Glashütte Original Alfred Hevig Watch School Welcomes 26 Freshmen

On August 24, 2015, the Alfred Helwig Watchmaking School under the Glashütte Original Watch Factory in Germany welcomed 26 new apprentices. Of these 26 apprentices, 22 will learn watchmaking and 4 will learn tool making.
   With the enrollment of new apprentices, the Saxon Watchmaking School is now training more than 80 apprentices, making it the largest watchmaking training institution in the Glashütte region. This is also a response of Glashütte Original to meet the growing demand for high-end watches.
   The head of Glashütte’s original training, Hardy Köppe, and the headmaster of Alfred Hevig Watchmaking School Gunnar Müller welcomed new apprentices at the Glashütte Watch Museum in Germany and wished them a successful training. The head of the school distributed the first tools to apprentices and guided them through the classroom. Watchmaking apprentices are about to start a three-year intense training, and watchmaking apprentices will spend three and a half years here.
   The watchmaking school enrolls students all over Germany, with more than 80 apprentices being trained. To meet the needs of teaching, the watchmaking school expanded the capacity of two new classrooms. The new classrooms are fully equipped with modern equipment to provide optimal teaching conditions for successful high-quality education. In addition to training theoretical courses, apprentices can also practice in the field of production and assembly of the original watchmaking factory in Glashütte. While familiar with traditional watchmaking techniques, they can also gain valuable practical experience with modern technology and procedures.
   Alfred Hevig Watch School also emphasizes adherence to international training standards, and cooperates with the Swiss watchmaker training and education institution (WOSTEP). Apprentices who pass the final exam not only receive a German skilled tradesman certificate, but also a diploma from a Swiss watchmaker training and education institution. The Alfred Hevig Watchmaking School will host an Open Visit Day on October 17th, and interested watchmakers will be able to attend.