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Stars are moving, the river is long, and within the borders of civilization, human beings have never stopped feeling about time. The blending and inheritance of wisdom finally converges into the source of civilization-the calendar. Although this philosophy of the relationship between man and nature is difficult at times, it is worth exploring. To this end, BLANCPAIN, the world’s oldest watch brand and ‘the founder of classic timepieces’, upholds the belief in time and cultural pursuits, and invited Mr. Liang Wendao, the cultural ambassador of Blancpain, to jointly record ‘A Brief History of Blancpain · ‘Liang Wendao Guided Tour of Time’ series. The first episode of this show will be officially released on BLANCPAIN’s official WeChat and Weibo platforms, so stay tuned.


‘What is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I want to explain to the person asking it, I don’t know.’ Medieval Augustus broke the mysterious nature of time. Different civilizations count day by day, and the concepts and methods of time derived from ancient times, with their own understanding and imagination, are very different. In the program, Liang Wendao will lead us from an earliest eagle bone calendar, traveling all the way through ancient and modern times, exploring the ins and outs of the human calendar: from ancient Egypt by the Nile to Cuban Babylon above the plains of Mesopotamia And then to the ancient Mayan in Latin America and China in the east. Subsequently, the journey of exploration will be delayed in the time and space of Chinese civilization. The repeated calendar concept, the philosophy and wisdom of the unity of heaven and man, are so special in comparison.

‘A Brief History of Time-A Guided Tour of Timing by Blancpain Liang Wendao’

The original intention of producing the series of ‘A Brief History of Time’ originated from Blancpain’s belief and thinking about time, and his unwavering commitment to cultural transmission. Born from the Villers region of the Swiss Jurassic Valley, Blancpain has always been meticulous in its watchmaking requirements and has faithfully adhered to its century-old traditions and skills. For hundreds of years, Blancpain has continuously pondered the meaning of time, and continued to advance in the tradition, and has collected many of the industry’s first names in the bag. In 2012, the world’s first Chinese calendar was launched like never before. This extraordinary timepiece comprehends the time concept and timing principle of the Chinese millennium, and presents several functions elegantly among the square dials.

BLANCPAIN Chinese Calendar

As a watch leader with a deep history, BLANCPAIN treasures the power of culture. Not only do we invite well-known domestic cultural scholar Liang Wendao, economist, well-known financial writer Wu Xiaobo, and well-known performance artist Feng Yuanzheng to become brand culture and art ambassadors, and to spread solid culture; they also transcend traditional thinking and creatively introduce culture in Beijing and Shanghai stores The tasting concept has carefully arranged a cultural platform consisting of a book bar, a cigar bar, and a Swiss food district. These, together with the series ‘A Brief History of Time’, continue to confirm BLANCPAIN’s outstanding pursuit and unremitting commitment in the field of watchmaking and beyond.

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