Jackson Launched A Limited Edition Geophysic 1958 Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre launches a new watch series to pay tribute to the Geophysic watch introduced for scientists, explorers and adventurers in 1958. The name of Geophysic comes from the International Geophysical Year (International Geophysic Year), the International Geophysic Year is an important international scientific project, which began on July 1, 1957, and ended on December 31, 1958. During this period, countries around the world jointly conducted a global joint observation of the north and south poles, high latitudes, equatorial belts and middle latitudes, which marked the first scientific and cultural exchange between the East and the West after the end of the Cold War.

 The Geophysic 1958 watch is available in three versions: stainless steel, rose gold and platinum. The first two models are based on the original version of 1958, and the latter one is based on the later transformation. This series of watches have a diameter of 38.5 mm and a thickness of 11.4 mm. The bezel, lugs and crown are polished and polished. The dial is matte and has a solid bottom case that is water-resistant to 100 meters.

 At that time, the watch was equipped with a 478B movement, which was anti-magnetic and shock-resistant. The new watch was equipped with a 898/1 automatic movement. The beryllium bronze alloy balance ensures that the watch can still run accurately even when the outside temperature changes. The Kifparechoc anti-shock device can effectively protect the watch from shock. The power reserve is 43 hours. The dial continues the original design style, three-pin layout, cylindrical + Arabic numerals, the three versions of the dial are white, the center of the cross coordinate highlights the theme of exploring the earth (stainless steel and gold version only), and the wrist The names of the tables echo. The stainless steel version sells for $ 9,800 with a black alligator strap, limited to 300 pieces; the rose gold version sells for $ 20,800 with a brown alligator strap, limited to 800 pieces; the platinum version costs $ 32,000 with a blue alligator strap Belt, limited to 58 pieces.

Dive Watch Player’s Favorite List Blancpain Blancpain Fifty Fathom Series Dive Watch

Who can tell you a watch most vividly? Expert, media or store? They may not be the best candidates. If you want to know the real good and bad of a watch, you can only ask those who watch and buy the watch, wear it from time to time, wear it, and love it. They shared the newly discovered brands, models, and movements through various channels. They participated in various activities organized by watch brands, organized offline exchanges voluntarily, and even went to Switzerland to participate in watch exhibitions. .
   The average person’s impression of a diving watch is often associated with the sport of diving. But in fact, diving watches are not only the standard equipment when diving, sunlight, toughness, and tenacity-watch players continue the sports style represented by diving watches into daily life, demonstrating their extraordinary and extraordinary taste for diving. The tailor-made multiple functions make the ultimate collector go crazy with the extreme precision of machinery. Blancpain, the pioneer of modern diving watches, with its 280 years of watchmaking history and the legendary diving watch series fifty years old that has been deposited for more than 60 years, has a diving wrist that loves watch culture and has enough capital to pay The players listed a list of sincere and sincere enough to make them ecstatic.
Entry player

Blancpain Bathyscaphe Watch (Men’s)
   Blancpain Blanche Capsule 50s Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe watch, which was created in 2014, is a replica of the original Bathyscaphe style from the 1950s. This replica is a perfect entry-level model for diving watch enthusiasts. It inherits many elements of the earlier style, the overall outline is clear and clear, the pointer also adopts the nostalgic traditional rectangular design, and the date information is displayed by a dedicated window hole. The bezel also retains the design features of the original Bathyscaphe style. The quaint atmosphere and fluorescent scale are like stars in the dark environment, which not only ensures readability, but also adds a bright color to the deep underwater world. This Men’s Bathyscaphe uses a 1315 self-winding movement for sports, with a power reserve of up to 120 hours, a 43 mm diameter meteor gray dial with a black three-ring NATO military strap, restrained and elegant. At the same time show a lot of pride.
Female player

Blancpain Bathyscaphe watch (women)
   Most diving watches are often considered exclusively for men because of their tough and sporty image. And this pure and feminine Blancpain Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Submersible Bathyscaphe watch is Blancpain’s ultimate choice for female players. This watch uses the classic ultra-thin 1150 automatic self-winding movement with a power reserve of up to 100 hours. The diameter of the dial is 38 mm. Although it is also equipped with a military strap, the white consistent with the dial just fades away the rough and fortitude. The atmosphere of the watch makes the whole watch soft and soft, and it looks like a dragon. This watch not only enriches the style dimension of the Bathyscaphe family, but also reflects Blancpain’s continuous attention to the development of women’s diving watches. In addition to the same use of silicon hairsprings and liquid metal scales, the white ceramic bezel, case and strap specially designed for women have a pure and gentle temperament, which makes women lovers at first sight.
Advanced player

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series Full Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph
   The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series full-calendar moon phase flyback chronograph is equipped with the new military caliber 66.BF8 from the Fifty Fathoms family, bringing the moon phase function to the deep sea for the first time. The watch’s full-calendar moon phase function, with extraordinary technical elements, can ensure the smooth operation of the watch day and night, allowing the wearer to adjust at any time and place without compromising the stability of the watch. The function of the chronograph watch is controlled by Blancpain’s classic column wheel. The vertical clutch mechanism is used to make the start and stop of chronograph more smooth. At the same time, it also has the flyback timing function, as long as a single button, you can stop the timing, reset to zero, and restart the timing. With so many complicated functions in one dive watch, it is indeed the first choice for advanced players.
Favorite players

Blancpain Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph ‘Hearts in the Sea’ Limited Edition
   For collectors who know a lot about diving watches and have multiple pieces of diving products, a limited edition of 250 pieces are sold worldwide, and they are closely related to the brand “Mind Ocean” charity project Bathpascaphe Flyback Chronograph “Mind ‘Marine’ limited edition, I’m afraid it has been placed on the head row of the heart list, right? This limited edition watch fully inherits the classic elements of the Fifty Fathoms family. It is a fully functional diving chronograph. This watch is equipped with Blancpain’s latest flyback chronograph movement F385. Its movement has a built-in column wheel timing device with a vibration frequency of up to 5 Hz (36,000 times / hour) and a flyback interval of only one tenth of a second, making it an ideal choice for flyback timing. In addition, the F385 movement also uses anti-magnetic silicon hairsprings, while achieving the same excellent anti-magnetic performance, but also allows the movement to get rid of the limitations of the soft iron case. Like all Blancpain’s 35 new movements launched after 2006, the F385 movement is equipped with a cardless hairspring and is equipped with gold fine-tuning screws to achieve precise inertial adjustment of the watch, bringing more time to the watch. Robust performance and more precise adjustment operations. The watch also adds two major diving features, equipped with a sealed chronograph button, which can guarantee 300 meters of water resistance, ensuring the safety of underwater operations. In addition, the watch also has a flyback function, which is particularly useful for divers to achieve rapid decompression timing underwater. In addition to its powerful complication, Blancpain promises to donate 1,000 euros for each watch sold to support major marine environmental protection projects. And each watch purchaser will become a member of the mind of the ocean circle, because they are also adding to the marine environmental protection cause with practical actions. Such a powerful watch with both public interest meaning, how can people not be impressed?
End player

Blancpain 50 噚 X 噚
   Blancpain Blancpain launched the industry’s pinnacle in 2011: Blancpain Blancpain 50 噚 X series watch is definitely the ultimate watch for diving watch players can not miss. Known by the industry as ‘the most professional, the most versatile, and the least error’, X Fathoms inherits the classic characteristics of the Fifty Fathoms watch, which debuted in 1952, and has been endowed with many first inventions, with 6 ‘worlds’ First ‘leading technology, including: 1) mechanical depth sounder up to 90 meters deep, the error is only one meter when the sounding reaches 90 meters; 2) the limit depth pointer, which can record the diving depth at any time; 3 ) A mechanical depth sounder of 0-15 meters running alone, the error is only 30 centimeters when the depth reaches 15 meters; 4) it is the first to carry a 5-minute countdown function, which can be used for decompression stop during ascent 5) The diaphragm of X 噚 pressure sensor is made of liquid metal for the first time-research and test proves that the elasticity and resistance to permanent deformation of liquid metal (Liquidmetal®) make it an ideal material for the diaphragm of pressure sensors; 6) With a complex structure molded rubber strap consisting of 14 connecting parts. In addition, X 噚 top diving watch is also equipped with Blancpain Blancpain 9918B movement. This movement is a refined version of the fifty-calibre classic Calibre1315, with strong power and outstanding performance: the movement is self-winding and has three double barrels built in, which can ensure a power reserve of 5 days; the movement is equipped with silicon The hairspring can effectively cancel the magnetic field interference.

Chopard L.U.C Quattro Watch Is An Iconic Masterpiece Of Contemporary Gentlemen

Chopard reinterprets the iconic L.U.C Quattro of the L.U.C series. This watch is equipped with the L.U.C 98.01-L movement, has a power reserve function of up to 9 days, and is certified by the Swiss official observatory precision timepiece, which is a model of contemporary elegance. The new silver dial has the delicate effect of vertical satin sanding, combined with the elegant and noble 18K rose gold case and the newly created calfskin strap, it presents a new extreme style as a whole. In the simple and elegant style, the new watch contains subtle details designed with ingenuity, creating an advanced, sophisticated and unique timepiece masterpiece.

   The L.U.C Quattro is an important model of the L.U.C series. Chopard’s watchmaking workshops in this category are equipped with a high-grade movement, with a 9-day power reserve and the level of sophistication unique to this class. In addition to its outstanding horological functions, the new L.U.C Quattro watch also has elegant and luxurious features specially designed for highly sophisticated contemporary gentlemen. The well-designed new dial and strap show the modern spirit, combined with the reliable guarantee of the Geneva mark, make this watch an observatory that is not only stylish but also appreciated.
A fusion of simplicity and elegance
   Chopard’s new designs of L.U.C XP and XPS series launched in 2017 have achieved great succession one after another. Following this achievement, Chopard intends to extend this popular aesthetic concept to one of the brand’s flagship models: the L.U.C Quattro. Today, the watch presents a new dial with a very contemporary design and simple style. The entire dial is polished with a vertical silver satin-finished silver dial and cleverly contrasted with blue hands.

   The new watch has a sub-dial at 6 o’clock, following the signature features of the L.U.C Quattro watch. This small dial is equipped with a small second hand and a date display function with hands. The scale design is more detailed and simplified. At 12 o’clock, the power reserve display is subdivided into 9 scales, which echoes up and down symmetrically with the sub-dial. The power reserve display is also the unique design of the L.U.C Quattro watch, with a 180-degree fan-shaped design. The minute scale circle is equipped with large Arabic numerals ‘3’ and ‘9’ at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions, combined with the blue three-dimensional applied hour markers. The shape of the hour markers follows the design of the most distinctive rocket-like pointer of the L.U.C series. The hands are covered with a SuperLumiNova luminous coating.
Exquisite material
   The L.U.C Quattro watch has a total diameter of 43 mm and is crafted in exquisite 18K rose gold. The middle of the case is delicately modified with satin texture. The bezel is polished and the case back is engraved by hand. Its meticulous carving has obtained the strict Geneva mark certification. The exquisite case with a blue calfskin strap with a woven pattern effect is lined with crocodile leather, and its design is unprecedented in the L.U.C series.
Outstanding mechanical masterpiece
   Inside the L.U.C Quattro watch is an innovative movement made by Chopard watchmaking workshop: 98.01-L movement. The mechanism is characterized by the patented Quattro four barrel technology. Two sets of double barrels stacked in series can drive the movement continuously for 216 hours, giving this certified astronomical watch a power reserve of up to 9 days. The movement with a thickness of only 3.7 mm will not be occupied Too much space reveals the slim characteristics of LUC Quattro watches, making it show an unparalleled elegance.

Chopard homemade timepieces

   Chopard is a family-owned company with an independent watchmaking philosophy. Each production step of the L.U.C series is completely completed at the Meyrin and Fleurier production sites within the group. From movement development, finished product design, gold casting, stamping, finishing of the case and movement components, handmade traditional Seiko decoration, surface treatment, polishing, assembly, adjustment to quality control, Chopard is fully capable of internally Skilled in mastering all watchmaking processes and applied to every LUC series watch.

Technical specifications

Chopard L.U.C Quattro
Case: 18K rose gold
Total diameter: 43 mm
Thickness: 8.84 mm
Water resistance: 50 meters
18K Rose Gold Crown with L.U.C Logo 6.50mm
Case middle polished vertical satin sanding
Anti-glare sapphire crystal
The bezel and case are polished and hand-engraved.
Anti-glare sapphire crystal case back
Manual winding mechanical movement L.U.C 98.01-L
Number of parts: 223
Diameter: 28.60 mm
Thickness: 3.70 mm
Number of jewels: 39
Vibration frequency: 28 800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: about 216 hours (9 days)
Four barrels-patented Quattro technology
Bridge decoration Geneva ripple
Gooseneck trimmer
Designed with a Phillip curve at the end of the hairspring
Official Swiss Observatory Accurate Timepiece Certification (COSC)
Seal of Geneva (Poinçon de Genève)
Dial and hands:
Vertical satin-brushed silver dial
Blue time scale
Blue hour and minute hands coated with SuperLuminova
Blue Button-type small seconds, gold-plated Button-type date hands and power reserve indicator hands
Function and display:
Hours and minutes
Small seconds at 6 o’clock and date display
Power reserve display at 12 o’clock
Strap and buckle:
Blue calf leather strap lined with brown alligator leather; or distressed brown calfskin NATO strap with gold-plated buckle
18K Rose Gold Polished Pin Buckle
Model: 161926-5004-18K rose gold style with silver dial
Limited edition of 50 pieces

80-hour Office Workers ‘motivated’ Storage

Imagine a scene: On a Monday morning, I was woken up by an alarm clock in the early spring sun. I thought of a week of busy work right in front of me. I was trying to cheer up and get involved, but I found the time of my watch. Still staying in the afternoon tea time on the weekend, it feels like no power at all in an instant

 Wanting to see the sunshine in the morning on Monday morning and opening your eyes to see the precise time, Tissot’s plan is a luxury series of automatic watches equipped with the Powermatic 80 Automatic movement.

 Powermatic 80 Automatic movement is the crystallization of the cooperation between Tissot and ETA, the world’s largest movement manufacturer. ETA is good at the development of precision movements. This time, the two parties worked together to challenge the precision of the movement to the working family. And power reserve performance, even after a long weekend, can show glory on Monday.

 Traditional mechanical watches usually have a barrel, which stores 36 hours of power when full. This brings the trouble of frequent adjustment of the date and time. This time, Tissot and the ETA Research Center designed a spring barrel with a completely new structure by improving the traditional clockwork structure, thereby increasing the energy reserve of the movement to 80 hours without having to wind it. Tissot and ETA Research Center are also committed to improving the adjustment system to keep the movement of the movement accurate and dynamic; a major factor in maintaining the movement of the movement is the cancellation of the scales in the watch’s original adjustment system. Replacement of innovative technical components. The Tissot Haozhi series automatic mechanical watch equipped with Tissot mechanical power 80 movement has been certified by the Swiss Controle Official Suisse des chronometers (C.O.S.C.), and has become a veritable ‘power’ watch.

 In addition to superior performance, the elegant and noble appearance of the Tissot Hao Zhi series automatic mechanical watch is the icing on the cake. Pure color choices explain its innate classic charm. Dials, cases, hands, scales and straps are cleverly combined with polishing and matte, revealing a simple but not simple confidence; minimalist dials and watches The sides of the case are surrounded by three-dimensional small squares. The beautiful and elegant grid design highlights Tissot’s intentions and taste in the details. It is a low-key luxury philosophy. It is worth mentioning that this watch is For the first time on the hammer, a divergent water ripple pattern is used, which exudes elegant charm and unique design.

Technical Parameters:

-Swiss-made new mechanical power 80 self-winding mechanical movement, independently certified by the Swiss Observatory Official Test Organization (COSC)
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
-316L stainless steel case with transparent case back
-Water resistance to 5 bar (50 m / 165 ft)
-316L stainless steel strap with safety buckle
-Leather strap with push-button folding clasp
-Gold models with PVD coating

New Fifty Fathoms Series: Strong Combination Of Red Gold Case And Ceramic Dial

Since its official production and listing in 1953, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms has always led the development of diving watches in the industry. Today, Blancpain re-interprets this iconic diver’s watch, launching the new 2019 watch while retaining its sporting qualities and excellent diving performance; the strong combination of red gold case and ceramic dial reflects cutting-edge technology At the same time, it adds ultra-stylish flavor to the watch.

 The Fifty Fathoms series is Blancpain’s most groundbreaking collection. The Fifty Fathoms series has a new historical gene of glory, which meets every expectation of fans who are obsessed with diving and water sports. This year, Blancpain re-launched the trend-setting new Fifty Fathoms model, equipped with this luxurious satin-finished matte red gold case; this striking blue ceramic dial was also presented for the first time on May. Ten 噚 series. The unique combination of luxurious materials and charming colors makes this new Fifty Fathoms watch a must-have for both fashionable and tech fans. As early as the creation of the bezel for the deep dive Bathyscaphe watch, Blancpain has used ceramic technology and discovered their many advantages over other materials. Ceramic materials are of superior quality, and their hardness is at least six times that of stainless steel, which also gives them super stability and a lifetime with rich color. Although the production and processing of ceramics is very cumbersome, because of its extraordinary dark luster, Blancpain insists on the use of ceramic materials to give this new Fifty Fathoms watch a glamorous shimmering dark blue dial and a central sun. Radial pattern dial and matt dial scale ring contrast. At a glance, the exclusive features of the Fifty Fathoms watch are highly recognizable: numbers, hour markers, hands coated with luminous material, curved scratch-resistant sapphire glass and unidirectional rotating bezel are reminiscent of five Ten elements of the classic series. Based on the brand’s more than sixty years of professional experience in diving, all of these designs are designed to ensure that the watch is not afraid of the environmental challenges and ensure that the watch is legible under all circumstances.

 This new Fifty Fathoms watch is equipped with a movement of 1315 and a 45 mm diameter case, which is water-resistant to 300 meters. The 1315 movement is designed for luxury sports watches, which can meet the wearer’s pursuit of precision and high performance. Blancpain also specially equipped the movement with an expensive solid red gold rotor, which has a power reserve of up to five days after being fully wound. This oscillating weight is entirely based on the historical style of the Fifty Fathoms series. Its structure guarantees the flexible performance of the oscillating weight and ensures that the movement is protected from potential impact.

 A ceramic dial with cutting-edge craftsmanship combined with a luxurious and exquisite red gold case and a finely polished movement, the new Fifty Fathoms series watch is equipped with a trendy blue calfskin strap, showing the deepness of Blancpain and the vast ocean Love.

  What is Time to Move: Last year, Swatch Group
Group) announced its withdrawal from Baselworld 2019. Then from May 14th to 16th this year, Swatch Group (Swatch
Group) ‘s six high-end brands: Breguet, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Jaquet Droz, Glashütte Original, Omega OMEGA, jointly held a new product launch exhibition in Switzerland, exhibited This year’s brand new models, and at the same time invite nearly 200 media worldwide to participate.

Victorinox Dive Master 500 Debut-news Victorinox Swiss Army

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand, VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY launched a limited-edition titanium diving watch, becoming the first limited-edition model of the Dive Master series. The limited edition of 500 dive watches has a unique 43 mm diameter case, which is driven by a self-winding chronograph mechanical movement. The 2014 Dive Master 500 is a grand appearance, reflecting the highest level of durability and reliability.
Rugged, reliable function is a must for every VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY watch. The Dive Master 500 takes the two watchmaking philosophies a step further and creates durable, time-honored masterpieces with extremely tough materials. The diving computer has passed the rigorous tests of many famous watch experts and is the most durable king of its class. If you want to make an analogy, this diving computer is called the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ in the diving table.

Dive Master 500 titanium limited edition (limited to 500 pieces)

In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Zhiqing brand’s entry into the altar, VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY launched a special edition Dive Master 500, a new model of limited production of 500 pieces, equipped with a number of unique features, including a 43 mm gray case made of grade 2 titanium, Sandblasted finish with matching titanium sandblasted strap. The dial is also plain gray, adding a strong design aesthetic to the chronograph. The watch stands out from the rest, surpassing the aesthetic design category, and even more in the name of Dive Master 500, which perfectly interprets the true meaning of diving watches.
When designing the technical specifications and display functions of the watch, the brand did not forget to echo the underwater environment. Among them, the hour markers and hands, the right rim of the watch, the 20-minute curved display, the outer frame of the round timer at 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and the 20-minute graduation specially added to the unidirectional rotating bezel, All are processed by luminous coating to further maximize the technical functions of the diving watch, creating a masterpiece that is peerless. In addition, the luminous coating on the timer glows blue in the dark, forming a subtle contrast with other time scales that still maintain a faint green light, making watch watches with original details subtle. There are two major highlights: a helium valve is located at 9 o’clock in the center of the case, and the chronograph second hand is a bright red ‘Swiss Army Knife’, which draws attention.

Dive Master 500 titanium limited edition luminous coating glows blue in the dark

Dive Master 500 is the brand’s first model equipped with ETA 2894-2 automatic mechanical movement. Its magnificent and detailed structure can be carefully watched through the sapphire crystal back cover. The movement with excellent functions has enabled Dive Master not only to advance into the ranks of orthodox diving chronographs, but also to become a companion and witness to life.

Breaking The Dimensional Wall Of Architecture And Watchmaking “Inspiration From Architecture” Mido Limited Edition Watch Brief Comment

Architecture and watchmaking are two-dimensional worlds. The magnificence of architecture is obviously different from the microcosm of watchmaking. In addition to paying attention to materials and structures, architecture is also about thinking from an artistic perspective. It reflects the aesthetics and regional culture of an era, and watchmaking is a combination of beauty and practicality, which is a meticulous attention to time. Perhaps we have never thought of what kind of bridge between architecture and watchmaking, so that they can be spiritually compatible with each other. However, Swiss Mido finds commonality. They all come from history and gradually become classics. They all explore the future. , Also represent lasting value. Therefore, Mido broke the dimension wall of architecture and watchmaking and brought a series of excellent watches, such as Mido Big Ben Limited Edition, Great Wall series watches, and Mido’s ‘source of inspiration’ which we will introduce to you in detail today. In Architecture ‘limited edition watch.

   The relationship between Mido and architecture has a long history. When interviewing Mr. Franz Linder, the global president of Mido, he said that there are actually two series of Mido. One is a watch designed according to the structure of the building. Similarities; there is also a watch designed according to the image of the building, you can not see the obvious characteristics of a certain building. Mido’s ‘inspired by architecture’ limited edition watch clearly belongs to the former.

   In 2016, in order to find new inspirational buildings, Mido launched a global event. A total of 60 buildings were selected from 12 cities. After online selection, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, USA became Mido’s new inspirational buildings. . In March 2017, a sample of Mido’s ‘inspired by architecture’ limited edition watch appeared at the Basel watch exhibition. Unlike all of Mido’s watch designs, it is unique, unique, concise and concise, for me Impressed.

   This watch is designed with a stainless steel case. The shape of the case follows the line of the spiral building of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, USA. Therefore, we see that there is a circle of grooves on the side of the case. Curved space designed with skylights in the internal exhibition area of ​​the Guggenheim Museum. The case as a whole has a narrow structure, which is also an iconic feature of the Guggenheim Museum.

   The Guggenheim Museum designed by the famous architectural designer Wright is subversive because in addition to the building itself is unique, its exhibition guidance is also unique. There is a straight ladder inside the building. The exhibition starts from the top and slowly descends along the spiral curve. The open space can directly and simply “communicate” with the opposite friends. The center of the first floor of the exhibition hall is the core area of ​​the exhibition. . This approach itself subverts the order of traditional museum exhibitions. ‘Inspired by architecture’ limited edition watch, through the image of the case structure, reflects the creative intention of this architectural art.

   Of course, in addition to the case structure, we can see that the dial has a strong taste of the Guggenheim Museum. There are 12 time marks on the dial. The time mark area is presented in the style of ‘petal’, which is very beautiful. This style is also derived from the dome skylight of the Guggenheim Museum. What’s more interesting is that although the original Guggenheim Museum had a glass dome on the design, it was closed when it was built. Later, the dome was turned into a glass skylight for restoration, which is what we see now.

   At the edge of the dial, Mido special laser etched the English logo ‘INSPIRED BY ARCHITECTURE’, which is inspired by architecture.

   Another interesting point is that Mido redesigned the crown to match the shape of the case. Mido gave it a beautiful name-a conch-style crown. The crown is lined with rubber, which makes it easy to adjust the watch and feels great. At the same time, with the crown tightness, the watch can reach 50 meters of life waterproof performance.

   Due to the special case type, Mido needs a matching leather strap with an integrated black leather strap with inner padding and a fixed curvature on the inside to fit the weight of the case and support the weight of the case. The strap is flexible and comfortable, with a pin buckle.

   The shape and contours that echo the Guggenheim Museum have created a watch with outstanding recognition and appreciation. Of course, a good watch must also have a good movement for endorsement. As the annual limited edition masterpiece of the Mido brand, the watch is equipped with a Caliber 80 Si automatic winding movement, an 80-hour power reserve, a silicon hairspring, magnetic resistance and shock resistance, and enhanced the ability of the movement to run stably. What’s more, this watch is certified by COSC, which complies with COSC standards for position difference, temperature difference and travel time accuracy.

   The pleasant appearance design and good strap style make this watch somewhat pleasant to wear. It is very stylish, but not old-fashioned, but because of the Guggenheim Museum, it is more elegant and artistic. Of course, all this needs to be based on its good quality. After measurement, the performance of the watch in all directions is good. The standard certified by the observatory is daily error -4 / + 6 seconds, and the accuracy of this watch is satisfactory. .

Summary: From the perspective of wearing comfort, movement quality, design personality, and the meaning of the watch itself, this is a very outstanding watch, which is why it is so popular. It is very important that It is limited to 500 pieces and a total of 180 pieces in China. The scarcity and limitedness represent its uniqueness and value. Breaking the dimension wall of architecture and watchmaking, Mido’s ‘inspired by architecture’ limited edition watch is obviously a sincere work.

Blessings To Adults, The First Rado Swiss Radar Table In Life

Passionate and enthusiastic June, the verdant years spent on campus are about to draw a complete period. Life is ushered in a new milestone as it matures. The innocence that goes with growth deserves to be remembered forever by time. As teenagers entering the adult world are about to face unknown challenges and opportunities in the society, why not turn that unchanging original heart into passion and courage, and set off on a new journey of life. RADO carefully selects the True series of high-tech ceramic watches, and wishes a good blessing to every adult, bringing you the lasting companionship with the first Swiss radar watch in life.

 The RADO True series is made of high-tech ceramics. It brings lightness and wear resistance. The new three-row bracelet is flexible and comfortable to fit, bringing gentleness to the wrist Wearing experience. It is like a loyal “friend” on your wrist, to accompany you to experience the joy and sorrow of adult life, and always remind yourself to keep a rare “true” me in time training.

 True series black watch dial design is simple and atmospheric, with shining gold elements, brings a sparkle to every day of life; True series white watch overall design is graceful and charming, bringing a delicate to every day of life . Both watches are equipped with automatic mechanical movements with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, which can easily help you navigate a variety of occasions in the workplace and show your truest self.
 RADO True series of high-tech ceramic watches-a pure ‘true’ shining on the wrist.

Towards The End Of The Year, Will You Give Your Fashion A Good Look?

In a blink of an eye, it is almost November, which means that the year is almost coming to an end. Have you achieved the small goals set at the beginning of the year? There isn’t a hundred million. I think I can find a fashion good for myself by the end of the year. It should still be possible. For you who love beauty, whether you already have a heart or have no choice yet, come and come, today we will give you a choice.
Chanel CODE COCO Series H5144

Model: H5144
Domestic public price: 38900
Watch diameter: 38.1 x 21.5 mm
Case thickness: 7.8 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Watch details: Coco series. To be honest, when this series of watches was just released, it did not attract much attention from me, but slowly seeing more and more girls are adored by it, and how many Attentive. Then there are a lot of stars to get started with Meitu big PK, but it gets more and more eye-catching. The buckle in the middle of the dial is derived from the 2.55 handbag designed by Miss Chanel for herself in February 1955. It can be rotated and lively in Chanel style. The upper part is set with a diamond, which is very chic. In general, this watch is very interesting because it has a strong Chanel style, while taking into account the watch and bracelet design.
Cartier tank series WSTA0016

Product model: WSTA0016
Domestic public price: 29900
Watch diameter: 34.80 x 19.00 mm
Case thickness: 7.10 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: COD series W040185WW00

Product model: W040185WW00
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Case material: Stainless steel
Watch details: Cod. Its design comes from the saddle shape, which is consistent with the origin of Hermès. At the same time, the double-circle strap design of this watch is very individual, and it is a fashionable element that fashion lovers love.
Summary: The senior players in the fashion empire provide their own unique tastes of life. They are not chosen simply because of how attractive the design is, but because of the taste of the brand behind it, it is exciting and can even become a member of the brand club. How many girls wish. Seeing the end of the year, it’s time to consider how to reward yourself this year. If you don’t think about it, come with a watch.

Blancpain And Lauren Ballesta Talk About The History Of Coelacanth Fish In South Africa

Recently, Blancpain Blancpain held a special event, which was attended by biologist and underwater photographer Lauren Ballesta. The brand supports its Gombessa expedition research program for the sixth consecutive year. During the event, Blancpain and partner Elegance welcomed the arrival of many guests at the luxurious reception venue in the center of Johannesburg, South Africa.

 On the evening of the event, Lauren Ballesta gave an opening speech, and he described in detail the development of the coelacanth expedition research program. The project started in 2013 and aims to conduct in-depth research on the habitat of deepwater coelacanths in South Africa. Lauren Ballesta fascinated the guests with wonderful pictures of the research, scientific results, and other data that were first released.

 Coelacanth, known as Gombessa in the local dialect, is a rather rare prehistoric fish that lived in areas more than 100 meters deep and was thought to have become extinct 70 million years ago. After two years of comprehensive preparation, Lauren Ballesta and his team once again explored this legendary creature and conducted a series of direct observation activities in vivo. The success of the first expedition strongly pushed forward the entire coelacanth expedition research program. Today, the project consists of four missions that work together to conduct in-depth research into the world’s rarest and primitive marine ecosystem.