Blancpain Launches New Villeret Ultra-thin Watch

Blancpain brand and jewellery designer Mr. Kanazawa Yunai jointly created a unique ‘Villeret ultra-thin’ series of special limited edition watches, one each in 18K white and red gold.
Mr. Kanazawa Yunai is famous as an artist of printing and dyeing embroidery. Since 1994, he has been designing and making jewelry by himself. The dial of this ultra-thin watch is embedded with a ladybug pattern designed by Mr. Kanazawa and made of delicate and precious precious stones.

Blancpain launches new limited edition Villeret ultra-thin watch
先生 In the creative jewelry design of Mr. Kanazawa, almost all precious stones like lapis lazuli, agate, amber and so on are set. In the making of these jewelry, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious gems are set. With this superb technique, two different gems can be perfectly combined into one.
In order to maintain the natural characteristics of the gemstones, Mr. Kanazawa did not heat-treat the colors of the stones, nor did they dye them. Instead, he used the natural color of the stones to ingeniously process them to depict vivid colors. Mr. Kanazawa has been observing real flowers, birds, insects and fishes in nature for years to find design inspiration. Under the living energy of these creatures, his works are finally given fresh vitality. In the AK series treasures designed and produced by Mr. Kanazawa, this ‘life cycle’ design concept also exists. The perfect combination of the scarcity of this handmade work with the handmade clocks made by watchmakers not only gives people a beautiful feeling, but also brings a long-term happiness.

Blancpain launches new limited edition Villeret ultra-thin watch
In 1994, Mr. Kanazawa invited many jewelry designers to create the AK COLLECTION jewelry series. The product won the Minister of Labor Award and Minister of Trade and Industry Award of the JJA Jewelry Craft Expo Department, and also received various awards from the Platinum Association that year.
In 2001, at Christie’s, one of the world’s two largest auction houses, Mr. Kanazawa’s work was selected and used as the homepage of the auction portfolio as decoration, which received praise from industry and abroad. In these works, the ‘worms’ created by using the gem setting technique, which is called ‘the fine embodiment of the stone’ by the industry, ‘the three-dimensional Florentine setting’ has become an appeal to many contemporary women. Extremely longing for jewelry.