The Goddesses Who Wear Watches Are Married …

There is no shortage of ‘dog food’ in the entertainment industry, and the emotional entanglement between stars is always easily magnified infinitely. Except for a few young star couples who have been very hot recently, others are so ‘stubborn’ that they can’t. Because the goddess of love entering the marriage hall is happy to marry. Those goddesses who can wear watches are married. Today, the watch will directly check the secrets of the goddess-level figures in the entertainment circle for you, and understand their personality from another aspect.

 The ‘International Chapter’ is a label people have attached to her for a long time. She became famous for her ‘My Father and Mother’, and her influence at home and abroad is obvious. Foreign media even regard her as a representative of Chinese girls-she is Zhang Ziyi. Recently due to the controversial show ‘The Birth of an Actor’, Zhang Ziyi has been recognized by the audience again. Her frank and direct expression, her emotions are written on her face without reservation, and she has ‘circled’ many young fans .

 From the simple and brave strokes in ‘My Father and Mother’ to being a mother who wakes up with daughters in life, outside of the play, Zhang Ziyi is carefully explaining each role. In ‘The Birth of an Actor’, some people said that her personality was too treacherous, and some people said that she was frank and direct, and she had the capital to express all her emotions, but no matter what, but from the perspective of the actor, Zhang Ziyi ‘She was born to do this,’ Zhang Yimou said.

 In the play, she interprets the lives of different people. Outside the play, her style of choosing watches is also very varied. From her private photos on Weibo, Zhang Ziyi wore a lot of watches. Whether it is a large-diameter dial or a small-diameter watch, she wears it and can easily control it.

 At the concert of her husband Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi and her two daughters came to the scene to help. The family looked very cute in the same costume. On the day, she wore a Bulgari SERPENTI series watch with simple denim shorts. And T-shirts without losing detail.


    Ever since the relationship with Wang Feng was publicly revealed, and then the two got married and gave birth to their daughter to wake up, Zhang Ziyi’s Weibo has always been unable to conceal the sweetness of happiness. The picture above is a photo of Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng when they travel.

Zhang Ziyi wore a Cartier tank series, yet she was elegant and elegant.

 Zhang Ziyi wears Dior LA D DE DIOR series (similar models)

 Zhang Ziyi in life chooses a more comfortable match as much as possible when wearing it, but when attending the event, the airfield of the ‘International Chapter’ came to the face, wearing Dior LA D DE DIOR series, with a handsome suit, fashionable There was a femininity in it.

 Zhang Ziyi’s ability to control suits, there are few actresses in the entertainment industry can compare, when matching suits, she likes to choose small diameter watches.

Piaget G0A37043 (similar)

 Zhang Ziyi wears Bvlgari High Jewellery Watches

 In addition to some basic women’s watches, Zhang Ziyi’s watch library is also indispensable with high jewelry series, especially in the event, if the overall shape is relatively simple, she will choose a watch with a complex design and a strong sense of presence as Embellishment.

Large diameter watch with simple wear

 Large-diameter, basic models, high-decision jewelry watches, Zhang Ziyi is never limited to a style, Xiaobian really want to know how many watches she has. Finally, put a photo of Zhang Ziyi and her daughter waking up. After all, she said, ‘My most proud character is the waking mother.’

   If you think of the most aspiring actress in the entertainment industry, I think the first name many people think of is probably Zhou Xun. There was no fear in her eyes. Let her become the Princess of Peace who is no less important in ‘The Words of Daming Palace’, or she can be transformed into the dream of Sun Na in ‘If Love’ (The entanglement between love and desire between ‘If Love’ and Takeshi Kaneshiro is really memorable ) And recently, ‘Rugao Biography’ starring in her is about to air.

 He and her husband Gao Shengyuan announced their marriage at a party on the evening. Zhou Xun was wearing a wedding dress to tell everyone that ‘I’m married’. In the relationship, she chose, hesitated, and finally chose Gao Shengyuan to enter the palace of marriage. Maybe it was exactly the phrase ‘the right time meets the right person’.

 Zhou Xun attends IWC events

 Zhou Xun, who is 43 years old this year, has a more mature woman’s charm than her aura when she was young, which is highly consistent with the elegant and neat style of IWC. As the brand ambassador of IWC, Zhou Xun is due diligence. From her event photos, she will match different series according to the overall shape.

Zhou Xun wears a IWC watch (similar)

 Wearing an elegant black dress, for the matching of the watch, choose the same black strap black Da Vinci series.

Zhou Xun wears 36 mm dial from IWC

 The handsome trousers are equipped with a metal chain pilot series. The case diameter is 36 mm. Even if it is petite, it does not hinder the courage and elegance of Zhou Gongzi.

 The next goddess to marry is probably Tang Wei, the favorite temperament actress of Wen Qings. After marrying South Korean director Kim Tae-yong, Tang Weixian rarely exposed in front of the camera. The temperamental actor who became famous by ‘Lust Ring’ and is known for ‘Beijing Meets Seattle’, now a mother-in-law, Tang Wei, slowly shifted the focus of her work to life, and her private photos were few.

 But why should I put her on the list of actresses who can wear watches? See the picture above. Did you find it? She wears the watch on her right hand. What we don’t know is that Tang Wei is actually left-handed. When wearing the watch, she did not intentionally cover it and put the watch on her right hand.

   In choosing the diameter of the dial, Tang Wei is not confined to a choice. Small diameter watches are more elegant, while large diameter watches have a stronger sense of presence and are more suitable for simple style matching.

 Discover Tang Wei’s watch collocation skills? Even the same watch with different dresses can interpret different styles. But in the choice of color, watch and wear Tang Wei try to maintain a color system. In the picture above, Tang Wei is wearing a radar drill series watch.

 Tang Wei radar really thin series (similar models)

 This is a fan picture of Tang Wei going to an event site, and the consistent movement of wearing a jacket made a big block. At this time, Tang Wei chose a radar thinner series (similar models) with a smaller diameter.

 Whether it is Zhang Ziyi, who likes changing styles, or Zhou Xun who is a candid person, or Tang Wei, who performs different tastes with the same hand, the different charms and tips they show on watch wear can be used as reference by female compatriots Goddess-level watch matching skills, have you learned?

Athens Watch Launches The Auspicious And Joyful ‘golden Monkey Watch’

Monkeys are lively, naughty, and curious about everything. Clever and smart, but also smart and robust, it is the ninth animal in the Chinese zodiac. To celebrate the Chinese Year of the Monkey, the Swiss Athens Classico 鎏 Gold watch series has launched a new 鎏 Golden Monkey Watch.

   The dial design of the watch is full of agile comic colors, in order to capture the best spirit of monkeys. The center of the dial is the point. The monkey’s body is light and he jumps into the dense palm forest and moves very quickly. Its expression was lively and naughty, but it seemed to be alert to everything around it at all times. This vivid picture is the use of the enamel craftsmanship (champlevé) to bring life to the watch.
   The technique of filling enamel is a rare enamel technique. Today, there are only a few craftsmen specializing in making. The manufacturing method is to directly sculpt the area to be colored on the dial with a chisel, and then fill it with enamel solution. Different color shades are made from different metal oxides, and this watch uses neutral shades. After that, the dial is baked at a high temperature until the enamel is padded.

   The Athens watch has been using enamel technology for more than 25 years to make dials, and it is also one of the few watchmaking brands specializing in this century-old technology. Donzé Cadrans is a member of the Athenian Watch Group, specializing in making enamel dials for watch factories.
   The Classico gilt watch collection includes an original enamel watch that is highly regarded and loved by collectors. In 2016, the Athenian Watch presented the ‘Golden Monkey Watch’, 18K red gold case, limited to 88 pieces, equipped with UN-815 automatic movement and the Swiss official observatory certified COSC.
   The ‘Golden Monkey Watch’ is full of joy, and the wearer can’t help smiling after reading it.

 Technical Information

Model 8152-111-2 / SINGE 18K red gold
Limited to 88 pieces
Movement UN-815, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC)
Power reserve approx. 42 hours
Winding method automatic winding movement
Function hours, minutes, seconds
40 mm diameter
Dial: Enamel dial with monkey motif
Crown Waterproof Crown
Water resistant to 50 meters
Surface anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
Case back See-through case back design, sapphire crystal glass, fixed by screws
Leather strap with rose gold pin buckle