Breaking The Dimensional Wall Of Architecture And Watchmaking “Inspiration From Architecture” Mido Limited Edition Watch Brief Comment

Architecture and watchmaking are two-dimensional worlds. The magnificence of architecture is obviously different from the microcosm of watchmaking. In addition to paying attention to materials and structures, architecture is also about thinking from an artistic perspective. It reflects the aesthetics and regional culture of an era, and watchmaking is a combination of beauty and practicality, which is a meticulous attention to time. Perhaps we have never thought of what kind of bridge between architecture and watchmaking, so that they can be spiritually compatible with each other. However, Swiss Mido finds commonality. They all come from history and gradually become classics. They all explore the future. , Also represent lasting value. Therefore, Mido broke the dimension wall of architecture and watchmaking and brought a series of excellent watches, such as Mido Big Ben Limited Edition, Great Wall series watches, and Mido’s ‘source of inspiration’ which we will introduce to you in detail today. In Architecture ‘limited edition watch.

   The relationship between Mido and architecture has a long history. When interviewing Mr. Franz Linder, the global president of Mido, he said that there are actually two series of Mido. One is a watch designed according to the structure of the building. Similarities; there is also a watch designed according to the image of the building, you can not see the obvious characteristics of a certain building. Mido’s ‘inspired by architecture’ limited edition watch clearly belongs to the former.

   In 2016, in order to find new inspirational buildings, Mido launched a global event. A total of 60 buildings were selected from 12 cities. After online selection, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, USA became Mido’s new inspirational buildings. . In March 2017, a sample of Mido’s ‘inspired by architecture’ limited edition watch appeared at the Basel watch exhibition. Unlike all of Mido’s watch designs, it is unique, unique, concise and concise, for me Impressed.

   This watch is designed with a stainless steel case. The shape of the case follows the line of the spiral building of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, USA. Therefore, we see that there is a circle of grooves on the side of the case. Curved space designed with skylights in the internal exhibition area of ​​the Guggenheim Museum. The case as a whole has a narrow structure, which is also an iconic feature of the Guggenheim Museum.

   The Guggenheim Museum designed by the famous architectural designer Wright is subversive because in addition to the building itself is unique, its exhibition guidance is also unique. There is a straight ladder inside the building. The exhibition starts from the top and slowly descends along the spiral curve. The open space can directly and simply “communicate” with the opposite friends. The center of the first floor of the exhibition hall is the core area of ​​the exhibition. . This approach itself subverts the order of traditional museum exhibitions. ‘Inspired by architecture’ limited edition watch, through the image of the case structure, reflects the creative intention of this architectural art.

   Of course, in addition to the case structure, we can see that the dial has a strong taste of the Guggenheim Museum. There are 12 time marks on the dial. The time mark area is presented in the style of ‘petal’, which is very beautiful. This style is also derived from the dome skylight of the Guggenheim Museum. What’s more interesting is that although the original Guggenheim Museum had a glass dome on the design, it was closed when it was built. Later, the dome was turned into a glass skylight for restoration, which is what we see now.

   At the edge of the dial, Mido special laser etched the English logo ‘INSPIRED BY ARCHITECTURE’, which is inspired by architecture.

   Another interesting point is that Mido redesigned the crown to match the shape of the case. Mido gave it a beautiful name-a conch-style crown. The crown is lined with rubber, which makes it easy to adjust the watch and feels great. At the same time, with the crown tightness, the watch can reach 50 meters of life waterproof performance.

   Due to the special case type, Mido needs a matching leather strap with an integrated black leather strap with inner padding and a fixed curvature on the inside to fit the weight of the case and support the weight of the case. The strap is flexible and comfortable, with a pin buckle.

   The shape and contours that echo the Guggenheim Museum have created a watch with outstanding recognition and appreciation. Of course, a good watch must also have a good movement for endorsement. As the annual limited edition masterpiece of the Mido brand, the watch is equipped with a Caliber 80 Si automatic winding movement, an 80-hour power reserve, a silicon hairspring, magnetic resistance and shock resistance, and enhanced the ability of the movement to run stably. What’s more, this watch is certified by COSC, which complies with COSC standards for position difference, temperature difference and travel time accuracy.

   The pleasant appearance design and good strap style make this watch somewhat pleasant to wear. It is very stylish, but not old-fashioned, but because of the Guggenheim Museum, it is more elegant and artistic. Of course, all this needs to be based on its good quality. After measurement, the performance of the watch in all directions is good. The standard certified by the observatory is daily error -4 / + 6 seconds, and the accuracy of this watch is satisfactory. .

Summary: From the perspective of wearing comfort, movement quality, design personality, and the meaning of the watch itself, this is a very outstanding watch, which is why it is so popular. It is very important that It is limited to 500 pieces and a total of 180 pieces in China. The scarcity and limitedness represent its uniqueness and value. Breaking the dimension wall of architecture and watchmaking, Mido’s ‘inspired by architecture’ limited edition watch is obviously a sincere work.