Dedicated To The Most Beautiful Years Chopard Happy Fish 277473-5012 Brief Comment

Chopard Watches has launched two new Happy Fish series ladies watches this year. This series of products are derived from Chopard’s Happy Sport series, which focuses on young people. For the fashionable ladies, the product positioning is from the Chopard Happy Sport series, so it belongs to a more lively and fashionable style. Therefore, it is more suitable for ladies who belong to the most beautiful ages in life to wear. The specific model is Chopard Happy Fish 277473-5012. Next, let us know this watch with me.

  The overall design of Chopard Happy Fish 277473-5012 uses brighter and bolder colors, which makes the entire watch look very vibrant. The outer ring of the case is set with 34 diamonds. The two mirror houses have three Chopard ‘clown fishes’ All made of precious metals and precious stones, the dial is made up of deep-sea corals and peregrine fishes, giving you the feeling of being on the bottom of the sea.

  We still start to understand this watch from the front of the watch dial. This is a three-handed design with only the hours and minutes display function, without the date and day and other display functions.

  In addition to the 34 diamonds on the bezel of this watch, the crown is also set with sapphire as one of the highlights of this watch, but when I saw the watch with sapphire on the crown, I Will think of another brand of watches, they really set the crown on the sapphire craft to the extreme.

  There is no decoration on the other side of the case, which is in line with the design principles of most watches. Among the many watches contacted by the editor, only remember the Blancpain Lake Series 6086-3442-55B watches on both sides of the case Both have buttons. A relatively rare design watch.

  The blue silk satin strap looks very cute. The surface of the strap is as smooth as satin, and the workmanship is very fine. Looking at the strap is like a waterfall. I ca n’t think of a verse by Bai Juyi. The reason why it is different from Luo Yan and Qi Qi, it should be like a 45-foot waterfall spring before Tiantai Mountain before the moon and moon. Only this verse can describe the beauty of this strap.

  The 18K rose gold pin buckle, the golden yellow buckle and the blue silk strap are both relatively bright colors. Together they make this watch full of vitality and power, but it is worth noting that due to the silk For the special texture of the quality bracelet, everyone must be careful not to scratch the strap when wearing the watch.

  The lugs of this watch have a short design style instead of the common curved lug design. Connect the strap with a screw.

The crown is inlaid with a sapphire, forming a unified blue with the dial and strap.

  Most women’s resistance to diamonds is almost equal to zero, because diamonds symbolize the eternity and nobility of love. This is also a way of life that people expect. This watch is set with a total of 34 diamonds and a total weight of 1.75 carats I think this is one of the charms that most women can’t resist.

  Another unique design of this watch is the use of a double-layer mirror. I have already told you that this is a product from the Chopard Happy Sport series. The Happy Sport series was launched in 1993. The most significant feature is the activity Diamond design, and now this bold and innovative design is changed to a movable fish, adding a lot of fun and ornamental to this watch.

The gold-plated Chopard English name is also printed on the watch glass, but it will not affect the reading time at all.

  Chopin, the three cute little fishes, calls them ‘clown fishes’, and they are all made of precious materials. The fish body is made of 18K rose gold with the same material as the case, and then inlaid with precious materials such as yellow sapphire, tsavorite, ruby ​​and agate to form these three colorful fishes. They will swim back and forth on the mirror with the swing of their arms, and the subsea pattern on the dial is as beautiful as the bottom of the sea.

  This watch uses a quartz movement, and the bottom of the watch is sealed with 8 screws, which can reach a water resistance of 30 meters, which basically meets the needs of daily life.

  At the same time, there is another platinum model launched with this watch. The specific model of the platinum model is Chopard Happy Fish 278475 -3049. Since we have not taken the platinum model this time, I will not give you more comments.
Summary: This new Chopard Happy Fish watch has a bold and avant-garde design style, which is very modern and fashionable. It is very suitable for young women who are brave enough to innovate and challenge. Noble materials and design styles show this everywhere The unique temperament of the watch. At present, the official domestic price of this watch is about 220,000. If you like a watch fan, you can contact the local Chopard store.
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