Colorful And Charming Radar True Thinline True Thin Series Color Watch Real Shot

The radar’s high-tech ceramic material has both excellent hardness and extraordinary lightness, and is favored by senior watchmakers. This time, the radar continues to use ceramic materials, and also makes a lot of color. There are a total of four new thin series watches, including dark blue, forest green, silver gray and chocolate brown. The editor of this article will show you the dark blue models.

 With the launch of four color watches this year, the Radar True Thinline is the brand’s first high-tech ceramic timepiece series with seven colors.

 The new color watch has the same good features as other high-tech ceramic watches from RADO. High-tech ceramic watches not only have hypoallergenic properties, but also an ingenious combination of extraordinary hardness and extreme lightness. Its hardness is close to 5 times that of stainless steel, while its weight is about 25% lighter.

 The production process of the radar plasma high-tech ceramic watch is different from other colored high-tech ceramic watches. The process does not add any color pigments, but is achieved by cutting-edge material processing technology. In a special furnace with a temperature of up to 20,000 ° C, the gas activated by the plasma column penetrates the high-tech ceramics, thereby changing the composition of the surface of the high-tech ceramics. Eventually white turns to plasma color-a unique metallic gray without any metallic elements. Achieving high-tech ceramic color consistency has always been a huge technical challenge, but Radar uses superb expertise to ensure that the colors of each batch of products show the same hue. Today, Radar has successfully created seven high-tech ceramic colors, once again highlighting the brand’s outstanding material master status.

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