Blessings To Adults, The First Rado Swiss Radar Table In Life

Passionate and enthusiastic June, the verdant years spent on campus are about to draw a complete period. Life is ushered in a new milestone as it matures. The innocence that goes with growth deserves to be remembered forever by time. As teenagers entering the adult world are about to face unknown challenges and opportunities in the society, why not turn that unchanging original heart into passion and courage, and set off on a new journey of life. RADO carefully selects the True series of high-tech ceramic watches, and wishes a good blessing to every adult, bringing you the lasting companionship with the first Swiss radar watch in life.

 The RADO True series is made of high-tech ceramics. It brings lightness and wear resistance. The new three-row bracelet is flexible and comfortable to fit, bringing gentleness to the wrist Wearing experience. It is like a loyal “friend” on your wrist, to accompany you to experience the joy and sorrow of adult life, and always remind yourself to keep a rare “true” me in time training.

 True series black watch dial design is simple and atmospheric, with shining gold elements, brings a sparkle to every day of life; True series white watch overall design is graceful and charming, bringing a delicate to every day of life . Both watches are equipped with automatic mechanical movements with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, which can easily help you navigate a variety of occasions in the workplace and show your truest self.
 RADO True series of high-tech ceramic watches-a pure ‘true’ shining on the wrist.