The Exclusive Appearance Of The Appointment Series Jade Watch Perfectly Pays Tribute To Asian Women

Baume & Mercier listened to the voice of women and exclusively announced the new series of watches in the “Watches and Miracles” Asian High-end Watch Fair, embellished with emeralds and diamonds, with a symbolic significance, once again showing the brand and The indissoluble bond of Asian culture. This precious watch is the perfect testimony to adoring eternal love and making eternal promises. Watches are not only lucky charms, they are also a great gift for extraordinary women who commemorate unforgettable moments.

Zhenmei Jade, Persistent Commitment: Gift of True Love
   In ancient rumors of Asia, jadeite enjoys the reputation of blessing and asylum. The green halo is warm and touching, bringing long-term good luck to the wearer. It is not only a precious jade, but also a lucky charm with mysterious magic power. It carries eternal moments and is worth passing down from generation to generation. In ancient times, the elders of the family presented newborns and newlyweds with emeralds, wishing for well-being and happiness. As a symbol of ancient Chinese emperors, rare jadeite embodies the meaning of eternal wealth and family heritage. Today, Baume & Mercier watches use jadeite as the theme of the new watch series, exclusively appearing at the 2015 “Watches and Miracles” Asia’s Fine Watch Fair. With the new appointment series jadeite watch, Baume & Mercier pays tribute to the essence of traditional Asian culture, and regards it as a symbol of unswerving love and long-term agreement, creating a perfect gift for the beloved woman and expressing deep emotions. The oval jade bezel is set with 61 brilliant diamonds, which dazzles. The appointment series jade watch is unique, not only a gorgeous accessory, but also a guardian of the person wearing it. Precious and delicate, this watch is feminine and feminine. It deserves to be passed on from mother to daughter for generations. With the wrist, the watch will always keep the wearer healthy, rich and happy. This limited edition jadeite watch is limited to 8 pieces, showing the extraordinary fine watchmaking skills of Baume & Mercier 185.
Precious watch pays tribute to elegant women
   The appointment series jade watch is dazzling and fashionable, blooming a unique beautiful brilliance. This timepiece is timeless and elegant, inheriting the brand’s century-old women’s watch style. The shape is distinctive, the lines are delicate and flexible, and the oval bezel is matched with the round case, just like the crystal drops on the dial. The appointment series jade watch exclusively appeared at the 2015 “Clocks and Miracles” Asian Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, paying tribute to the essence of Asian traditional culture, and the oval bezel created by jade was dazzling. 61 diamonds (total weight 0.65 carats) shine. The exquisite and elegant case with a diameter of 34 mm is extremely feminine, and is a perfect companion to witness unforgettable moments in life; the silver dial is decorated with draping, with Roman numerals and 8 brilliant diamonds. This watch features a Swiss-made quartz movement, a wear-resistant sapphire crystal case back, and a bright white alligator leather strap. The caseback is engraved with ‘Limited Edition-One out of 8’. The ultimate timepiece, designed for extraordinary women.

Dedicated To The Most Beautiful Years Chopard Happy Fish 277473-5012 Brief Comment

Chopard Watches has launched two new Happy Fish series ladies watches this year. This series of products are derived from Chopard’s Happy Sport series, which focuses on young people. For the fashionable ladies, the product positioning is from the Chopard Happy Sport series, so it belongs to a more lively and fashionable style. Therefore, it is more suitable for ladies who belong to the most beautiful ages in life to wear. The specific model is Chopard Happy Fish 277473-5012. Next, let us know this watch with me.

  The overall design of Chopard Happy Fish 277473-5012 uses brighter and bolder colors, which makes the entire watch look very vibrant. The outer ring of the case is set with 34 diamonds. The two mirror houses have three Chopard ‘clown fishes’ All made of precious metals and precious stones, the dial is made up of deep-sea corals and peregrine fishes, giving you the feeling of being on the bottom of the sea.

  We still start to understand this watch from the front of the watch dial. This is a three-handed design with only the hours and minutes display function, without the date and day and other display functions.

  In addition to the 34 diamonds on the bezel of this watch, the crown is also set with sapphire as one of the highlights of this watch, but when I saw the watch with sapphire on the crown, I Will think of another brand of watches, they really set the crown on the sapphire craft to the extreme.

  There is no decoration on the other side of the case, which is in line with the design principles of most watches. Among the many watches contacted by the editor, only remember the Blancpain Lake Series 6086-3442-55B watches on both sides of the case Both have buttons. A relatively rare design watch.

  The blue silk satin strap looks very cute. The surface of the strap is as smooth as satin, and the workmanship is very fine. Looking at the strap is like a waterfall. I ca n’t think of a verse by Bai Juyi. The reason why it is different from Luo Yan and Qi Qi, it should be like a 45-foot waterfall spring before Tiantai Mountain before the moon and moon. Only this verse can describe the beauty of this strap.

  The 18K rose gold pin buckle, the golden yellow buckle and the blue silk strap are both relatively bright colors. Together they make this watch full of vitality and power, but it is worth noting that due to the silk For the special texture of the quality bracelet, everyone must be careful not to scratch the strap when wearing the watch.

  The lugs of this watch have a short design style instead of the common curved lug design. Connect the strap with a screw.

The crown is inlaid with a sapphire, forming a unified blue with the dial and strap.

  Most women’s resistance to diamonds is almost equal to zero, because diamonds symbolize the eternity and nobility of love. This is also a way of life that people expect. This watch is set with a total of 34 diamonds and a total weight of 1.75 carats I think this is one of the charms that most women can’t resist.

  Another unique design of this watch is the use of a double-layer mirror. I have already told you that this is a product from the Chopard Happy Sport series. The Happy Sport series was launched in 1993. The most significant feature is the activity Diamond design, and now this bold and innovative design is changed to a movable fish, adding a lot of fun and ornamental to this watch.

The gold-plated Chopard English name is also printed on the watch glass, but it will not affect the reading time at all.

  Chopin, the three cute little fishes, calls them ‘clown fishes’, and they are all made of precious materials. The fish body is made of 18K rose gold with the same material as the case, and then inlaid with precious materials such as yellow sapphire, tsavorite, ruby ​​and agate to form these three colorful fishes. They will swim back and forth on the mirror with the swing of their arms, and the subsea pattern on the dial is as beautiful as the bottom of the sea.

  This watch uses a quartz movement, and the bottom of the watch is sealed with 8 screws, which can reach a water resistance of 30 meters, which basically meets the needs of daily life.

  At the same time, there is another platinum model launched with this watch. The specific model of the platinum model is Chopard Happy Fish 278475 -3049. Since we have not taken the platinum model this time, I will not give you more comments.
Summary: This new Chopard Happy Fish watch has a bold and avant-garde design style, which is very modern and fashionable. It is very suitable for young women who are brave enough to innovate and challenge. Noble materials and design styles show this everywhere The unique temperament of the watch. At present, the official domestic price of this watch is about 220,000. If you like a watch fan, you can contact the local Chopard store.
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Beijing Watch And Pioneer Specially Invited Fang Datong To Witness The Release Of The ‘submersible Series’ Tourbillon

[December 12, 2016, Beijing] —Beijing Watch, since its establishment in 1958, the pioneering spirit that was born differently has changed with the times and has continuously promoted the brand’s progress. At the end of the year, Beijing Watch grandly held a new product launch dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Beijing, launched a tourbillon masterpiece-Qianfeng series, and invited experts who are good at blending oriental culture in music works, and also have pioneers. Spiritual singer-songwriter Fang Datong witnessed a special moment.

Mr. Xu Chuangyue, General Manager of Shiyuehui Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Beijing Watch Brand, presented Fang Datong with the ‘I-type watch’ and walked with Pioneer together
Real classics always go before the times. On December 12, Beijing Watches held a new product launch banquet of “Walking with Pioneers”, and witnessed the charm of high-end watchmaking with hundreds of guests and media friends. On the evening of the event, Mr. Xu Xuejun, Chairman of Beijing Watch Factory Co., Ltd., Mr. Xu Dongsheng, Managing Director of Fiyta Group, and Mr. Xu Chuangyue, General Manager of Shiyuehui Company, attended the event and invited the industry’s respected and hailed as ‘China Tourbillon’. ‘Father’ master of design and production Xu Yaonan, and the pioneering singer Fang Datong upholding the essence of the East, together trace the indissoluble bond between the brand and the pioneering spirit.

At the event, Beijing Watch released a tourbillon masterpiece-Qianfeng series
At the event, Beijing Watch released a tourbillon masterpiece-Qianfeng series. This series of watches is equipped with three high-end tourbillon movements, carefully creating three major themes of city, tenon and tenon, and the crown Or engraved with the unique ‘BJ’ mark of Beijing Watch. This mark combines the symmetrical balance of the Forbidden City’s architectural aesthetics with the square motif structure of oriental pattern aesthetics. Each high-end watch with the ‘BJ’ mark retains the essence of handcrafting to a great extent, which is an embodiment of quality and value. .

Fang Datong wears a Beijing watch to reproduce a type of watch, using music to interpret the meaning of ‘pioneer’

Fang Datong wears a Beijing watch to reproduce a type of watch, using music to interpret the meaning of ‘pioneer’
To pay tribute to the pioneering spirit from 1958, Beijing Watch launched a replica of the ‘type I’ Miyagi gift box, highlighting the unique personality of the watch owner. Fang Datong also wore a “re-engraved watch” to the event site, using music to interpret the meaning of “pioneer”. Starting from the essence of music, he is good at using international pop songs to compose Eastern and Western elements, and interpret ‘classic’ in a more fashionable and modern way.
In addition, high-end customized watches with oriental aesthetics and complex watchmaking techniques were also unveiled on the scene, perfectly showing the independent watchmaking capabilities of Beijing Watch and the enthusiasm of watchmakers for their watches.
Do not fight, have your own voice
The new tourbillon with three major themes uses different design inspirations to interpret the power of ‘indisputable, self-sounding’. Qian Qian is not ‘hiding’ or ‘covering’, but a kind of forbearance full of wisdom.

Beijing Watch Submersible Series Tourbillon Watch
The city-themed submersible series watch, equipped with the Beijing flying tourbillon movement TB01-2DN, fully expresses the word ‘hidden’. The case is specially designed, and the connection with the strap is created with simple lines. A small trapezoidal eaves, and the leading line of the watch outlines the shape of the city platform. From the side, a Tiananmen Gate leaps forward. A man with a heart in the city, in the hustle and bustle of the world, often raises his hand to see the submersible watch with the city hidden in it, and is more determined to stick to his own world.
The sublime watch with a minimalist theme, equipped with the Beijing flying tourbillon movement TB01-2, breaks the traditional form of the tourbillon, draws inspiration from minimalist oriental aesthetics, and brings rich layers with slender lines, full of modern fashion breath. The choice of strap is between frosted and fine-textured crazy horse skin. The style is rough and smooth. Pushing the skin gently with your hands will produce a discoloration effect. The scratches left on the crazy horse skin will become more shiny with time. And sharp, become the owner’s unique story.
The submarine watch series with the tenon-and-mortise theme applies the oriental craftsmanship aesthetics—the tenon-and-mortise structure to the design of the case and the caseback. The special ring shape makes the squares more open and transparent; it exerts the balanced aesthetics. To the extreme. Equipped with the Beijing flying tourbillon movement TB01-2FN, the strap design is full of balance and sense of proportion. A fine dividing line is divided along the strap into two evenly matched ‘forces’. There are two different textures on the front and back of the strap. Color shows a sense of power and wisdom between rigid and soft relaxation.
The Qianfeng series is now accepting reservations, and new products will be officially released in limited quantities early next year.
Pioneering first, achieving classics
As a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watches has always advocated and cultivated true watchmakers, and has retained the essence of hand-crafting to a great extent. At the same time, it does not forget to pay attention to the spirit of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics. The connotation of oriental culture is perfectly integrated. Each one is dedicated to the perfect passion of Beijing watch masters for complex watch technology and modern expression of oriental culture. Among them, inlay, enamel, embroidery, micro-engraving, carved gold, hollowing out, fine decoration and other advanced watchmaking processes, carry the Beijing watch unique oriental art aesthetic values.
The owners of countless Beijing watches in history, whether national leaders, collectors, or elites in various fields, can fully feel the sincerity of Beijing watches and watchmakers.
Beijing Watch, walk with Pioneer!
-Since the establishment of the watch brand ‘Beijing’ in 1958, it has always focused on the independent production of high-complex movements and the customization of high-end watches. The pioneering spirit that was born differently has continued to promote the brand’s progress and direction as the times change. Before development.
-As a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watch focuses on the spirit of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics, focuses on the modern expression of oriental aesthetics, and integrates top-level skills with cultural connotations. The real classic is to go before the times. The record-setting gold tourbillon of “Dragon and Phoenix”, using the North Sea series with classic 3/4 splint and single gooseneck fine-tuning, the Soviet-style embroidery watch known for its exquisite, smooth and elegant, and many watch lovers The watch works that are praised and sought are all modern expressions of Beijing watch’s oriental culture.
-Behind many ‘firsts’ well-known in the watch industry, is the ‘father of Chinese tourbillon’ Xu Yaonan, Shi Wenli, Su Wenbin, Zhao Zhenling and a group of ingenious watchmaking masters of the true meaning of ‘watch’ . We have always advocated and cultivated true watchmaking masters, and have largely preserved the essence of hand-made, independently produced tourbillon, tourbillon three questions, double tourbillon, three-dimensional two-axis tourbillon, three-axis three-dimensional tourbillon Each of the seven highly complex movements, such as the flywheel and the long escapement of the double escapement, is dedicated to the perfect enthusiasm of the Beijing watch masters for the complex watch technology; In the advanced watchmaking process, there are too many aesthetics unique to Beijing watches.
-Whether it is national leaders, collectors, or elites in various fields, the owners of countless Beijing watches in history can feel the sincerity of Beijing watches.

Swiss Mido Global Limited Edition Watch Pays Tribute To The Iconic Building-big Ben, London, Uk 500 Pieces Of ‘big Ben’ Designer Limited Edition Watches Are Released Worldwide

Swiss Mido pays tribute to one of the world’s famous buildings-Big Ben, London, with a new limited edition of the watch ‘Big Ben’ designer. Inspired by the slender appearance of this iconic four-sided clock tower, from the case and strap to the dial and movement, this unique watch borrows from the neo-Gothic architecture of Big Ben in many places. This special watch is the final winner of the 2015 Mido Professional Watchmaker’s Watch Design Competition, with a limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide. The designer of this watch is Sébastien Perret, a professional watchmaker from Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He traces his inspiration to the Big Ben in London, and ‘is round in squares’ To conceive, this limited edition watch is designed to present an original and classic design style, just like the inspiration of the Swiss Mido brand for the eternal brand spirit.

   The “Big Ben” designer limited edition watch originated from the 2015 Swiss Mido professional watchmaker watch design competition. This event was announced at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show in 2015. Mido selected three Prestigious watchmakers: Eric Giroud, Lorenzo Vallone and Sébastien Perret participate in the competition. Swiss Mido invited them to design a brand new watch inspired by Big Ben, a building located in London, England overlooking the Palace of Westminster. Through the online voting of 100,000 netizens worldwide, the watch designed by watchmaker Sebastian Peret won the highest votes. Swiss Medo held a grand award ceremony for this competition. Mr. Esa Mohamed, President of the International Institute of Architects, and Mr. Franz Linder, Global President of Swiss Medo, personally presented honorary certificates to the winners.

   Just like this famous iconic building, the designer’s limited edition of ‘Big Ben’ is timeless and pioneering. Sebastian Peret borrowed from the neo-Gothic architectural style of this iconic building in many ways. After refining, he gave this watch a modern and classic design. It can be appreciated at close range. Rich layered design details.
   The appearance of the limited edition of the Swiss Mido designer ‘Big Ben’ is composed of a 316L stainless steel rose gold-plated case and a polished bezel. This watch is inspired by the shape of the Big Ben: the large open bezel on the dial symbolizes the circular dial of the clock, while the square case is reminiscent of the four corners of the clock tower and clock face . The circle, a key part of the Mido brand’s genes, is embedded in the square, so the ‘Big Ben’ designer limited edition watch ‘turns the circle into a square’. This limited edition watch features a luxurious ivory silver dial with a satin-finished sunray pattern in the center. The number ‘4’ uses Gothic Roman numerals to reproduce the elegant style of Big Ben, which is a rare detail in the watchmaking industry. Black cutout faceted hour and minute hands with white Super-LumiNova® luminous coating make it easy to read the watch at night; the date and day window are at 3 o’clock. In addition, there is a clever design detail that pays tribute to this famous clock tower, which is the black coating hollow between the case and the bezel, reminiscent of the cantilevered architectural design of the clock tower.

    The ‘Big Ben’ designer limited edition watch is water-resistant to 100 meters, equipped with the latest generation of Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement, with up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage. Certified with extraordinary full-automation and excellent accuracy. The satin-polished 316L stainless steel rose gold-plated strap blends harmoniously with the 42 mm diameter case. This watch is reminiscent of the intricate decorative design of Big Ben through various design elements and different levels of superposition; at the same time, the polished bar on the strap also represents the hole in the Big Ben clock tower. One day, 13.5 tons of Big Ben bells rang through London through these holes. The back of the square case of the Big Ben designer’s limited edition watch also presents many surprises: the screws on each corner are reminiscent of the clover pattern around the Big Ben clock face, and through the transparent On the case back, you can see that the rose window design used to decorate the oscillating weight on the movement echoes the dial of Big Ben.
    The ‘Big Ben Limited Edition’ watch is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. Its limited edition watch box will also be specially designed by Mr. Sebastian Peret.
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