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The DiorchristalPurpleRubber watch, which reflects the faint purple light, is like an elegant and charming companion, gently applied to the wrist, with a comfortable and light delicate touch and a stylish avant-garde dynamic design, so that the unlimited potential of purple can be exerted The most vivid.

Hermes Arceau time-out watch

的 Among the watches launched by fashion brands, Chanel’s J12 is most well-known by friends. But in fact, Chanel’s J12 is not just ‘fashion’ so simple, Hermes will also use such rare and superb skills ‘enamel’ … These are wearing a Chinese clothing and professional fashion watches, you should know.

In a real sense, maybe only time is the real ‘luxury’, which is not only impossible to recover, but also difficult to buy, and even cannot be exchanged with everything. How many of us have ever imagined: how good it would be if time could stop, even just a minute. And Hermès has created this miracle, which is to make time on the dial. This fun-filled complication created exclusively by Hermès is the world’s first and won the GPHG Best Men’s Watch Award at the 2011 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Award.

12 o’clock is the pause time zone. Just press the 9 o’clock button to make the hour and minute hands go to the 12 o’clock position and stop immediately. At the same time, the date hand is completely hidden. It seems that the time will always be for you. One stopped at midnight. But this is just a pause in the displayed time, and as long as the button at 9 o’clock is pressed again, the hour and minute hands with 360 ° callback function can be restored to the real time display. This is because the watch uses the world’s first triple flyback system, which allows the internal movement to maintain normal time operation and start or pause as desired.

Hermes ArceauPocketAmazone enamel pocket watch

Nostalgic products can only taste with a brand with a long history and a rich culture. The Arceau Amazones nostalgia from Hermès is a good example. The ArceauAmazones pocket watch is inspired by a tie painting of the respected designer Henrid’Origny in the early years. It embodies ancient crafts from generation to generation, such as big fire enamel, micro-painting and metal foil inlay (paillonné). Extremely.

The hour and minute hands dance on the enamel dial inlaid with metal foil. The dial shows an elegant and vivid figure of ladies riding. The details of the two side-riding ladies’ dresses are wrinkled and saddles. The changes in color and light are repeatedly burned at 800 ° C Only the master enamel craftsmen can master this technology calmly; during the firing process, the craftsmen also inlaid gold pieces piece by piece, causing the effect of flowing gold everywhere and enhancing the visual depth.

NelChanelJ12 series H2556 mysterious flyback watch

12J12 10th Anniversary Mysterious Flyback watch with tourbillon, flyback minute hand and crown with a clutch system. This watch revolutionizes the crown on the surface. The minute hand moves not only along the dial, but also around the crown on the dial, especially between 10 and 20 minutes per hour. It will advocate Ms. Chanel. The standard of elegance, walking counterclockwise for 10 minutes and then flying back to the 20 position is very special.

Unique vision requires unique design. The biggest highlight of this watch is the first handlebar perpendicular to the dial in history. Don’t worry about the minute hand being blocked. The 6 o’clock digital dial lasts from 11 minutes to 19 minutes, and then the minute hand will reverse to the 20-minute connection. Such a cunning design comes from the master GiulioPapi. With a black matte high-tech ceramic case and 18K gold bezel, this unique watch is enough to reflect your uniqueness. So, would anyone still look at the ‘Channel’ logo carved at 6 o’clock with a critical eye?

LV115 Mysterious Diamond Watch

TheLouisVuittonTambourMysterieuseCalibreLV115 is worth $ 265,000, it is not only a luxury product, but it also looks a mystery. The hand part in the middle of LV115 seems to be suspended in the middle of the dial. The reason why people have this illusion is that the upper and lower cover are polished by transparent sapphire.

The mystery lies in the 3-layer upright design of the movement. Each layer is equipped with different parts, of which the barrel is the sole layer of the movement. When you need to wind and adjust the time, you can use the three layers of transparent crystal lenses in the watch. Their functions are to connect the crown and hands, the winding and the fixed movement. These three crystal lenses plus the same transparent crystal The glass surface and the bottom of the watch make the watch crystal clear and the hands look like they are suspended in the air.

紫色 紫色 ‘Purple, Color of King’ —— christianDior

Only when you really walk into the purple world can you understand why it can become the favorite color of Dior.

Purple, is the main color of the fashion industry in 2009. Purple is red and blue crystals. When the active red and the passive blue meet, passion and coldness merge in an instant, transforming the most beautiful purple. There are two very different but highly matched forces flowing in its blood, and it has tempered an aura of soul-stirring aura, which makes people intoxicated by this extravagant temptation.

Dior purple crystal watch series

The DiorchristalPurpleRubber watch, which reflects the faint purple light, is like an elegant and charming companion, gently applied to the wrist, with a comfortable and light exquisite touch and a stylish avant-garde dynamic design, so that the unlimited potential of purple can be fully displayed. The new purple color continues the successful legend of the 38mm rubber chronograph, showing the charm of Dior’s style and unrestrained purple. Following the success of the DiorchristalAmethyst amethyst crystal amethyst high-end jewelry watch, the purple legend continues in Dior watches, complementing the Dior autumn ready-to-wear collection in 2009, and in the same vein as the spirit of Dior’s high-end custom-made brand.

BELLE EPOQUE Beautiful Age Sunset Gold C001-13GD

精致 Exquisitely-drilled grooves around the case, combined with a unique sliding patented device, ensure that the connection between the case and the bezel and strap is seamless.

The purpose of this Belle Epoque Belle Epoque creation is to adhere to the perfect combination of fashion creativity and practical functions, observe and feel the subtlety of every item in daily life, absorb innovation, and use new materials and clever use of different materials and themes. Give each work a rich sense of emotion and fashion, and focus on bringing out unique creative inspiration. The free combination is the eternal soul of the Belle Epoque Belle Epoque; the courage to break through the traditional thinking limitations and show your own personality are the important characteristics that make the Belle Epoque Belle Epoque stand out.

The collection series takes some customers’ preference for materials as the starting point, uses a variety of common or rare materials, and uses fashion design and exquisite craftsmanship to perfectly present the characteristics of the materials and create love in their hearts.

Each kind of leather has a different specific reference, and everyone has their own leather in their minds. Plain cowhide, rough Beijing leather, mature and stable crocodile-grain leather … The basic series uses a wide variety of leathers, which are specially designed to give you a variety of colorful modeling choices every day.

The mad horse leather used in the Bubo series is obtained after processing cowhide with oil and fat. The technology from leather selection to manufacturing and processing is high. The crazy horseskin pattern has a unique style, with a simple and simple design, adding a nostalgic atmosphere, and interpreting retro in a modern and fashionable way.
The Beyond series uses different leather materials, colors, and soft hardness, and uses sophisticated craftsmen to sew two unique leather materials into a series of innovative MIX & MATCH combinations, especially to provide you with more matching options.
Vincent & Karina / VK
Unique metallic feel, super large dial design style is outstanding, fashion sense instantly multiplies, low-key and luxurious inheritance