2012 Panerai British Classic Week Regatta In The United Kingdom

Panerai’s annual highlight of the regatta sponsored by Panerai, the 2012 Panerai British Classic Week (Panerai British Classic Week), recently in the birthplace of British sailing, Koz (Cowes) Held. After a week of celebration and fierce competition, the Cork Harbour One-Design class sailing ship Jap, which was shipped from the Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee in 1897, stood out from the 83 participating sailing boats, winning the Panerai British Classic Week Regatta championship The highest honor and won a beautiful Panerai watch.

    British Classics Week is held annually in Cowes, the birthplace of British sailing. For the past three years, this event has been sponsored by Panerai and has become one of the international sailing cruises of the Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge It is an important event and provides an excellent platform for the crew to show off their sailing boat, share the adventure stories of the sailing boat and exchange opinions and experiences. The first day of the race is held around the Isle of Wight. The track runs in the traditional clockwise direction like the first America’s Cup in 1851. After five days of fierce competition and lively gatherings, it ends with a traditional sailing cruise, and the team cruise After the Royal Yacht Squadron, the whole event was successfully concluded.

    The participating sailing boat comes from different ages. In addition to the winning Jap, the shortest sailing boat is the 8-meter-long sailing ship Luna that has just been shipped for several weeks. The oldest participating sailing boat is a 58-foot long dhow built in 1888. Thalia. Sailboats with extraordinary experiences, including Eilean from Panerai, the 1936 William Fife-designed brig, the best-known deed, was the one who participated in the 1980s ‘Rio’ music video that Duran Duran was popular in Filming, now she is a goodwill ambassador for the brand’s Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge. In addition, there are Opposition built in 1971 for the British Prime Minister Ted Heath, and Saskia, an 8-meter-long ship manufactured in 1931. The 2013 Panerai Classical English Week will be held in Coates from July 6th to 13th, and the next race of this year’s Panerai Classical Sailing Challenge is Corinth from Marblehead, USA The Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta, which will kick off the 2012 North American Challenge.
About the British Classical Regatta:
     The British Classical Sailing Club (BCYC) was established in 2001 to provide a platform for like-minded owners and classic sailing enthusiasts to exchange experiences and share with each other. BCYC is an affiliate member of the Royal Yacht Club (RYA), dedicated to safeguarding the interests of classic sailing boat owners, and has good relations with major sailing clubs at home and abroad. BCYC’s current membership includes more than 80 sailing vessels. In addition to the main event, the Coz Regatta, held every July, the regatta also hosts different sailing races, cruises and networking events in the Solent Strait and East Coast, including the extremely popular East Coast in early June. Classical Yacht Regatta.
About the Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge:
     Panerai has been promoting classical sailing activities for many years to commemorate the deep relationship between the brand and the ocean. In addition to sponsoring the Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge, Panerai also purchased and renovated the Bermuda sailboat Eilean, built in 1936 by the well-known Fairlie shipyard in Scotland, Fife. She is now a goodwill ambassador for the Panerai Classic Yacht Race.

Cristiano Ronaldo Won The Golden Globe For The Fifth Time

TAG Heuer sincerely congratulates the brand ambassador Ronaldo on winning the Golden Globe again.

   This is the fifth time that Cristiano Ronaldo has won the world’s best player reputation, and now he is more able to fulfill his ambitions than ever before. In addition to this award, he has won many other important titles, becoming one of the best players ever.
   Since being the brand ambassador of TAG Heuer in 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo has led the club and the Portuguese national team to continue to create success. TAG Heuer is proud to support this outstanding player and his firm determination to perfectly interpret the spirit of the brand #DontCrackUnderpressure.