Baida Philippe Small Steel Watch 30 Million Yuan Set A Record

At 8:56 pm on May 10, 2015, local time in Switzerland, a Patek Philippe Ref.130 watch set a world auction record for steel watches at the PHILLIPS auction: a small piece The 35mm chronograph steel watch was sold for 5 million US dollars with a commission, that is, more than 30 million yuan!
What amazing price!
   It’s just a steel watch, and the back is not transparent. If you don’t open the cover, you can’t see the movement at all. A long time ago, it has become mottled, and the dial has traces of time. It was produced in 1927, the most flashy and extravagant period before the economic crisis of 1929-1933 century. It is only 35mm, and now it can only be the size of a watch worn by a girl in the ‘small hand’.

   However, it comes from Patek Philippe, it is almost unique, although there are similar sister watches in the museum, of course, it is itself a museum-level collection. Although it is only 35mm, in the 1920s, 35mm was already a large watch (most men’s watches are only 30-33mm). There are not many rare antique watches that can be produced in that period and can now be worn on men’s wrists with a size of 35mm, which will not be ‘too small’. Therefore, this model Pat. Philippe antique watch Ref.130 has always been highly sought after and repeatedly set auction records.

   From the perspective of the original appreciation of appearance and function, this watch is also close to perfection: the doctor’s pulse watch, which is already a beautiful design in the chronograph, and the one-button chronograph operation function integrated with the crown makes it from the technology And the movement is a lot more complicated. It is very simple and comfortable to operate. Even experienced watchmakers have never seen such a one-button timing operation plus time adjustment function, and they don’t even understand how such a simple crown can make the operation timing and adjustment time work together.
   Some exaggerations, which make ordinary watch lovers do not understand: this is just a steel watch, not gold red gold, nor platinum white gold, just a watch made from a steel cut in the 1920s, and precious precious metals completely Nothing. But why is it so expensive?
   Rare in the end is the deadliest decisive element. Patek Philippe’s antique steel watch has always been rare.
   Of course, Ref130 itself is also rare. A Ref130 made in 1944 and made of platinum had a high price of 2.91 million Swiss francs in 2002.

This is the relatively familiar Patek Philippe Ref.130 model.
   In the end, this rare watch was sold with a commission of 5 million US dollars (more than 30 million yuan). The auction process for this watch lasted for 20 minutes. The bidding price started from about 600,000 Swiss francs, and then it increased to 2 million in multiple rounds. After 2 million, there were still four phone calls from different countries. competition.

   When the deal with a commission of 5 million US dollars (more than 30 million yuan) fell, the audience rang a long applause. The legendary auctioneer, soul auctioneer PHILLIPS, Aurel Bacs applauded to celebrate this special moment with everyone.
   When it was over 1 million, over 2 million, over 3 million, and nearly 4 million Swiss francs, applause continued to erupt, and applause was followed by new breaths and whispers. For someone who comes to the auction house for the first time, such an experience is rare. This is a moment of confrontation to witness the real big collectors and wealth. There are many people who buy watches with millions of RMB. Very few people buy watches close to 10 million yuan or more. And people who can sell tens of millions of yuan for a steel watch are in this world. It can only be said that they are few and rare.

Although there is a certain distance from the city of Geneva, it has been difficult to see the watch auctions so crowded in recent years.
Aurel Bacs’ fascinating watch auction will always attract watch lovers and collectors
Calls from around the world are extremely fierce

   The asking price of 30 million yuan was finally entrusted by the third Chinese girl from the left, the only Chinese girl bowing her head while talking on the phone. The buyer is an Asian.

   The high prices excite everyone, and also make auctioneer Aurel Bacs happy, and he continues to applaud all the guests, staff and guests on the phone.
   This auction was Aurel Bacs’ first show after leaving the famous auction house Christie’s and creating his own PHILLIPS watch division. Great success. He has succeeded both personally and commercially.
   Afterwards, I interviewed the collectors present. Everyone called him ‘King’ in the watch auction world: ‘Everyone trusts him’, and everyone trusted him. Therefore, the best collections come to him, and buyers are also happy to buy things with him.

   Even high prices will become history.