Dive Watch Player’s Favorite List Blancpain Blancpain Fifty Fathom Series Dive Watch

Who can tell you a watch most vividly? Expert, media or store? They may not be the best candidates. If you want to know the real good and bad of a watch, you can only ask those who watch and buy the watch, wear it from time to time, wear it, and love it. They shared the newly discovered brands, models, and movements through various channels. They participated in various activities organized by watch brands, organized offline exchanges voluntarily, and even went to Switzerland to participate in watch exhibitions. .
   The average person’s impression of a diving watch is often associated with the sport of diving. But in fact, diving watches are not only the standard equipment when diving, sunlight, toughness, and tenacity-watch players continue the sports style represented by diving watches into daily life, demonstrating their extraordinary and extraordinary taste for diving. The tailor-made multiple functions make the ultimate collector go crazy with the extreme precision of machinery. Blancpain, the pioneer of modern diving watches, with its 280 years of watchmaking history and the legendary diving watch series fifty years old that has been deposited for more than 60 years, has a diving wrist that loves watch culture and has enough capital to pay The players listed a list of sincere and sincere enough to make them ecstatic.
Entry player

Blancpain Bathyscaphe Watch (Men’s)
   Blancpain Blanche Capsule 50s Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe watch, which was created in 2014, is a replica of the original Bathyscaphe style from the 1950s. This replica is a perfect entry-level model for diving watch enthusiasts. It inherits many elements of the earlier style, the overall outline is clear and clear, the pointer also adopts the nostalgic traditional rectangular design, and the date information is displayed by a dedicated window hole. The bezel also retains the design features of the original Bathyscaphe style. The quaint atmosphere and fluorescent scale are like stars in the dark environment, which not only ensures readability, but also adds a bright color to the deep underwater world. This Men’s Bathyscaphe uses a 1315 self-winding movement for sports, with a power reserve of up to 120 hours, a 43 mm diameter meteor gray dial with a black three-ring NATO military strap, restrained and elegant. At the same time show a lot of pride.
Female player

Blancpain Bathyscaphe watch (women)
   Most diving watches are often considered exclusively for men because of their tough and sporty image. And this pure and feminine Blancpain Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Submersible Bathyscaphe watch is Blancpain’s ultimate choice for female players. This watch uses the classic ultra-thin 1150 automatic self-winding movement with a power reserve of up to 100 hours. The diameter of the dial is 38 mm. Although it is also equipped with a military strap, the white consistent with the dial just fades away the rough and fortitude. The atmosphere of the watch makes the whole watch soft and soft, and it looks like a dragon. This watch not only enriches the style dimension of the Bathyscaphe family, but also reflects Blancpain’s continuous attention to the development of women’s diving watches. In addition to the same use of silicon hairsprings and liquid metal scales, the white ceramic bezel, case and strap specially designed for women have a pure and gentle temperament, which makes women lovers at first sight.
Advanced player

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series Full Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph
   The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series full-calendar moon phase flyback chronograph is equipped with the new military caliber 66.BF8 from the Fifty Fathoms family, bringing the moon phase function to the deep sea for the first time. The watch’s full-calendar moon phase function, with extraordinary technical elements, can ensure the smooth operation of the watch day and night, allowing the wearer to adjust at any time and place without compromising the stability of the watch. The function of the chronograph watch is controlled by Blancpain’s classic column wheel. The vertical clutch mechanism is used to make the start and stop of chronograph more smooth. At the same time, it also has the flyback timing function, as long as a single button, you can stop the timing, reset to zero, and restart the timing. With so many complicated functions in one dive watch, it is indeed the first choice for advanced players.
Favorite players

Blancpain Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph ‘Hearts in the Sea’ Limited Edition
   For collectors who know a lot about diving watches and have multiple pieces of diving products, a limited edition of 250 pieces are sold worldwide, and they are closely related to the brand “Mind Ocean” charity project Bathpascaphe Flyback Chronograph “Mind ‘Marine’ limited edition, I’m afraid it has been placed on the head row of the heart list, right? This limited edition watch fully inherits the classic elements of the Fifty Fathoms family. It is a fully functional diving chronograph. This watch is equipped with Blancpain’s latest flyback chronograph movement F385. Its movement has a built-in column wheel timing device with a vibration frequency of up to 5 Hz (36,000 times / hour) and a flyback interval of only one tenth of a second, making it an ideal choice for flyback timing. In addition, the F385 movement also uses anti-magnetic silicon hairsprings, while achieving the same excellent anti-magnetic performance, but also allows the movement to get rid of the limitations of the soft iron case. Like all Blancpain’s 35 new movements launched after 2006, the F385 movement is equipped with a cardless hairspring and is equipped with gold fine-tuning screws to achieve precise inertial adjustment of the watch, bringing more time to the watch. Robust performance and more precise adjustment operations. The watch also adds two major diving features, equipped with a sealed chronograph button, which can guarantee 300 meters of water resistance, ensuring the safety of underwater operations. In addition, the watch also has a flyback function, which is particularly useful for divers to achieve rapid decompression timing underwater. In addition to its powerful complication, Blancpain promises to donate 1,000 euros for each watch sold to support major marine environmental protection projects. And each watch purchaser will become a member of the mind of the ocean circle, because they are also adding to the marine environmental protection cause with practical actions. Such a powerful watch with both public interest meaning, how can people not be impressed?
End player

Blancpain 50 噚 X 噚
   Blancpain Blancpain launched the industry’s pinnacle in 2011: Blancpain Blancpain 50 噚 X series watch is definitely the ultimate watch for diving watch players can not miss. Known by the industry as ‘the most professional, the most versatile, and the least error’, X Fathoms inherits the classic characteristics of the Fifty Fathoms watch, which debuted in 1952, and has been endowed with many first inventions, with 6 ‘worlds’ First ‘leading technology, including: 1) mechanical depth sounder up to 90 meters deep, the error is only one meter when the sounding reaches 90 meters; 2) the limit depth pointer, which can record the diving depth at any time; 3 ) A mechanical depth sounder of 0-15 meters running alone, the error is only 30 centimeters when the depth reaches 15 meters; 4) it is the first to carry a 5-minute countdown function, which can be used for decompression stop during ascent 5) The diaphragm of X 噚 pressure sensor is made of liquid metal for the first time-research and test proves that the elasticity and resistance to permanent deformation of liquid metal (Liquidmetal®) make it an ideal material for the diaphragm of pressure sensors; 6) With a complex structure molded rubber strap consisting of 14 connecting parts. In addition, X 噚 top diving watch is also equipped with Blancpain Blancpain 9918B movement. This movement is a refined version of the fifty-calibre classic Calibre1315, with strong power and outstanding performance: the movement is self-winding and has three double barrels built in, which can ensure a power reserve of 5 days; the movement is equipped with silicon The hairspring can effectively cancel the magnetic field interference.