Chronograph Chronology──langer Stopwatch List

The famous Saxony watch brand Lange launched the Datograph Up / Down 18K rose gold and Datograph Perpetual 18K white gold models in January 2015, adding two new members to its high-end chronograph series. Sixteen years ago, the appearance of Datograph caused widespread repercussions. Since then, Lange has continued to expand its expertise in this area, developing no fewer than eight innovative watches with stopwatch functions.
   After successfully launching the first four watches in October 1994, Lange product developers focused on the proprietary chronograph movement. Because chronographs occupy an important place in the Lange tradition, they have a long history. Ferdinand Adolph Lange, born 200 years ago, made his first chronograph in 1868. A single button can be used to start, stop or redesign the hands. It can be seen that the watchmaking benchmarks at that time were already quite high. The new movement must adhere to the brand’s traditional and innovative spirit, while setting new standards in the field of contemporary precision watchmaking.
   Datograph combines advanced technology and fascinating design in a unique way, becoming a symbol of the watch factory’s pursuit of innovation. Its movement has been recognized by industry experts and connoisseurs today as one of the most beautiful chronograph movements. Since the new model was successfully launched in 1999, Lange has set more milestones in the field of chronograph design, as follows:
DATOGRAPH: the new standard for chronographs (1999)
   DATOGRAPH, launched in 1999, is equipped with a classic column wheel device, precise jumping points, flyback function and the famous Lange big calendar display, far exceeding the expectations of the outside world. The column wheel can effectively control various timing functions. Accurate jumping points can display the precise stop time at any time. The flyback function can measure continuous periods instantly.
DOUBLE SPLIT: Extended Functions (2004)
   DOUBLE SPLIT can measure up to 30 minutes, setting a precedent for mechanical timing. The independent follow-up hand on the dial hand makes Lange’s stopwatch concept develop to a deeper level. In addition, the watch factory-made L001.1 movement is Lange’s first movement equipped with a self-made balance spring.
1815 CHRONOGRAPH: Tribute to Ferdinando Adolf Lange (2004)

   The watch design reflects the classic pocket watch style of Ferdinando Adolf Lange, and the watch name is also taken from the year of his birth. This is a tribute to the chronograph tradition of Lange’s founder. 1815 CHRONOGRAPH’s DATOGRAPH movement does not have a large calendar display. Since 2010, the power reserve of this movement has been increased to 60 hours, and it is equipped with a proprietary Lange balance spring.
TOURBOGRAPH ‘Pour le Mérite’: Complex installations (2005)
The complicated design of the Lange L903.0 calibre, for the first time, combines the dual-tracking function with a one-minute tourbillon and the sesame chain transmission system. This watch combines two extremely complex devices into one, greatly improving rate stability and accuracy. This is the second Lange watch titled ‘Pour le Mérite’. This title is used only for Lange’s extraordinary complex devices, such as the sesame chain drive system.
DATOGRAPH PERPETUAL: Timeless masterpieces (2006)
   The internal operation of DATOGRAPH PERPETUAL is extremely complicated. Since 2006, the name of this watch stands for the excellent flyback chronograph and perpetual calendar. In addition to the day of the week, month, four-year / leap year cycle and moon phase display, this watch also has a day / night switching function. This watch is made of platinum 950 with a silver-gray dial. In 2015, an 18K white gold model with a gray dial was added.
DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN: Beyond the Peak (2012)
   To surpass the highest watchmaking technology is not night and day, Lange’s power reserve indicator, homemade oscillation system, and power reserve increased to 60 hours are the best examples. DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN is equipped with a 41mm platinum 950 case, and an 18K rose gold case was launched in 2015. The black solid silver dial is in perfect contrast with the brilliant silvery white dial and the large Lange calendar display.
1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR: Prominent Tradition (2013)
   This watch is equipped with dual chronograph, perpetual calendar, moon phase display and power reserve indicator. At first glance, its simple and orderly dial will never think of such a complex combination of devices inside. Like the 1815 watch series, this watch is reminiscent of Lange’s rich pocket watch tradition.
GRAND COMPLICATION: The beginning of a new era (2013)
   With seven complex devices, GRAND COMPLICATION is the most complicated watch ever made in Germany. Built-in dual tracking hand with integrating dial and seconds jumping device, self-sounding device with big and small, minute repeater, and perpetual calendar with moon phase display. This watch represents the brand’s determination to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of technology. It is symbolic.