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A brand is so loud that it must have unique and memorable products, such as the world of Patek Philippe, Lange’s eccentric dial design and German silver splint, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s flip REVERSO, countless political figures Worn Cartier Tank and more. The technology of Blancpain products and products is very advanced and unique, so I would like to introduce them here.
Fourth, the brand’s hard power-featured products and technical strength
1.Long Power of Blancpain
   The long-term power of Blancpain products is very well-known. In the current mechanical watch market where 48-hour power storage is the mainstream, Rolex wasted a lot of energy to achieve 72-hour power storage in the new 3255 movement. Both are 100 hours long.
   Long power is a very practical function of mechanical watches. People who upgrade to high-end mechanical watches are generally not a watch. During the process of changing the belt according to the occasion and mood, it is a very troublesome thing to stop the mechanical watch because of insufficient power. It is even more troublesome to adjust the calendar, moon phase, and week every time the chain is retuned.
   Blancpain’s current long-powered limit is the 12-day long-powered watch launched at the 2014 Basel Show, which is very shocking. The pure white dial of porcelain enamel enamel is clean and transparent. On the dial, 12jours of handwriting are written—12 days in French. This is a self-winding tourbillon watch. Automatic winding is very convenient, but the biggest disadvantage is that the automatic tourbillon will block the other parts of the finely polished movement. In order to overcome this shortcoming, people have thought of many ways, such as AP Audemars Piguet’s fine carving of the automatic top as a highlight, and some such as Chopard and Lange, Patek Philippe’s 240 movement uses a small Rotor).
   Blancpain’s design this time broke the tradition, hiding the outer edge of the automatic rotor in the back of the case. The sapphire glass could not be seen. The connected parts were made into a wide range of hollows. Two. Considering both technical stability and aesthetic considerations, the design is very clever.
   The new 242 movement of this tourbillon watch, with a diameter of 6.1 mm and a diameter of 30.6 mm, achieves a long power of 12 days in a single barrel. Long-powered watches are not uncommon in high-end watchmaking, and can be very powerful in 7-8 days. The unimaginable Lange LANGE31, which has 31 days of power, uses two huge barrels. The length of the barrel inside each barrel reaches 1.85 meters. The winding torque is too large. The crown simply cannot be used. It is necessary to use an early pocket watch. The key can only be turned on. The volume of the entire watch is also huge to 45.9 mm in diameter, 15.9 mm thick, and weighs 230 grams. More exaggerated, such as Hublot’s Ferrari LaFerrari watch uses 11 barrels to enable power for 50 days, but the winding must use a special tool similar to a pistol drill.
   I have played with this watch by Blancpain. It is very beautiful. The diameter of 42mm is the thickness of a normal mechanical watch and the fine feel of a normal bracelet. Like a master of martial arts, if he lifts a light weight, he hides 12 days of long power in it.
   Blancpain applied for European patent EP2570863-Ensemble barillet d’horlogerie à diamètre de bonde réduit (a clockwork barrel assembly with a reduced core diameter). Inventors Marco Rochat and Edmond Capt. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The energy reserve is increased by increasing the number of revolutions of the mainspring. The continuous running time of the movement device depends on the number of coil springs that can be used.
   To put it simply, the mainspring is like a thread for sewing clothes. It is wound on a bobbin. For the same length of mainspring, the number of turns of the bobbin itself is small.
   The technical difficulty lies in the core like a spool, which is not only light and fine, but also takes into account production convenience and facilitates subsequent maintenance and replacement of parts. In addition, the diameter of the core must be controlled within a reasonable range to avoid, the excessive stress causes the clockwork metal to fatigue and break, which is very difficult.

   The invention of Blancpain is to reduce the diameter of the core similar to the bobbin in the barrel, so that the mainspring can be wound a few more turns, and more kinetic energy is stored. Blancpain’s understanding of how to wind the mainspring several times in a limited space is very important. The prerequisites for reducing the diameter of the core used as the mainspring holder and the diameter of the main shaft of the mainspring box are as far as possible. Limit any axial clearance, the axial clearance between the barrel wheel and the core, and the axial clearance of the core (or mandrel) relative to the bridge clamp. Only leave room for thermal expansion and contraction expansion or contraction due to temperature changes. And in order to adapt to the shrinking space, the tighter stress of the spring coil increases, and Blancpain has also proposed a preferred spring alloy formula. Made of cobalt-nickel-chromium-based alloy, the alloy includes 44-46% cobalt, 20-22% nickel, 17-19% chromium, 4-6% iron, 3_5% tungsten, 3_5% Key, 0_2% titanium, 0-1% beryllium, and the alloy has a Young’s modulus between 200GPa and 240GPa and a shear modulus between 80GPa and 100GPa, the springs in size are 3 and 23 The width-to-thickness ratio between, especially between 9 and 21, satisfies that the maximum radius of the core with respect to the pivot axis D is less than 9 times the maximum thickness of the mainspring, and it is reliable to use in such a range.

   How to identify Blancpain’s Caruso and Tourbillon. Everyone knows that Carloso of Blancpain is famous. Blancpain applied for European Patent EP1995650 for Caruso, which realized Caruso for one minute. Carrousel, like the tourbillon, is a rotary escapement that compensates for the effect of gravity on the balance. There is a trick on how to distinguish. Blancpain’s tourbillon with shock-absorbing underpinnings are eccentric, while Caruso’s is on the center axis.

Blancpain’s Carloso
   Senior watch players may have heard the rotating escapement (balance wheel, balance spring, pallet fork, escapement wheel). In addition to the tourbillon, there is a carousel. Both are rotations. What is the difference between the two? There is a saying that Carloso is simpler than the tourbillon, so it is cheap, so where is this simple and simple?
   I will explain this to you from the most obvious angle. Generally speaking, the kinetic energy from the barrel to the escapement system will pass 4 gears. The purpose of passing 4 gears is to make the gears that drive the escapement system rotate faster. Everyone knows that a fast pendulum watch is better than a slow pendulum. This speed is achieved by the acceleration of the gear. The acceleration of the gears is also well understood. Everyone rides a mountain bike. The mountain bike changes speed. The rear wheel can be changed from large to small. The small disk can be laborious but the wheels turn quickly. Constantly passing the action of the big disk to the small disk, the pallet fork and the escape wheel which can be ticked are usually operated at 21,600 times per hour. The energy is conserved. The energy in the same clockwork is divided into more than 20,000 parts. The energy consumed by each part is very small, which makes the watch longer. Because the unit is small, the travel time will be more accurate. Simply put, it is a long stream of water.
   The tourbillon is the same as the watch on the same side of Carloso, and the escapement is connected to the fourth wheel. What is the difference between the two, the tourbillon only has a rotating tray (that is, a cage frame) directly connected to the fourth wheel through a gear in the center. This connection guarantees the pleasing tourbillon rotation that we see, and the power input of the balance wheel, balance spring, pallet, and escape wheel on the pallet is reciprocated by turning the escape wheel on the edge of the pallet. Carrousel is different from the tourbillon. The escapement system on the tray has two gears connected to the fourth wheel. One is the connection to let the pallet and the escape wheel go, and the other is the connection to let the pallet go.
   Why is Caruso simpler than a tourbillon? That is to say, in the design of the tourbillon, the design of the tray should take into account the rotation of the escapement mechanism, as well as the reciprocating operation of the escapement mechanism. The design and manufacturing of the gear teeth and the number of teeth must be matched and processed with high precision. Carrousel’s two points are connected to the fourth wheel. Even if the pallet can not move, the pallet rotation and escapement reciprocation are irrelevant. Of course, the design and manufacturing are simple.

   Blancpain applied for European patent EP1995650 for Caruso, which was filed on May 23, 2007. The inventors were four people Vincent Calabrese, Marco M. Rochat, Sébastien M. Graf and Edmond M. Capt. Blancpain’s pursuit of Carloso is clearly stated in the patent. Carrousel, like the tourbillon, is a rotary escapement that compensates for the effect of gravity on the balance. In addition, the number of teeth of the Carrousel gear train is relatively easy to calculate and set, and it is easy to manufacture and mass produce. But for watchmakers and collectors, tourbillons look more attractive to rotate. Blancpain hopes to invent a clock movement equipped with the same aesthetic qualities as the tourbillon. This same aesthetic quality is achieved through Carrousel’s rotation to the speed of the ordinary clock second wheel, which is the fourth wheel, one revolution per minute. Let the rotating Carussell replace the second hand.
   As mentioned earlier, Carrousel is simpler than the tourbillon because it is not necessary to coordinate the number of gear teeth between the escape wheel and the rotating tray carrying the escape system. To achieve the rotation speed of the rotating tray defined by Blancpain’s Carrousel, it is necessary to coordinate the setting of the number of teeth transmitted to the escape wheel and the setting of the number of teeth transmitted to the rotating tray. This is no less difficult than the tourbillon. The calculation result is disclosed here for the first time: the transmission ratio between the fourth intermediate pinion 11 and the third wheel 9 is 93/5, and the transmission ratio between the Carrousel wheel 17 and the fourth intermediate wheel 13 is 79. Therefore, it can be calculated that the rotation speed of Carussell 16 is 60 times that of the center wheel. The Carrousel round thus completes one revolution per minute.
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