal straps are the most common, and they are mostly made of stainless steel. The strap of this watch is made of stainless steel. The silver luster is pure and elegant, matching the elegance of women.

  Although the folding buckle is very convenient to use, the discount part of the buckle is also more prone to problems, which is also related to normal wearing. The movement should be gentle when opening and closing.

  As brands, they always want to reflect their logo in every place as much as possible, and TAG Heuer is no exception. The bottom of the watch is clearly engraved with the model of this watch. Each watch has its own code, which realizes its own value for the wearer under the branding.

Summary: The beauty of women can be displayed from multiple angles. If you only know how to use rouge gouache, and only proficient in dressing up, that beauty will only be limited to a small range. From another perspective, in the eyes of men, they have a soft spot for the structure of the machine, and they have never stopped pursuing sports. Therefore, women who admire and wear watches are even more impressed. Presumably such Women are attractive in the eyes of men. Therefore, women should start from this moment, pay attention to watches, appreciate watches, and own watches. Official model: WAC1219.BA0852; Reference price: 24,600 yuan (picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
More watch details: heuer / 1655 /