Cartier Flagship Watch Introduction

Cartier flagship series: Santos series watches, Cartier Paris, 1916, platinum, gold, sapphire specially customized, leather wristband.
From December 14, 2011 to February 12, 2012, the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore will present a magnificent Cartier ‘CARTIER Time Art’ exhibition. Visitors can enjoy a visual feast while looking at the superb craftsmanship of Cartier watchmaking. Its lotus-shaped image logo hall is the first venue to host this exhibition in Asia, and has been hailed as the grandest Cartier watch collection exhibition since the public exhibition.

Cartier ID one concept table.
走 Since it first came out of Switzerland, the birthplace of Cartier Watches, the exhibitions have traveled around, providing the public with a unique opportunity; they can understand the secrets behind the founder Cartier’s creation of the brand, as well as those unknown stories. The public, not to mention Cartier watch collectors and avid fans, will learn Cartier’s most basic information in the shape, design and rich language of the series of products derived from it.
This extremely rare watch includes the most cutting-edge design: this is a minute-repeater that collects time, time, and time.

Cartier Large Portique Mystery clock, Cartier Paris, 1923. Yellow gold, white gold, crystal, coral, agate, enamel, rose-shaped cut diamond.
It is against this background that this exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts and Science will also show 12 Cartier watches, as well as 17 exquisitely crafted and original clocks, all related to Cartier’s unique and superb skills. In this part, the most exciting is a highly forward-looking Cartier ID one concept table. I in the name ID stands for Innovation and D stands for Development; it is also the first work. , So named ‘Id One’. This watch is designed by the famous Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka. Each part is exquisitely delicate under a series of precise processes. The case is made of niobium-titanium alloy and the hairspring is made of glass-ceramic; the coefficient of thermal expansion is extremely low. The balance wheel is made of carbon crystal, integrated with an escapement fork, and there is no longer a horse’s foot support stone. Both the case and the movement use new materials never seen before. It is a truly innovative masterpiece. The watch is made and assembled according to innovative design concepts, combined with the most advanced materials, using the most advanced technology; throughout its cycle, this watch does not require any adjustments.
的 The fine watches selected from the Cartier Collection have a long history of 158 years and will also be exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts and Sciences this time. This is a series of unique antique boutique watches that have been in existence since its inception; these antique crafts are often exhibited in the world’s most important museums.

Three Questions Pocket Watch, Cartier Paris, 1927, Gold.
This watch leader with a long history and proud achievements in the field of horology has been determined to innovate since its birth, whether it is the world’s first watch Santos, the pioneering Tonneau watch, or the leading square The watch trend of Tank has become a classic in the history of watches. In the field of complication watches, Cartier has always adhered to the unique creative interpretation of the brand concept; for example, Tank a guichets born in 1928 and Tortue single-button chronograph introduced in 1929. Its unique design style has made it durable Enduring legend.

Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER Astroregulator watch, diameter 9800MC.
Speaking of upcoming exhibitions, Cartier Singapore managing director Christopher Kilaniotis said: ‘This is a very important exhibition that has never been held in Asia before; or, in fact, outside Switzerland, this is the first example. This time, the ‘Cartier Time Art’ exhibition is special because it is the largest exhibition of Cartier Watches, no matter it is history or today. The creativity and story behind the watch on display is also fascinating. The exhibition includes some personal creations, as well as a unique concept watch & mdash; & mdash; Cartier ID One, which leads the future of watch development. & rdquo;