Omega: Olympic Timing In-depth Gene

Omega (Omega), a Swiss watch brand (part of the Swatch Group), is inseparable from deep-sea snorkeling and space travel, but it has also been improving in another field for more than ten years, namely the field of sports timing Make every effort to promote the progress of watchmaking technology. This expertise in sports timing established a long-term partnership between Omega and the International Olympic Committee (CIO), founded by Baron Pierre de Courtin in 1894. Since the creation of the brand by Louis Brandt in 1848, Omega has been awarded the official Olympic timekeeping 24 times. It has been announced by the International Olympic Committee (CIO) as the designated timekeeping until 2020. Omega will appear in London (2012), Sochi (2014), Rio de Janeiro (2016) and Peace (2018), which have been selected to host the next Olympic Games. No watch brand has a glorious history comparable to it.

Increase timing visibility
 For Omega, the history of providing timing for the Olympic Games dates back to the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. This is the first time the International Olympic Committee (CIO) has commissioned the official timing of all competitions to the sole brand. Stephen Urquhart, Chairman of Omega, always remembers: ‘In that year, a total of 30 timers were used to time all sports events. These timers were escorted from New York by train to our US representative. & rdquo; Comparable to this is that in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the same event was equipped with equipment weighing 420 tons, equipped with 450 professional timekeepers and data processors, and more than 1,000 specially trained Local volunteer assistance. ‘The rapid development of timing equipment fully demonstrates the rapid advancement of technology in this field. Modern sports is based on excellent performance and timing measurement. Omega occupies a pioneering position in the field of sports timing. In order to give timekeeping a concrete form and make it human-viewable, the importance of timing data processing is obvious. For example, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, television viewers could see the world record holder’s arrival line while watching a swimming event, while the 2008 Beijing Olympics was equipped with a super high-speed camera that can shoot 2000 images per second.
Countdown has started
 The timing technology will be applied at the London Olympics next year. Stephen Urquhart pointed out: ‘The purpose of timing is not to pursue the limits of precision, but to ensure that timing can be performed in the most fair and just way. Regarding the technical equipment introduced for the Games in the Nether Olympics, we are working hard to make TV viewers more clearly watch the real time of the game. The use of GPS can not be ignored. & rdquo; Visibility, the word is loud. In fact, the visibility of the Olympic Games has made all brands dream of making a name for themselves in this sporting event. For example, the last Vancouver Winter Olympics attracted 3.5 billion TV viewers, more than 10,000 media representatives, and as many as 75 million Internet visitors. This sesame door to many audiences is not fortunate to open to everyone.
 Stephen Urquhart went on to say: ‘Obviously, Omega has invested heavily. This partnership is not a unilateral sale of our timing services to the International Olympic Committee in exchange for marketing rights and business development rights. But the Olympic Games is not only a sporting event, but also a grand event carrying extraordinary significance. It is bound to help Omega promote its brand image and create benefits for the brand. And then we need to pass on the brand concept and superb craftsmanship. Although the commercial effect of the Olympics is not as immediate as a new James Bond film, its impact is tangible. The Olympic Games have become an indispensable gene for Omega. & rdquo;
 In order to make people understand the brand’s genes, Omega started the countdown to the 2012 Olympic Games in Trafalgar Square in London in July this year. This has become an indispensable tradition for the Olympic year. In order to meet the expectations of the people in London, the brand recently held an opening ceremony in London for its largest European store with an area of ​​780 square meters. Preparations for the Olympics are in full swing.