Building Dreams, Spreading Hopes The 10th Anniversary Of Mido Charity, Opening A New Chapter For Left-behind Children Care Program

Meitu has been committed to charity projects for many years, insisting on sending love and blessings to children in impoverished mountain areas. Now it is welcoming a significant tenth anniversary. In 2017, the Swiss Mido Group continued to gather together for love. Together with the China Social Welfare Foundation “Love School”, it started a design and renovation project for the Hope Primary School in poor mountainous areas to improve the learning and growth environment for children in mountainous areas. Swiss Mido has always adhered to the brand motto of “Inspiration comes from architecture”, and also insists on being the founder of dreams: the tenth anniversary is just the beginning. In countless decades in the future, Swiss Mido will continue its charitable journey Go with love!

Children get together happily on the renovated schoolhouse grass

   On September 26, 2017, the children of Jiutiandong Nursery Elementary School in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province ushered in a long-awaited big day-a new school was officially completed. In collaboration with the China Social Welfare Foundation, ‘Meiyue School’, Swiss Mido Group held a grand ceremony to complete the school renovation project in the construction of a new school building. This exciting inauguration ceremony is also the best commemoration and recognition of the tenth anniversary of Mido Charity. Since 2008, Mido has been committed to conducting charity projects to help children in poor mountainous areas build their growth path. Today, the Swiss Mido Charity Project is celebrating its tenth anniversary in its continuous development. For ten years, Swiss Mido has adhered to the production attitude of taking inspiration from outstanding buildings around the world and reappearing it on the wrist. It has also integrated this distinguished brand spirit into charity activities and became a place with scarce education resources. Children beacon on the road of growth.

Jiutiandong Nursery Hope Primary School Mido Library Shiningly Revealed After Transformation

   At the inauguration ceremony of Zhangjiajie Jiutiandong Nursery School Primary School Reconstruction Project in Hunan Province, representatives of all parties collaborated with Mr. Wang Pingzhong, the chief designer of the “Love School” project, and other caring designers to witness the importance of dreams becoming reality. time. At the same time, the long-awaited ‘Meitu Library’ was unveiled at the inauguration ceremony, which also became a significant moment for the ‘Tenth Anniversary of Meitu Watch Charity in Switzerland’. Mr. Wang Pingzhong, a caring designer, said in an interview with the media at the inauguration ceremony, ‘Love and hope need endless continuity. Therefore, there should not be an end to charity. Thank you for this support and dedication. In the future, it will be even more exciting. ‘

Jiutiandong Nursery Hope Primary School Mido Library Nameplate

   The “Love for School” charity project was initiated by a number of designers in the design industry in conjunction with the China Social Welfare Foundation. By redesigning and transforming the Hope Primary School in poor mountainous areas, it will build and enhance the growth environment and living environment for children. The site of this charity project is the old and humble Jiutiandong Nursery Hope Primary School surrounded by mountains in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province. The elementary school was established in 1992. It currently has three grades, 39 students and 2 teachers. There are only three classrooms in the teaching building and the area is less than 280 square meters. After months of careful design and renovation, the classrooms at Jiutiandong Nursery Elementary School are neat, bright, and well-equipped; the ‘Medu Library’ has a relaxed and comfortable reading atmosphere and a rich collection of books; transforming a new playground is more like the joy of children The garden was filled with laughter. At the inauguration ceremony, representatives of all parties and the main designer of the project, Mr. Wang Pingzhong, also planted a ‘tree of hope’ in the nursery elementary school, hoping that this project can sow the seeds of knowledge for the left-behind children in the mountainous areas and transfer spiritual wealth. Give them the courage to chase their dreams and hope that they will fearlessly move forward in their future lives.

Children playing in front of Mido Reading Room

   As a public-funded brand for the project, Swiss Mido has been in contact with the project’s chief designer Mr. Wang Pingzhong and the main members of the project since November 2016. I hope to be able to help the project planning, material collection, and material Preparation and transportation make every effort. At the same time, the charitable act of the brand “Meitu Library”, which has continued for many years, was implemented into the renovation plan of the nursery school. Swiss Mido hopes to integrate the brand concept of “Inspiration from Architecture” into the implementation process of the Hope Elementary School Reconstruction Project. Through brick and tile physical building design, it will create a better learning and growth for children in poor mountainous areas. surroundings. In this way, they can inspire children’s creative inspiration and subjective initiative, improve their comprehensive ability, and build a better future for children.

Swiss Mido watch ‘Inspired by Architecture’ manuscript-from ‘Love School’

   For children, ten years is a period of rapid growth, and the same is true for the Swiss Mido Charity Charity Project. From the original Swiss Mido Volunteers went to poor mountainous areas to send books and love to children; to lead mountainous children out of the mountains and come to experience the life in the city; to date, they have participated in the design of a charity project for the “Love School” The left-behind children transformed a brand-new ‘Meitu Library’. In this ten-year charity road, the Swiss Mido Watch has continuously harvested and made continuous progress, persisting in conveying the original heart of hope and love, and giving continuous care to the children in poor mountain areas.

Representatives of all parties took a group photo with Mr. Wang Pingzhong, the chief designer of the project of “Love School”, and other caring designers

   At the same time, I sincerely thank Mr. Wang Pingzhong and all the members of the ‘Love’ project for their persistence and hard work. Good works require everyone to work together to be more powerful. Swiss Mido will continue on the road of charity and look forward to ushering in more ten years. I hope that through the power of the brand, the seeds of charity will be sown into warm and kind hearts, let them take root and grow into a towering tree, and sprinkle a shade for children in need!