Blancpain Moon Phase Represents My Heart

The poet Khalil Gibran once wrote in Ode to Mother: ‘In life, mother is everything. In sadness, she is comfort;  in depression, she is hope; In weakness, she is strength;  she is a source of compassion, compassion, love, and generosity. Everything in nature symbolizes and reveals motherhood. ‘Another year of Mother’s Day is approaching, and the top Swiss watch brand BLANCPAIN, Taking the gentle and bright moon surrounded by stars as an example, from the largest and most complete moon phase family in the top watchmaking industry, it has selected several outstanding women’s watches to express its gratitude and praise to the mothers of the world.

 The moon phase display was a buried complex function. Until the early 1980s, BLANCPAIN re-interpreted it in order to resist the impact of the ‘Quartz Storm’, and it was reborn. Pulled back into the field of mechanical watchmaking. As we all know, the first thing that touches the moon phase must be the ‘face of the moon’, because that is where the emotions are revealed; and in the huge moon phase family of ‘the creator of classic timepieces’ BLANCPAIN, it is changing Rich expressions evoke people’s feelings, just like the face of a mother. At different moments, children are sighing about various life situations. Time flies, I watch your deep-sleeping face … In childhood, when we fell into a sweet dreamland, mothers would always stare at us with love, imagining our adult appearance; when they grow up, gray hair creeps up From her horns, have we watched the traces of time engraved on her face, and counted her hard work for our growth?

 BLANCPAIN women’s full-calendar moon phase limited watch, on the face plate made of mother-of-pearl, the ‘moon face’ sleeping with a smile, is impressive. The brilliant light of 58 diamonds set on the bezel and face plate, totaling nearly 2 carats, is as dazzling as the maternal glory. Her deep concern, condensed on the red date hand, was not anxious, never missed every day. Through the sapphire crystal case back of the steel case, you can see the self-winding cal. 6763-driven full calendar and moon phase display, small seconds at 6 o’clock, and the week and month at 12 o’clock display. This powerful movement provides a 100-hour power reserve and is equipped with a oscillating weight with 3 heart-shaped ornaments-the energy that keeps running, lasting and eternal like mother’s love.

 BLANCPAIN full calendar moon phase limited watch strap with alligator leather and Alzavel calfskin lined with elegant texture

 As the years go by, I remember your gentle and loving eyes, ‘The word mother is buried in our hearts, like the core buried in the ground.’ Whether it is a moment of success or frustration, as long as we think of her eyes, we It is not difficult to remember, the points of appreciation, the sternness of comfort, and then proceed steadily on the road of life.

 On the face plate composed of four different mother-of-pearls, the BLANCPAIN moon phase eccentric date retrograde women’s watch made this moon face open with smiley eyes. The top half of the face plate is set with five crystal-like diamonds. The golden star emblem embellished with the tip of a blue snake-shaped pointer with a retrograde function, along the half arc of the date, the planet-like and smiling moon face echoes in motion, as if the mother and child are not tied to each other and are always dependent. The hour and minute display is placed in the small face plate of the eccentric core at 6 o’clock and three-dimensional depression. The small hands and the classic Roman numeral scale clearly measure the passage of the day. It seems to teach people to cherish the company of being with their mother. Precious time. Through the sapphire back, you can see the operation of the self-winding movement Cal. 2650RL. The oscillating weight made into a five-petal flower may symbolize the gratitude that is not easily said. Once revealed, it is often like the most beautiful flower in the world. .

 The silk satin strap with black mother-of-pearl faceplate is generous, just like the mother’s heart for everything.

 BLANCPAIN moon phase eccentric date retrograde women’s watch case pavé diamonds and mother-of-pearl dials dazzle each other

 BLANCPAIN white gold case is elegant and elegant, showing elegant fashion sense.