Nomos Watches From Germany Glashutte 格拉苏 帝

NOMOS Chief Independent Watchmaker [Thierry Albert] Movement Manufacturing Process
     The watches manufactured by NOMOS have undergone a rigorous and rigorous process, using the best materials, produced with the highest standards and zero defects, to ensure that consumers can use them for a long time. Continuous evolution, the original movement of the bracelet gradually changed into different functions and modules, such as the date window, power reserve indicator, to NOMOS most proud of the self-made automatic movement, each movement has a NOMOS LOGO. Branded as a guarantee of ‘Made in Glashutte’, because the brand is derived from Greek, Tangente movement is also named Alpha (α) in Greek. The movement function is really durable, and it does not lose the high-priced movement with great value The simple design of the wash chain is famous for its thin case, elegant yet persevering German style. It has a 3/4 clip version, Triovis precise fine-tuning, stop-second performance, and a Glashutte rib that is also recognized on the ratchet and closing wheels. The delicate ring-shaped texture on the ripples and squares, the blue screws baked at 300 degrees, and the crown decorated with the sun’s rays are all its superb craftsmanship.
Complete diagram
Rear view of the movement