Iwc Engineers Chasing Chronograph Titanium Watch

Schaffhausen-A masterpiece of precision engineering technology is grandly available. This is the new engineer’s chase chronograph titanium watch from IWC. In addition to the sophisticated technology contained in its chronograph, this masculine timepiece is also one of the most rugged IWC watches. This watch is made to the highest quality standards, and it means a dream come true for every man who seeks a fulfilling life.
    Engineering is to solve difficult technical problems with clever ideas. It is a delicate art. This new engineer’s chronograph titanium watch carefully crafted by IWC watch experts in Schaffhausen is the masterpiece of this fine art. In terms of design and function, it is in the same vein as this legendary watch series from 1954 to 1955.
Dreams come true with titanium
    The new engineer’s chase chronograph titanium watch from Schaffhausen IWC is equipped with a solid and reliable caliber 79230 and a 45mm titanium case, which has a stunning appearance. With the introduction of this watch, the engineer series is equipped with the chronograph function for the first time ever. In addition to superb technology, this new piece is equally striking in appearance. In addition, the satin finish of the ‘first’ titanium case makes the surface appear silky shiny. The appearance of this watch has many features, including five screws with diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) on the bezel. The screw head blends perfectly with the black rubber-coated buttons and crown shoulders. The vulcanization effect of rubber perfectly highlights the watch’s heavy appearance and smooth control. The redesigned dial looks clear, pleasing and clear. To distinguish the displays more clearly, the designers used blue for the first time to create a color palette that complements this timepiece. The hour, minute and small seconds (with stop) dials are recessed, while the luminous materials embedded in the rhodium-plated hands are black. At night, this function of the watch begins to play its important role. Considering the weight of the watch and its 16 mm case thickness, the designer deliberately omitted the soft iron inner case. The convex case ring design highlights the distinctive ergonomic concept, combined with a total weight of only 130 grams, making it exceptionally comfortable when wearing the watch. Engineered chronograph titanium watch with proven water resistance up to 12 bar, tough engineer rubber strap, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass, screw-in case back and crown, enough to withstand Extreme conditions.
    The chase time function is an extension of the timing device technology. With this function, two different time periods can be measured in one minute. To put it simply, just press the button to start the chronograph function, and the two center chronograph seconds hands will start running. Since the two hands completely overlap, the second chronograph hand cannot be seen immediately. At this time, the wearer can choose to repeat the measurement time within one minute. When the timekeeping function is activated, press the third button at the ’10 o’clock’ position, the upper chronograph hands will stop, and the lower chronograph hands will continue to operate until the normal It will stop after the start / stop button. Using this method, two different short periods can be measured. If you press the tracing hand button again, no matter the chronograph hand is running or stationary, the tracing hand will immediately return to the top of the chronograph hand. This function can only be achieved through continuous sublimation based on rich experience in watchmaking.
Titanium-a glamorous material
    At IWC, innovation is a long tradition: As early as 1980, IWC had taken the lead in using this advanced material, and its titanium chronograph watch led the industry first. Now, IWC has accumulated rich experience in handling this lightweight, almost never wearable and extremely skin-friendly material. By the end of the 1970s, however, with the assistance of aviation experts, Swiss watch maker IWC had mastered the necessary know-how to process and heat treat titanium. Titanium is 43% lighter than stainless steel, but it has excellent overall corrosion resistance, extremely low thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Titanium is one of the most unique and expensive materials in the world. Its unique color and lustre can enhance the appearance and masculinity of the engineer’s chronograph titanium watch. It is a veritable ‘engineer’ both in function and appearance.
Engineer’s chronograph titanium watch
Model 3765
Mechanical chronograph movement, automatic winding
Needle tracking device, date and day display, small second hand with stop function,
Black rubber-coated buttons and crown shoulders
Model 79230
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour / 4 Hz
Number of jewels 29
Power reserve 44 hours
Wind up automatic
Material Titanium and rubber case and pin buckle,
Black dial with white and blue hands and hour markers,
Black rubber strap
Mirror: Double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass
Case back Titanium, screw-in
Crown screw-in
Water-resistant to 12 bar
45 mm diameter
Thickness 16 mm

China Will Be The Largest Market For Nomos In The Future

NOMOS, a famous watch brand from Germany, recently held its first watch appreciation event in Bincheng at Jinhua Clock & Watch in Dalian Centennial City. NOMOS has won the enthusiasm of Bencheng consumers for its simple lines, modern shapes, pure colors and inherent beauty.
  Here, Mr. Uwe Ahrendt, NOMOS Global President and Ms. Judith Borowski, Director of Marketing, visited Lianlian. On December 7, Mr. Uwe Ahrendt, who came to Lianlian for the first time, accepted an exclusive interview with our reporter.
 ‘I didn’t expect that the watch consumer market in Dalian shocked me. & rdquo; Uwe Ahrendt said that he did not know Dalian before, but only Beijing and Shanghai. It was only through a visit to the Dalian watch market on the first day that he was so excited to see that there are so many luxury brands and so many luxury consumer groups in Dalian. He said that he was assured of partners with rich brand structure, honest business philosophy, professional service attitude, and senior retail experience, such as Jinhua Watches, which are exclusively distributed in Dalian.
  The name of the NOMOS brand is derived from the Greek, meaning ‘law’ and ‘standard’, as in the spirit of watchmaking, focusing on the precise and practical functions of watches, and in just a few decades, with excellent quality The unique marketing strategy successfully developed its business territory and became a watch brand regarded as a national treasure by the Germans.
  Uwe Ahrendt was born in 1969. His parents have always lived in the town of Glashütte and both work in the watch industry. He is one of the very few general managers of many brands to learn professional watch knowledge from scratch. There are about twelve top watch manufacturers worldwide, three of which are located in Germany and all are located in this small town. NOMOS is the first mechanical watch brand to adopt the ‘Glasutti’ origin designation.
  It is said that NOMOS has never answered any questions about operating income, profits and annual watch production. Regarding reporters’ questions about the market performance of NOMOS just two months after entering Dalian and the target in the Chinese market, Mr. Uwe Ahrendt said that he was very satisfied with the sales performance of Dalian market, ‘the sales volume is considerable’.
  He said that NOMOS entered the Chinese market for only one and a half years, but quickly received a warm response from the market. China will be the largest market for NOMOS in the future, and he is full of expectations. But Mr Uwe Ahrendt did not set specific targets for sales in the Chinese market. He said that NOMOS has less than 90 employees, of which there are only 40 watchmakers. All of these watches are handmade and the production is very limited. Quality is always more important than output. NOMOS focuses on the steady growth of the Chinese market, pursues the extraordinary quality of its products, and guarantees that it will be presented to consumers with perfect products. NOMOS has the same technology and quality as Swiss watches, but because it does not do complicated functions and pursues simplicity and fashion, its rational and pragmatic style is even more respected by successful people.
  NOMOS was pleasantly surprised by the Dalian market. Regardless of this, both Mr. Uwe Ahrendt and Mr. Guo Tao, the general manager of Jebsen Watches Greater China as NOMOS’s general agent, have stated that apart from Centennial City, they will continue to work with Jinhua Watches. Working in depth to open up the Dalian market, there will soon be another brand-new image store of NOMOS in Bincheng.