Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Launches ‘tag Heuer Connected’ Smart Watch

New York, USA, November 9, 2015—TAG Heuer, Intel Corporation and Google jointly release a smart watch designed by Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer Watch, this watch is equipped with Intel technology and benefits from the powerful Android Wear system.
The launch of the TAG Heuer Connected smart watch with Intel technology was held in the early morning of November 10, Beijing time in the symbolic LVMH building in New York. It was chaired by the LVMH watch and clock division. Chaired by Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, and Google’s Vice President of Android Engineering David Singleton also attended the event.

Jean Claude Beaver, President of the Watch and Clock Division of LVMH Group and CEO of TAG Heuer, said: ‘We are very honored to witness the first smart watch of TAG Heuer. Birth, this breakthrough will lead Tag Heuer with a history of more than 150 years to the future. TAG Heuer Connected smart watches will not only connect us with the future, but also transcend time and space and connect forever. ‘
Brian Koznik, CEO of Intel Corporation, emphasizes: ‘Intel uses smart connected technology to enable people to enjoy wonderful user experiences. By partnering with TAG Heuer and Google, we have created a beautiful, Intelligent and practical product, it harmoniously integrates the most advanced computer technology innovation with more than a century of watchmaking experience, timeless artistic beauty and superb quality. ‘
David Singleton, Google’s vice president of Android engineering, also agreed: ‘From Google search to smart watches, Google is tireless and always strives to provide people with the right information at the right time and place. Android system, we apply this useful experience to devices in different fields around the world. The TAG Heuer Connected smart watch equipped with Android Wear system is not only a beautiful luxury watch, but also has incredible power. We are proud to launch this watch in collaboration with TAG Heuer and Intel. ‘
TAGHeuer Connected Smart Watch
The TAG Heuer Connected Smart Watch with Intel technology is a luxury watch that draws on TAG Heuer’s more than 150 years of Swiss expertise, sophisticated craftsmanship and a long tradition. The headquarters of Swiss avant-garde watchmaker Tag Heuer is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, 1000 meters above sea level. Surrounded by mountains and meadows in the Alps, it is not only listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, but also The cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

The watchmakers here follow the tradition of the 18th century. Farming on the grass in summer and creating stunning watches in watchmaking workshops in the winter create the extraordinary reputation and world-renowned quality of Swiss watches And originality. For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer has been developing and manufacturing countless elegant sports timepieces in La Chaux-de-Fonds, including several precision chronographs with the best accuracy in the Swiss watch industry.

The TAGHeuer Connected smart watch uses a pure chronograph design with a diameter of 46mm. The case, case back and lugs are made of modern level 2 titanium. Compared with traditional materials such as stainless steel or gold, stylish titanium is more Lightweight and durable. This watch is paired with a highly textured black rubber strap (also available in red, blue, white, orange, green and yellow) and a folding buckle made of titanium grade 2. The unique elegance, unique personality and exquisite design are interpreted vividly. This smart watch is priced at $ 1500.

Highlight the unique DNA of your watch
TAG Heuer has designed three digital watch dials for the first time. No matter the hands, hour markers, chronograph, date window and minute track, it shows the design elements of the Tag Heuer Carrera series that can be discerned at a glance. .

Available from release date: chronograph dial, junior dial and GMT world time dial, all three dials with date display, and available in black, dark blue and pearl white three colors, the shadow under the hands and the touching sun The radial pattern reproduces the appearance and function of the real dial. Since the essence of the TAG Heuer Connected smart watch is first and foremost a watch, its digital hands and time stamps are always clearly visible even in the power-saving mode.

More dials are coming soon. You can download the TAG Heuer exclusive app from the Google Play Google Play Store and enjoy exclusive dials carefully designed by the TAG Heuer brand ambassador.

More unique
The TAGHeuer Connected smartwatch is not only true to authentic watches in terms of dial and minute track, but its ‘interactive chronograph dial’ also highlights the authenticity of the watch-various applications are displayed in a unique arrangement.
The design principle is very simple: retain the surface and hands, but display the most relevant application information right on the chronograph dial at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, perfectly integrating the aesthetics of the watch concept.

What other interesting information is displayed on the time dial? Touch the information on the time dial to open and interact with the application in full screen mode.
Frequently used applications, sports data or reminders … This ergonomic design is not only easy to operate, it can also strip away all complex information, allowing users to focus on key messages, while retaining the classic look of the watch. Insiders (Lifestyle), GolfShot Pro (Golf), RaceChrono Pro (Racing) and Viewrangers (Hiking) (Other apps will be introduced one after another), etc., are all customized applications for TAG Heuer, which can be obtained exclusively with a free subscription . Through specially developed software development kit (SDK), it can also be used for the extension of subsequent functions.
In addition, TAG Heuer has added some classic functions that are essential for watches: timers, alarms and stopwatches, whose design shows loyalty to the main elements of the brand.

intelligent. How smart is it?
Whether it’s daily life, travelling, getting information, or communicating with the outside world … TAG Heuer Connected is your perfect companion. It combines the essence of two worlds, the beautiful TAG Heuer watch and computer intelligence.
TAG Heuer has worked closely with Intel and Google to create a luxury watch that integrates connectivity, computer intelligence and the classic Swiss watchmaking heritage. This watch is equipped with Intel® Atom ™ Z34XX processor and runs through the Android Wear platform.
Intel has intelligently designed this watch to optimize its performance, giving the watch a variety of interconnected functions including audio streaming, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and letting users experience the richness and fullness of the Android Wear operating system. Functions.
The TAGHeuer Connected smart watch uses a new generation of lithium battery, which can maintain the battery power for a whole day, 4 GB memory, equipped with a small microphone, and can call through Google voice control and sapphire crystal touch screen. A variety of built-in controls complement the touch screen perfectly. This watch has waterproof performance in daily life, and the waterproof performance rating is IP67.

What if you do n’t bring your phone? It’s ok. This watch can still calculate, display and transmit data, as long as the Wi-Fi connection is maintained, you can connect to the cloud. Even without an internet connection, the watch’s built-in applications (music, timer, alarm, pedometer) will naturally remain available.
The Android Wear operating system opens up a nearly infinite world for this watch, an ecosystem that is self-enriching 24/7: thousands of Android applications are available for download on TAG Heuer Connected smartwatches. Of course, Google Health, Google Translate, Google Maps and ‘OK Google’ voice activation and other necessary services or applications that have reached millions of users are already built into the watch.
This watch can also be easily synced with a smartphone running Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.2+. And charged using a contact charger, as long as the watch is placed on the device, it can be charged.
The TAGHeuer Connected smart watch has a two-year warranty. This period is in line with the warranty standards adopted by other TAG Heuer watches.

A smart watch to treasure, a timeless gift
Anyone who purchases a TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch will have the opportunity to swap it for a mechanical watch with a pure Swiss movement.

At the end of the two-year warranty, you can go to the TAG Heuer store to exchange your TAG Heuer Connected smart watch for a Swiss-made Carrera mechanical watch. This mechanical watch adopts a similar design to the TAG Heuer Connected smart watch and is also made of Tier 2 titanium. It is specially developed and provided by the owners of Connected smart watches. The watch is priced at $ 1,500.

Women’s First Choice Between Handsome Women And Exquisite Men

In the past, many men’s and women’s watches have been recommended for you to choose from, but among them, the size of some watches is too generous for some boys with thin wrists. ; And the style of other watches is not suitable for those handsome girls. Today, the Watch House will recommend three exquisite and handsome neutral watches for you, the price is about 60,000 yuan, and interested friends can take a look.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Series m116000-0002

Product model: m116000-0002
Domestic public price: ¥ 41700
Watch diameter: 36 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 3130
Case material: stainless steel, oyster case structure, arched outer ring
Water resistance: 100 meters
Details of the models: Summary: The above three watches are suitable for everyone who loves the neutral watches, the trendy men and women. Of course, if this neutral watch is paired with a couple watch, it is a new idea. Friends who like it may wish to visit the counter Try it on.

The Rolex Gmt Series Only Retains 6 Models, Others Will Be Discontinued

This year, Rolex launched a new blue and black circle GMT, namely the steel shell five-bead chain blue and black circle, number 126710BLNR. This is also the second five-bead chain GMT launched by Rolex after the red-blue circle of the five-bead chain. The blue-black circle GMT (116710 blue-black circle) is one of the fastest-growing sports labor in Rolex in the past two years. This year, a new generation of Rolex 126710 blue and black circles came out. As a replacement for the previous generation 116710 blue and black circles, it will inevitably attract great attention.

Rolex new steel shell five-bead chain blue black circle.
 Rolex’s new generation of blue and black circles 126710BLNR, compared with the previous generation of blue and black circles 116710, the biggest changes are two. First, the new 126710 blue and black ring uses a five-bead chain instead of an oyster chain. Second, the new 126710 blue and black circle uses Rolex’s new 32 series movement (3285), replacing the previous generation Rolex 31 series movement.

The two models of the new Rolex 126710 are the five-bead chain blue-black circle and the five-bead chain red-blue circle.
 In the past two years, Rolex has continued to introduce new products on the GMT series. First, the steel shell five-bead chain red and blue rings, and the steel shell five-bead chain blue and black rings, and the gold shell and the gold shell GMT have been updated. The purpose of Rolex is to reshuffle the GMT series and streamline the GMT series. With the launch of Rolex’s new steel shell five-bead chain blue and black circle this year, Rolex completed the planning of GMT. Rolex retained 6 models (sale models) in the GMT series, and all other models were discontinued. Let’s focus on the models that Rolex reserves and the models that will be discontinued.

The Rolex GMT series will be discontinued.

The Rolex GMT series will be discontinued as follows:

 Rolex steel case black ring GMT (green pin), model 116710LN

 Rolex GMT (green needle), model 116713LN

 Rolex gold case GMT (black plate green needle), model 116718LN

 Rolex Gold Case GMT (Green Disk), Model 116718LN
 According to Rolex’s new plan, from now on, Rolex GMT will be a two-color bezel, the previous models of single-color bezel will be discontinued. In addition, Rolex GMT will no longer use gold, including all-gold models, gold models will be discontinued. Rolex GMT will only use steel, rose gold, and platinum. Another is that Rolex GMT steel watches will no longer use oyster bracelets, steel case GMT will use five-bead chains. In the future, Oyster chains will only be used on all-gold and inter-gold GMT. Therefore, we can see that the discontinued models above do not meet the new plan of GMT, so we will no longer update and end.

Rolex GMT series, currently reserved models.

The Rolex GMT series remain on sale as follows:

 Rolex steel case five-bead chain blue black circle GMT, model 126710BLNR
 Public price: 72200 yuan

 Rolex steel shell five-bead chain red and blue circle GMT, model 126710BLRO
 Public price: 72200 yuan

 Rolex rose gold gold black brown circle GMT, model 126711CHNR
 Public price: 109,900 yuan

 Rolex Rose Gold Full Gold Black Brown Circle GMT, Model 126715CHNR
 Public price: 286,800 yuan

 Rolex white gold full gold red blue circle GMT (blue plate), model 126719BLRO
 Public price: 286,800 yuan

 Rolex White Gold Full Gold Red Blue Circle GMT (Meteorite Disk), Model 126719BLRO
 Public price: 299,900 yuan
 The above 6 GMTs are the full lineup of the Rolex GMT series currently on sale in 2019. The above six models are in line with Rolex’s new GMT plan and use Rolex’s new generation 32 series movement (3285). All GMTs on sale are now two-color ceramic rings. As for 2019, whether Rolex will add new watches to the GMT series, let’s take a step by step.

Rolex new steel shell five-bead chain blue black circle.
 In recent years, you can see that since Rolex launched the two-color ceramic ring GMT, whether it is red, blue, blue or black, the heat of the two-color GMT has begun to rise all the way, significantly exceeding the previous black ceramic ring GMT. And now the steel shell five-bead chain red and blue circle, five-bead chain blue and black circle, has become beyond the existence of green ghosts. Once, the actual prices of black ceramic rings GMT 116710 and Jianjin GMT 116713 were relatively low. In other words, two-color GMT was not available, and monochrome GMT was also available. Now Rolex will stop production of monochrome GMT. From the perspective of Rolex GMT series, it is undoubtedly a full upgrade of GMT series, which is a good thing. However, from the perspective of actually buying a watch, it does further increase the difficulty of GMT.
 Regarding the current situation of Rolex’s popular watches, some people say that buying 200,300,000 watches directly, and those who follow the popular steel watches widen the gap; some people say that super-priced watches are never bought. My attitude is that I like it, I have enough money, and I am willing to be on the hot model; if I do n’t think it is necessary, in addition to the hot work, there are N more watches to buy. After all, buying a watch can’t explain anything, it’s just a game, just feel free to do it yourself, don’t let yourself be too tired, and don’t hold yourself back.

I’m Afraid You Can’t See Clearly Ball Watch Fireman Necc Ii

Ball Watch produced Fireman NECC II, a tribute to the U.S. Navy’s Expeditionary Operations Command. Its simple design is convenient for daily use. The watch is easy to use in operation and can assist the battle to successfully complete the task, especially easy to read at night.

Fireman NECC II is designed for military combat mission requirements, emphasizing basic but practical functionality

The BALL WATCH H₃ self-illuminating miniature gas light allows the wearer to read clearly in the darkest environment. The brand sealed H₃ gas in a miniature glass test tube. When H₃ gas particles hit the inner colored surface inside the tube, light energy is released. This phenomenon can last up to 25 years without any external light or energy to supplement. The pointer and the surface are composed of 13 gas lamps. The self-luminous miniature gas lamp is 100 times brighter than the traditional traditional luminous paint.

The face plate is equipped with 13 self-luminous gas lamps, which can play a clearer visual reading effect in the dark than traditional luminous materials.

The faceplate displays the hour, minute, second and date zoom functions. The watch has a diameter of 42mm and a stainless steel blue rotating outer ring. It can withstand 5,000 Gs. It is waterproof to a depth of 300 meters and has a magnetic resistance of 4,800 A / m. Anti-glare sapphire crystals and screw-in crowns are also distinguishing features of this model. Equipped with a stainless steel titanium carbide (TiC) -coated case. Titanium carbide is an extremely hard metal carbide with high hardness, wear resistance, and oxidation resistance.

Fireman NECC II

Stainless steel material / BALL RR1103 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 300 meters / diameter 42mm

Zeros Launches New Vintage 1955 Watch

Classic is a unique style. It is a low-key luxury that you can have every day. The various design styles of the Class series go beyond basic timepieces and provide us with simplicity but refinement. Luxurious texture. Wearing the Class watch represents a delicate taste, using classicism to perfectly interpret the soft lines and pure style, and infused with an infinite modern texture. The Class series celebrates refinement, elegance, classic style, and watchmaking. It also brings us the classic art of time. At each moment, the space that each time passes, thinking about eternity.
New Vintage 1955
Case: 18K rose gold
Movement: Cal. Elite 689 automatic movement
Function: hours, minutes, small seconds display
Kinetic energy: 50 hours
Table diameter: 40mm
Water resistance: 30 meters
Mirror: Sapphire crystal glass, transparent back cover

   This limited edition watch celebrates ZENITH’s most successful year: 1955, the year Einstein dies; this year Rosa Park reserves a seat for white people on the bus to fight racial discrimination; Grace Kelly falls with Prince Ranieri of Monaco In love; bad boys James Dean, Clark Gable, and Cale Glenn have become world-renowned star classics. The vintage 1955 classic rose gold case contrasts with the black face plate. The unique triangular Delta time scale and retro convex mirror surface bring a perfectly balanced nostalgic texture. The model is equipped with the famous 135 manual-finished precision movement, from 1950 to In 1955, this movement won the Grand Prize for Precision Timepieces from the Neuchatel Observatory in Switzerland.

Longqin Performance Interpretation Brand New Fashion

Classic in the trend of personality, modern charm also contains elegant feelings. Longines watches appear in the Chinese market in a fresh style. At the same time as precision professional timepieces, the models are designed with classic innovations, which are fashionable and tasteful. The new season’s elegant dress and charming style, add the finishing touch. Longines Sports Legend Series Diving Engraved Gold Watch
搭配 The combination of classic pure black and rose gold creates a unique artistic temperament and personality charm. The golden light illuminates this season’s overpass, with a magnificent atmosphere, releasing a modern sense.
Longines Sports Legend Series Diver’s Edition gold watch, 18K rose gold case, 42 mm diameter, sapphire crystal, pure black dial with white scale, Arabic numerals at 12, 9 and 6 o’clock, and date at 3 o’clock Display window, time and hands with long-term luminous treatment, built-in self-winding movement, with black alligator strap, waterproof to 300 meters. This replica gold watch with a noble and classic appearance and excellent functions is most suitable for outstanding men. It is suitable for sports or business casual style clothing. It inadvertently shines on the wrist, showing extraordinary taste and wisdom.
Longines Concas Divers Starry Sky Watch
Fresh spring and summer, bright colors and hearty atmosphere are always the mainstream in the trend, and this season’s style is also full of finesse, with exquisite details becoming the soul. The Longines Concas diving series star chart watch has a very modern attitude. The blue star chart chart allows romantic feelings and casual dreams to follow.
If you love diving or have a plan for going out to sea, you must choose this professional watch with superior performance, and its sporty temperament is also suitable for daily wear. In every scene of life, it shows the owner’s vibrant and fresh personality. This watch has a stainless steel case. The elegant marine blue dial is painted with a starry sky pattern. The blue diving bezel with embossed numbers can be rotated in one direction, the rotating case back, the spiral crown is protected by wings, and the diameter of the men’s watch 39 mm, built-in self-winding movement, women’s watch with a diameter of 29.5 mm, built-in quartz movement, all with stainless steel bracelet, waterproof to 300 meters.

The Charm Of Extreme Speed ​​tag Heuer’s Latest Fashion E-magazine New Online

In March 2012, TAG Heuer, a pioneering watch model in Switzerland, dedicated its fashion e-magazine ‘Hou Shi Zhi’ to urban white-collar elites and is now officially launched. The first issue of ‘Houshi’ integrates the essence of TAG Heuer’s century-old craftsmanship with the racing spirit of F1 racing, reveals the pioneering craftsmanship of TAG Heuer, presents the relationship between TAG Heuer and McLaren, and F1 drivers and TAG Heuer ambassadors Hamilton and Button Championship story. Outside the field, ‘Hao Shi Zhi’ carefully planned a fashion theme that is in the same vein as the racing passion, and brought you a luxurious life experience by F1 celebrities.

Precise interpretation of pioneering spirit, leading the moment of fashion charm
内容 The content of ‘Hao Shi Zhi’ is divided into three categories, which are brand column, character column and fashion column. From the superb craftsmanship of the calibre Calibre 1887 and the heritage of the TAG Heuer racing spirit, to the journey of F1 drivers, to the different aspects of TAG Heuer’s F1 racing life. It fully reflects the brand spirit of TAG Heuer’s pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation, and the distinctive attitude of pioneers.

Call for TAG Heuer F1 Ambassadors

豪 The fascination of ‘Hao Shi Zhi’ is not only here. When the F1 China Grand Prix is ​​approaching, you are invited to compete with the times, participate in the racing quiz, rise to the ranks of TAG Heuer F1 ambassadors, and have zero contact with F1. As an TAG Heuer F1 ambassador, share unforgettable experiences and promote and encourage public attention to motorsport.


Extremely perfect Carrera 1887 chronograph

读 After reading ‘Hao Shizhi’ deeply, he entered the precision world of TAG Heuer. CARRERA 1887 chronograph is the perfect combination of speed and racing, accurate interpretation. The Calibre 1887 column-wheel chronograph movement independently developed by TAG Heuer can be said to be the highest tribute to TAG Heuer’s original 1887 swing gear, so that the start time of the chronograph does not exceed 2/1000 seconds. This swinging gear is also one of the first patented achievements of TAG Heuer and a major milestone in the field of modern watchmaking. Motorsport has always been the eternal source of inspiration for the CARRERA series, and the Carrera 1887 chronograph is a masterpiece of avant-garde technology combined with superb craftsmanship.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer and ‘Huo Shi Zhi’ will bring you the fashionable charm of motorsport. Lead the trend, not program, immediately open the outstanding Hao Shi style, join hands with TAG Heuer Pioneer, experience the charm of speed.

Spot 42,800 Yuan 2019 Amy Long Leimen Series New Products To The Store To Buy Immediately!

From ancient times to the present, Lake Leman, as the center of Europe, is located in the Alps, which contains the elegance and tenderness of Geneva. The Swiss company Emilion launched the Leman series in 2012. Today, during the Baselworld 2019, the Emilion brand presents the elegant and simple 18K rose gold new Raimund Kimlet watch, which is fresh and elegant, with a bit of elegant business temperament. At present, the new Emmy Long Jinlai watch is on sale, and it can be bought at the Emmy Long store in Xidan Shopping Center, Beijing. The official price is RMB 42,800.

Timeless and charming


  The gold-plated watch presented by Emilion is crafted with exquisite craftsmanship. It uses precious materials and a highly aesthetic design to mold the time horizon of nature and elegance, showing the Swiss high-quality and sophisticated lifestyle. The 40 mm diameter design meets the wrist needs of contemporary gentlemen.

  The round case is made of 18K rose gold. The faint metallic luster reveals the round and exquisite beauty of the watch, and it has a luxurious atmosphere.

  The delicate ring gear on the bezel is reminiscent of a long history of coin texture, echoing the classic watch style. The lugs continue the classic element of the Emilon brand-the double-wing design, which perfectly displays the elegant business temperament of the Emilon Lemont series.

  The side crown is also made of 18K rose gold, and the whole body is designed with a non-slip texture to ensure that the wearer can accurately time it. The top is decorated with the exclusive logo of the Emilion brand, giving the watch its unique characteristics.

  The dial of the new Lehman series watch has been processed to create an enamel white dial with a high-quality enamel texture. It is reported that this process has more than 1,000 years of history. By attaching enamel material to the metal plat Protect the metal surface from oxidation or corrosion. Even after years, the dial can still be as bright as ever. With rose gold hour markers and willow leaf pointer design, the 12 o’clock position is set as a Roman numeral time scale, showing the overall simplicity and beauty. The date display window at the 3 o’clock position adds more practical functions to the watch.



  The watch is equipped with a noble black alligator strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle, which is comfortable to wear and easy to operate.

  The back of the new Laimont series Jinlai watch has a transparent design, which can clearly observe the movement of the movement through the sapphire glass window. The watch is equipped with ETA2892 mechanical movement, decorated with Emilon’s unique logo, beautiful and magnificent, showing charming and dynamic.

 Summary: The new watch presented by Emilion uses precious materials combined with ingenious craftsmanship, which is biased towards simple design but with exclusive features. This watch has been listed and can be found in stores. Interested friends may wish to try it on Yifan, see the detailed address of the store below:

  More details: This quotation was collected on May 23, 2019. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
  [Shop name]: Amy Long Beijing Xidan Shopping Center
  [Shop address]: Xiheng Shopping Center, No. 120 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
  [Contact]: 010-65051228 Please call as a ‘watch home’ user

Wang Zhefan Tasting Longines Master Series Men’s Mechanical Watch

Wearing watches on many occasions now has become a symbol of status and status, so those who often attend such occasions have a prestigious watch that becomes the first prerequisite. Therefore, we definitely have certain requirements for the material of the watch. Of course, precious metals are the best choice, and versatile styles are also an indispensable condition. Today I will bring you a longines masterpiece mechanical watch that can accompany you through the field. The official model: L2.628.6.78.3

 Many of the watches of the famous master series have become a popular purchase today. This material for everyone today is 18K gold, which is quite noble. At the same time, the design of the shape is an elegant example, which can accompany the wearer to attend each This occasion is very practical.

 The watch uses a 38.5mm round 18K yellow gold case. Although it is a men’s watch, this diameter of the watch has met the unique needs of the audience compared to the trend of the popularity of the large watch today. For those who like small watch diameters, this one will definitely be a very good choice.

 The dial is decorated with silver “wheat grain”, 12 black Arabic numerals are arranged on the dial, and the blue steel hands enhance the color of the watch as a whole. At the same time, it also reinterprets the classic charm of the blue needle. .

 The watch has a clear date display window at six o’clock, and the black Arabic numerals echo the digital hour markers on the dial, which complement each other.

 The thickness of the watch is 9.5 mm. Whether it is from the overall design or the fine polishing of the contour, the watch itself is very elegant. I believe that wearing such an elegant and comfortable watch will set off the outstanding user.

 The watch is designed with sapphire crystal back, showing the beautiful beauty of the movement.

 The watch is equipped with a brown alligator leather strap, and the buckle is a 18-karat yellow gold tri-fold safety buckle with a push-open mechanism.

 The watch is equipped with a cal. L619 self-winding movement. Its basic movement is ETA 2892-A2, which has 28,800 vibrations per hour and provides a 42-hour power reserve. At the same time, it also provides a powerful source of power for the movement, which becomes a guarantee of accurate travel time.

Summary: The price of this watch is about 40,000 yuan. In fact, if the watch alone, the movement of ETA is made of precious metal, but it costs nearly 40,000 yuan to buy such a watch The majority of ordinary table friends should be relatively small. Because in this price range, you can choose a larger brand. Although it is not made of precious metal, the self-produced movement is also very competitive.

More watch details:
longines / 7091 /

Langue Double Split Stainless Steel Watch Geneva High Price Easy Owner

At the Christie’s Geneva “Exquisite Watch” auction held on November 11, 2013, Lange’s only DOUBLE SPLIT with a stainless steel case changed hands for nearly 380,000 Euros. At the same auction, a LANGE ZEITWERK “Lumi-nous” limited edition (limited to 100 pieces) was sold for approximately 122,000 Euros.

                 DOUBLE SPLIT volume production model with platinum 950 case

 DOUBLE SPLIT, released in 2004, occupies an important chapter in the history of watches and clocks. This dual chronograph chronograph is the first mechanical watch to compare chronographs during up to thirty minutes of activity. The auction sold well above the original estimate of 96,000 to 140,000 Euros, with outstanding results. This watch was sold in 2008, and the current transaction price is more than four times the original retail price of the mass-produced platinum 950 model.


 At the same auction, a LANGE ZEITWERK “Lumi-nous” limited edition (limited to 100 pieces) was sold for approximately 122,000 Euros, an increase of nearly 75% over the original retail price. This time, I believe it is the first time that this model has been auctioned publicly. Launched in 2010, this watch is equipped with a luminous jumping display and an innovative constant-power escapement, making it one of the brand’s best-selling models.

 Lange watches have repeatedly achieved good results at auctions. One of the most successful examples is the TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Merite’ launched in 1994. This year, the auction price of this model is on average four times higher than the original retail price, which shows its appreciation trend. Since 2010, the average auction price for this model has tripled. Other limited-edition models of the brand, such as 1815 MOONPHASE and ANNIVERSARY LANGEMATIK made in 1999 and 2000 respectively, also have great potential for appreciation.