Building Dreams, Spreading Hopes The 10th Anniversary Of Mido Charity, Opening A New Chapter For Left-behind Children Care Program

Meitu has been committed to charity projects for many years, insisting on sending love and blessings to children in impoverished mountain areas. Now it is welcoming a significant tenth anniversary. In 2017, the Swiss Mido Group continued to gather together for love. Together with the China Social Welfare Foundation “Love School”, it started a design and renovation project for the Hope Primary School in poor mountainous areas to improve the learning and growth environment for children in mountainous areas. Swiss Mido has always adhered to the brand motto of “Inspiration comes from architecture”, and also insists on being the founder of dreams: the tenth anniversary is just the beginning. In countless decades in the future, Swiss Mido will continue its charitable journey Go with love!

Children get together happily on the renovated schoolhouse grass

   On September 26, 2017, the children of Jiutiandong Nursery Elementary School in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province ushered in a long-awaited big day-a new school was officially completed. In collaboration with the China Social Welfare Foundation, ‘Meiyue School’, Swiss Mido Group held a grand ceremony to complete the school renovation project in the construction of a new school building. This exciting inauguration ceremony is also the best commemoration and recognition of the tenth anniversary of Mido Charity. Since 2008, Mido has been committed to conducting charity projects to help children in poor mountainous areas build their growth path. Today, the Swiss Mido Charity Project is celebrating its tenth anniversary in its continuous development. For ten years, Swiss Mido has adhered to the production attitude of taking inspiration from outstanding buildings around the world and reappearing it on the wrist. It has also integrated this distinguished brand spirit into charity activities and became a place with scarce education resources. Children beacon on the road of growth.

Jiutiandong Nursery Hope Primary School Mido Library Shiningly Revealed After Transformation

   At the inauguration ceremony of Zhangjiajie Jiutiandong Nursery School Primary School Reconstruction Project in Hunan Province, representatives of all parties collaborated with Mr. Wang Pingzhong, the chief designer of the “Love School” project, and other caring designers to witness the importance of dreams becoming reality. time. At the same time, the long-awaited ‘Meitu Library’ was unveiled at the inauguration ceremony, which also became a significant moment for the ‘Tenth Anniversary of Meitu Watch Charity in Switzerland’. Mr. Wang Pingzhong, a caring designer, said in an interview with the media at the inauguration ceremony, ‘Love and hope need endless continuity. Therefore, there should not be an end to charity. Thank you for this support and dedication. In the future, it will be even more exciting. ‘

Jiutiandong Nursery Hope Primary School Mido Library Nameplate

   The “Love for School” charity project was initiated by a number of designers in the design industry in conjunction with the China Social Welfare Foundation. By redesigning and transforming the Hope Primary School in poor mountainous areas, it will build and enhance the growth environment and living environment for children. The site of this charity project is the old and humble Jiutiandong Nursery Hope Primary School surrounded by mountains in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province. The elementary school was established in 1992. It currently has three grades, 39 students and 2 teachers. There are only three classrooms in the teaching building and the area is less than 280 square meters. After months of careful design and renovation, the classrooms at Jiutiandong Nursery Elementary School are neat, bright, and well-equipped; the ‘Medu Library’ has a relaxed and comfortable reading atmosphere and a rich collection of books; transforming a new playground is more like the joy of children The garden was filled with laughter. At the inauguration ceremony, representatives of all parties and the main designer of the project, Mr. Wang Pingzhong, also planted a ‘tree of hope’ in the nursery elementary school, hoping that this project can sow the seeds of knowledge for the left-behind children in the mountainous areas and transfer spiritual wealth. Give them the courage to chase their dreams and hope that they will fearlessly move forward in their future lives.

Children playing in front of Mido Reading Room

   As a public-funded brand for the project, Swiss Mido has been in contact with the project’s chief designer Mr. Wang Pingzhong and the main members of the project since November 2016. I hope to be able to help the project planning, material collection, and material Preparation and transportation make every effort. At the same time, the charitable act of the brand “Meitu Library”, which has continued for many years, was implemented into the renovation plan of the nursery school. Swiss Mido hopes to integrate the brand concept of “Inspiration from Architecture” into the implementation process of the Hope Elementary School Reconstruction Project. Through brick and tile physical building design, it will create a better learning and growth for children in poor mountainous areas. surroundings. In this way, they can inspire children’s creative inspiration and subjective initiative, improve their comprehensive ability, and build a better future for children.

Swiss Mido watch ‘Inspired by Architecture’ manuscript-from ‘Love School’

   For children, ten years is a period of rapid growth, and the same is true for the Swiss Mido Charity Charity Project. From the original Swiss Mido Volunteers went to poor mountainous areas to send books and love to children; to lead mountainous children out of the mountains and come to experience the life in the city; to date, they have participated in the design of a charity project for the “Love School” The left-behind children transformed a brand-new ‘Meitu Library’. In this ten-year charity road, the Swiss Mido Watch has continuously harvested and made continuous progress, persisting in conveying the original heart of hope and love, and giving continuous care to the children in poor mountain areas.

Representatives of all parties took a group photo with Mr. Wang Pingzhong, the chief designer of the project of “Love School”, and other caring designers

   At the same time, I sincerely thank Mr. Wang Pingzhong and all the members of the ‘Love’ project for their persistence and hard work. Good works require everyone to work together to be more powerful. Swiss Mido will continue on the road of charity and look forward to ushering in more ten years. I hope that through the power of the brand, the seeds of charity will be sown into warm and kind hearts, let them take root and grow into a towering tree, and sprinkle a shade for children in need!

Earl Polo Forty Five Titanium Automatic Winding Mechanical Watch

At first glance at the dial of this watch, there is a strong sense of oldness, which echoes the titanium case of the Polo Forty Five series. Equipped with Piaget 800P movement with black PVD treatment, black openwork dial with luminous time scale and large red Arabic numerals, limited to 500 pieces

   As we have seen in the past period (especially on this year’s BASALWORLD), the two materials of titanium and high-tech ceramics have become very popular in the watch industry today. In fact, not only watches, they also gather in the jewelry industry. It became quite popular.
   As we all know, titanium and high-tech ceramics are very hard, leaving no scratches like precious metals and stainless steel. Ceramic is the same as new no matter how long it is used, while titanium is new and not new, and old is not too old. First of all, it gives a lasting, eternal feeling.

   Compared with ceramics, titanium has a completely opposite texture to traditional luxury products: traditional luxury products, no matter which leather, fabric, precious metal, or polished stainless steel is used to induce consumers to produce The strong preference of the so-called ‘this is best’ and ‘it must be it’ is for the purpose. But the ideal of using titanium metal to make watches does not lie in this. What it wants to do is to give consumers a feeling of ‘this is good’, similar to the design effect of ‘MUJI’.

   Of course, ‘just like this’ is not a requirement for quality. For example, people think that Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin and Piaget, which are famous for making high-end and precious metal watches, have successively developed titanium styles in recent years. This is obviously not to use cheap materials in order to reduce costs, nor is it to reduce the price to simplify the production process. On the contrary, these non-precious metal watches have a very high level of production, raising the feeling of ‘this is good’ to a unique level of taste, and the price is almost limited compared to gold watches. Moreover, they still adopt the usual luxury approach: use novel materials to emphasize their uniqueness, advertise their value through limited production, and create loyal consumers willing to accept their prices as their ultimate goal.

Passion Italy-blancpain 2013 Endurance Series

Blancpain Blancpain endurance series has been favored for its passionate speed racing and magnificent competition scale, and has long been ranked as the world’s most watched GT endurance throne. In 2013, the event was supported and reported by Eurosport TV. This weekend, 60 GT3 cars gathered at the Monza circuit in Italy, which has gained fame in recent years. The longest starting line in the race opened the gorgeous curtain of this grand event.

Blancpain Blanche will bid farewell to the endless winter with this wonderful event in Monza in clear skies. It is believed that guests and drivers will have an unforgettable feast, whether inside or outside the arena.
This year, Blancpain debuted with its brand’s iconic black and white for the first time, and its president and CEO Marc A. Hayek and teammate Peter Kox continued to be affectionate. Effective, driving a new No. 24 Lamborghini Gallardo in Monza. After three hours of speed, the Kessel Racing team driving the Ferrari 458 Italia won the professional championship, while the AF Corse team won the championship in the professional amateur pairing competition.

For further in-depth coverage of the Blancpain Endurance Series and the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Super Challenge, Eurosport International will present highlight highlights of all 2013 events. With the Blancpain endurance series reaching another record high, the event sponsor SRO Motorsports Group (SRO) and the title sponsor Blancpain Blancpain teamed up to present fans with a wonderful event this season. After the end of the fourth round of the five-round event, the grand event was played on Tuesday evening for 52 minutes. The program covered all the ups and downs of the three-hour peak event and the thrilling winds. In addition, Eurosport 2 broadcasts all matches late at night and replays each match the next morning. Eurosport has an extensive channel network, which is broadcast in 59 countries around the world through 20 different languages, and is one of the world’s highest-rated professional sports channels.

Stephane Ratel, founder and CEO of SRO Motorsports Group (SRO): ‘Motorsport fans are no stranger to Eurosport. For over 20 years, the channel has been a supporter of top international racing cars. Blancpain 2013 The Perth Endurance Series has attracted many outstanding teams, great racers, and internationally renowned brands, and they all look forward to showing their strength in the race. Such a luxurious and huge lineup is simply incredible. Audiences around the world Everyone has a chance to see the style of the event. Because the drivers are from all over the world, the number of spectators in this endurance series will reach a new record. ‘

Blancain Blancpain Global Vice President and Marketing Director Alain Delamuraz: ‘The third season of the Blancpain Endurance Series has begun. The European Sports report is very important for the event. The participating teams and The number of drivers is increasing. This luxurious and huge lineup is unique to Blancpain Endurance Series. The competition is very fierce from beginning to end. The new TV viewers can watch the event through the European sports station. I believe they can also experience Blancpain. The international style of the Blancpain Endurance Series will definitely have a lot of fun while watching the event. ‘

Longqin Watches For Valentine’s Day And Valentine’s Day. Exquisite And Elegant Timepieces Continue To Write ‘romantic Life, Qinse Harmony’

The beauty of love lies in the sudden enthusiasm of the moment, in the support of the relatives, and in the long-lasting strength of the ordinary time. Longines, a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, continues the brand’s tribute to true love. On the occasion of the Spring Festival and romantic Valentine’s Day, we select the Rosewood series and the Daichaouina series for couples, with a refined and elegant appearance and precise and outstanding Performance outlines the boundless longing for a beautiful life, witnesses the moving moment of eternal true love between the ticks of time and seconds, and continues to write the beautiful wish of ‘Romantic Life, Harmonious Harmony’.

Rosewood Rose Gold Couple Pairs: Elegant and Chic interpretation of the subtle beauty of time
   The protection of time has witnessed the beautiful marriage in the world, and has created a long-lasting true love like a long stream of water. However, perhaps only when the passionate feelings sublime into the warmth of the family, can the true witness experience the true meaning of life. The Longines Rosewood Fashion Rose Gold Couple Pair is specially selected for couples who know how to appreciate the beauty of the years. The atmospheric but unobtrusive design, coupled with the warm and charming rose gold color, outlines the time-honored changes. Touching, will love the beautiful life hand in hand with clocks and watches.
Longines Watch Rosewood Fashion Rose Gold Men’s Watch With its ultra-thin and streamlined design, it fully reflects the elegant and subtle style of Longines. The elegant and chic watch design inherits the simplicity and classic style. The ultra-thin surface thickness perfectly matches the diameter of 34.5 mm. The 18K rose gold case and black alligator leather strap are in line with the subtle and gentlemanly attitude. A concise and clear Roman numeral scale is like a footnote to the past happy times, recording the sweet moments of a lifetime. The companion women’s models perfectly interpret the gentleness and delicateness of women with exquisite details, exuding unparalleled elegance and charm, and the rose gold that complements the men’s models also implies true love that will never fade. Thousands of words, turned into a touch of elegance and magnificence on the wrist, inadvertently compose a moving praise of true love.
Dai Chuo Wiener series stainless steel rose gold diamond couple watch: exquisite and bright decoration sweet life

   ‘Romantic life, harmony and harmony’, Longines watch the true meaning of love once again condenses sweet inspiration, and is known for its modern elegance, Dai Chuo Weiner series stainless steel rose gold diamond couple watch as a special gift in the special festival. The design of the Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series is inspired by the Italian joyful lifestyle-la dolce vita (sweet life). The warmth of rose gold, combined with dazzling diamonds, has also created the exquisite brilliance of the Dai Chuo Wiener series, which seems to break the ray of hot sunlight in the quiet winter. The couple seems to be in the Roman Forum under the sun, enjoying the tranquility and comfort of the shady terrace in the town, and exquisite taste of Italian cuisine and desserts …
   Longines Dai Chuo Wei Na series stainless steel rose gold diamond ladies watch with L178 quartz movement, silver plated halo pattern enamel dial decorated with 11 blue Roman numerals, blue stainless steel hands indicate hours and minutes, 6 o’clock position With small seconds. The bezel is adorned with 32 0.269-carat top Wesselton VVS diamonds. The pointer on her wrist ticked, like a whisper in a lover’s whisper, which made her raise her hands to show the graceful beauty of grace. The men’s model has a similar design, smooth rectangular lines and harmonious case proportions, combined with a delicate dial, which reminds him of his generous arms in love, which explains the unique wisdom and wisdom of men in details Glamour adds a touch of warmth to the romantic season.
[Watch description]

Longines Magnificent Series Fashionable Rose Gold Men’s Watch Watch Number: L4.778.8.11.0 Price: RMB 25,900
The Longines Rosewood Fashion Rose Gold Men’s Watch with its ultra-thin and streamlined design fully reflects the elegant and subtle style of Longines. 18K rose gold case with built-in L619 self-winding movement with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of 42 hours. It is protected by anti-reflective and hard-wearing sapphire crystal. The pure white surface is provided with Roman numerals. The diameter of the dial is 34.5mm. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock. The black crocodile leather strap has both rigidity and flexibility, and is waterproof to 30 meters.

Longines Magnificent Collection Fashion Rose Gold Women’s Watch Watch Number: L4.378.8.11.0 Price: RMB 24,200
The Longines Rosewood Fashion Rose Gold Women’s Watch adopts an ultra-thin and streamlined design. The elegant details perfectly interpret the gentleness and delicateness of women. 18K rose gold case with built-in L595 self-winding movement with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of 40 hours. Protected by anti-reflective and hard-to-wear sapphire crystals, with a Roman numeral scale on a pure white surface, a dial diameter of 27.2mm, and a date display at 3 o’clock. The black crocodile leather strap has both rigidity and flexibility, and is waterproof to 30 meters.
Longines Dai Chuo Wiener Series Stainless Steel Rose Gold Diamond Women’s Watch Watch Number: L5. Price: RMB 35,900
The Longines Dai Chuo Wei Na series is created for elegant women who love and long for Italian sweet life. This stainless steel rose gold quartz watch (calibre L178) is decorated with 32 0.269-carat top Wesselton VVS diamonds. The sparkle of diamonds highlights the beautiful rectangular design and harmonious case ratio. The silver-plated halo-patterned enamel dial is decorated with 11 blue Roman numerals, the blue steel hands indicate the hours and minutes, and a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock. This elegant and modern model is equipped with a stainless steel rose gold bracelet. Water-resistant to 3 atmospheric pressures (30 meters).
Longines Dai Chuo Wei Na series stainless steel rose gold diamond men’s watch watch number: L5.655.5.79.7 not priced
This Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series stainless steel rose gold diamond men’s watch, equipped with L176 quartz movement, decorated with 36 top Wesselton VVS high-quality diamonds, the diamond light shines out to highlight the beautiful rectangular design and harmony Case ratio. The silver-plated halo-patterned enamel dial is decorated with 11 blue Roman numerals, the blue stainless steel hands indicate the hours and minutes, and a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock shows the details of the man’s unique wisdom and charm. This elegant and modern model is equipped with a stainless steel rose gold bracelet. Water-resistant to 3 atmospheric pressures (30 meters).

Three-dimensional Tourbillon Makes The Bi-wing System More Divided Jaeger-lecoultre Duomètre Dual-axis Tourbillon

At first, when you saw the tourbillon structure of Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon, it is inevitable to think of Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon 1 spherical tourbillon released in 2004, and a spherical aluminum alloy frame with a solid tourbillon outer 60 One second rotation, one second frame at an angle of 90 ° to the outer ring, one second rotation in 24 seconds; ”08 Tourbillon No. 2 was mounted on the square Reverso series, and a cylindrical spring was used to improve isochronism The rotation period of the frame was also accelerated to 18.75 seconds, and it was arguably the fastest tourbillon in the world at the time of publication.

The 9 o’clock tourbillon is tilted at 20 ° with two axes, the outer titanium frame rotates for 30 seconds, the inner escapement rotates for 15 seconds, and a cylindrical hairspring is used to improve the stability of the balance wheel.

Feature one: cylindrical hairspring helps to improve travel time accuracy
This Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon uses the technology and concept of making ultra-complex tourbillon in the past. Its dual-axis tourbillon at 9 o’clock is inclined at 20 ° on both axes, and the three-dimensional titanium metal frame on the outer ring rotates once every 30 seconds. The internal escapement system runs at a speed of one revolution every 15 seconds at the same time, and the speed is much faster than the general tourbillon, and the visual dynamics are more flexible. In addition, a cylindrical hairspring is used. The end curves of the head and tail of the hairspring can cause the hairspring to vibrate in a concentric circle. Due to the large volume of the cylindrical hairspring, it was mostly used for boat clocks or pocket watches, but its isochronism is better Generally flat hairsprings and even Breguet hairsprings were transplanted to watches to test the production technology.

The eccentric dial at 3 o’clock can read the local hour, minute and date information, and the small dial at 12 o’clock shows the second time, which is relatively practical.

Feature two: more accurate than the general tourbillon
The highlights of the Duomètre series include the dual power system. The Cal. 382 is equipped with two barrels. One is designed to provide escapement power and the other is to provide all indication functions. The box is wound. Thanks to the dual-wing system, Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon has the function of resetting the second hand at 6 o’clock, and it can be reset to zero by pressing the pusher at 2 o’clock, but the escapement system will continue to operate, so the tourbillon still It will continue to rotate, to avoid the slight error that may occur before the balance wheel is stopped and restarted before returning to the original normal vibration frequency.

Two barrels on the left and right of Cal. 382. The central ratchet is engraved with gold lettering to indicate the power. The plywood is decorated with the classic sunburst sanding of the Jaeger-LeCoultre movement.

Feature 3: There are two places to watch
Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon dual-axis tourbillon dual-power supply Although it is no longer as clear as the first series in the general travel time and complex timing power is so clear barriers, but the dial design also roughly continues the relative concept of the two wings, the dial at 3 o’clock includes Hours, minutes, and dates are displayed. Compared to the dual-axis flying tourbillon at 9 o’clock, about 12 o’clock is second place time, 6 o’clock is small seconds, and the mobile display is moved to the 1, 4 o’clock position.

Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon

Platinum material / 382 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds, date display / dual axis tourbillon device / dual time display / dual power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 20 meters / diameter 42mm / Limited to 75 pieces

The Next Wave! Ulysse Nardin Athens Watches Launch A New 42 Mm Diver Diving Watch

TheNextWave! The new modern 42mm Diver diving watch is not only suitable for professional sports wear, but also can meet the needs of daily urban life. The Athens watch launched a shark-inspired diving watch series in September, and the new product represented by the Diverblueshark diving watch also added more options to the series.

   Thanks to the launch of the new 42 mm ‘three-pin’ Diver diving watch from Athens, the DiverChronometer diving watch series has also been re-launched. Its concave bezel and sapphire crystal are in line with the 44mm model launched in September, but at the same time, it also adds a simple dial, retro beige color tone, and replaced the small second dial design with a large central second hand. A new retro style. The design inspiration of the 42mm Diver is derived from the brand’s “DiverLeLocle” in 1964. The dial is also decorated with the geographical coordinates of LeLocle (the brand’s birthplace in 1846).

   The new watch brings together the characteristics of all diving watches: the bezel 0 scale, hands and rotating bezel are covered with Superluminova luminous coating, which can easily grasp the time even in the dim environment; the waterproof depth reaches 300 meters. The exterior of the watch showcases the classic design of a diving watch in the mid-twentieth century, while the interior uses advanced technology from the twenty-first century, such as the silicon material first introduced by the Athenian watchmaking industry. The slender shape of the watch can be easily hidden under the shirt, and there are also a variety of straps to choose from: blue fabric, black calfskin, stainless steel three-bead bracelet and the first stainless steel Milanese bracelet launched by the Athens watch.

   The Milanese bracelet is charming and elegant, skin-friendly and comfortable while being sturdy and durable. It has even been dubbed as ‘the solid anti-shark’, which is the most comprehensive one in the classic strap selection. As the first attempt of the Athenian watch, the brand chose a thicker stainless steel mesh material, after tedious manual processing and retro butterfly buckle. In the end, it presents an elegant temperament that is completely different from other metal bracelets, fashionable and modern, and at the same time strong and reliable.
DiverBlueShark Limited Edition

   The star model in the new series is equipped with a blue PVD stainless steel bezel and a blue dial, and is decorated with a bright orange band. The back of the case is embossed with the blue shark pattern. It is limited to 300 pieces, and its brother 44 mm The DiverGreatWhite diver’s watch compliments each other.
   The price is reasonable and the wearing is particularly comfortable. The new product launched by Athens Watch once again demonstrates its position in the field of marine timepiece manufacturing, and also shows the firm faith of the brand to go forward and ride the waves.
Technical Information

Blue dial and fabric strap: 8163-175 / 93

Black dial and calfskin strap: 8163-175 / 92

Blue dial, Milanese strap: 8163-175-7MIL / 93

Black dial, Milanese strap: 8163-175-7MIL / 92

Blue Shark Limited Edition: 8163-175LE / 93-BLUESHARK

Optional metal bracelet: black dial, metal bracelet: 8163-175-7M / 92
Blue dial and metal bracelet: 8163-175-7M / 93
Movement: UN-816 movement
Function: hour, minute, second display
Self-winding movement
Date display at 6 o’clock
Power reserve: 42 hours
Case: stainless steel
Bezel: counterclockwise unidirectional rotating bezel
Table diameter: 42 mm
Dial: Sandblasted dial
Water resistance: 300 meters
Case back: carved anchor or blue shark
Strap: fabric, calf leather, stainless steel Milanese strap or stainless steel three-bead bracelet

Tissot Is Officially Appointed As The Official Timing For The 17th Korea Incheon Asian Games 2014

Today, the first countdown clock of the 17th Asian Games in 2014 was officially unveiled in Incheon, South Korea. Mr. Kyung Sang Kwon, Secretary General of the Incheon Asian Games Preparatory Committee, Mr. Song Younggil, Mayor of Incheon, Korea, and many guests attended the unveiling ceremony. The 17th Asian Games will be held in Incheon, South Korea in 2014. As the official timing and partner of the Asian Games, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot will provide accurate timing and analysis of competition results for each Asian Games event, and provide the world with Demonstrate the precision, innovation and excellence of Tissot watches.

Figure 1: Mr. Kyung Sang Kwon, Secretary-General of the Preparatory Committee of the Incheon Asian Games, Mr. Song Younggil, Mayor of Incheon, Korea, and many guests attended the ceremony of the official countdown clock of the Tissot Incheon Asian Games

On the same day, Mr. Kyung Sang Kwon, Secretary-General of the Incheon Asian Games Preparatory Committee, Mr. Song Younggil, Mayor of Incheon = Mayor of Korea, and many guests attended the ceremony of the official countdown clock of the Tissot Incheon Asian Games. The countdown clock is located right in front of the Incheon City Hall, an iconic building in Incheon, South Korea. It will witness all the moments of historical significance before the 17th Asian Games, and when the opening ceremony of the Asian Games officially begins Zeroing.

倒 This countdown clock is the perfect embodiment of Tissot’s watchmaking technology and innovative spirit. The countdown clock consists of four cubes rotating at different speeds. These cubes represent days, hours, minutes and seconds, reminding everyone of the passionate countdown to the opening ceremony of the 17th Asian Games on September 19, 2014.

Tissot and the Incheon Asian Games Preparatory Committee are actively preparing for this cooperation to ensure that during the Asian Games, they can provide the most accurate timing, scoring and game results for players from all countries, and ensure that all 36 events of the 17th Asian Games Smoothly. The completion of this countdown clock is one of the fruits of the close cooperation between the two sides, giving the public endless expectations of the excitement of the game.

Tissot has a long history of participating in sports. In recent years, Tissot has been actively transforming, becoming a professional brand capable of accounting for comprehensive sports. This change has enabled Tissot to gain more experience and skills and provide more accurate timing services for more sports in various occasions. In addition to serving as the official timekeeper for the MotoGP, FIM Superbike, FIBA ​​and AFL, the International Cycling, Fencing and Hockey Federation also performs timing and data processing for all World Championships and World Cup Give it to this world-renowned Swiss watchmaker. In addition, Tissot also served as the official timekeeper for the 1998, 2002 and 2006 Asian Games.

十七 The 17th Asian Games will be held from September 19 to October 4, 2014 in Incheon, South Korea. For more information, please log in:

Tissot – ‘Time, You Control’

天 For Tissot, ‘time, you control’ is more than just a slogan. It conveys the DNA of the Tissot brand-Tissot has always strived to perfectly integrate cutting-edge technology and fashion design in watchmaking, hoping to bring more value and touch to customers. Since 1853, Tissot has been innovating based on tradition, and today it has grown into the number one Swiss traditional watchmaking brand in the world. Over the past 160 years, Tissot has evolved from a watch factory headquartered in the small town of Lillac in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland, into a global brand with sales outlets in more than 160 countries. Tissot’s leading position benefits from its unparalleled ability to innovate. It spares no effort in the pursuit of the use of special materials, the development of advanced functions and the design of details. Tissot has launched more and more high-quality watches, but the price-performance ratio is more attractive than any other Swiss watch brand, which also reflects its commitment to ‘entry luxury’. Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor. It also serves as the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGP, Superbike, FIBA, Australian Football League AFL, and World Bicycle, Fencing and Hockey Officially designated timing for tournaments. In terms of market promotion and product design, Tissot has consistently written its brand philosophy: ‘Innovation originates from tradition’. For more information, please visit:; Tissot China official Weibo:

Iwc Engineers Chasing Chronograph Titanium Watch

Schaffhausen-A masterpiece of precision engineering technology is grandly available. This is the new engineer’s chase chronograph titanium watch from IWC. In addition to the sophisticated technology contained in its chronograph, this masculine timepiece is also one of the most rugged IWC watches. This watch is made to the highest quality standards, and it means a dream come true for every man who seeks a fulfilling life.
    Engineering is to solve difficult technical problems with clever ideas. It is a delicate art. This new engineer’s chronograph titanium watch carefully crafted by IWC watch experts in Schaffhausen is the masterpiece of this fine art. In terms of design and function, it is in the same vein as this legendary watch series from 1954 to 1955.
Dreams come true with titanium
    The new engineer’s chase chronograph titanium watch from Schaffhausen IWC is equipped with a solid and reliable caliber 79230 and a 45mm titanium case, which has a stunning appearance. With the introduction of this watch, the engineer series is equipped with the chronograph function for the first time ever. In addition to superb technology, this new piece is equally striking in appearance. In addition, the satin finish of the ‘first’ titanium case makes the surface appear silky shiny. The appearance of this watch has many features, including five screws with diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) on the bezel. The screw head blends perfectly with the black rubber-coated buttons and crown shoulders. The vulcanization effect of rubber perfectly highlights the watch’s heavy appearance and smooth control. The redesigned dial looks clear, pleasing and clear. To distinguish the displays more clearly, the designers used blue for the first time to create a color palette that complements this timepiece. The hour, minute and small seconds (with stop) dials are recessed, while the luminous materials embedded in the rhodium-plated hands are black. At night, this function of the watch begins to play its important role. Considering the weight of the watch and its 16 mm case thickness, the designer deliberately omitted the soft iron inner case. The convex case ring design highlights the distinctive ergonomic concept, combined with a total weight of only 130 grams, making it exceptionally comfortable when wearing the watch. Engineered chronograph titanium watch with proven water resistance up to 12 bar, tough engineer rubber strap, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass, screw-in case back and crown, enough to withstand Extreme conditions.
    The chase time function is an extension of the timing device technology. With this function, two different time periods can be measured in one minute. To put it simply, just press the button to start the chronograph function, and the two center chronograph seconds hands will start running. Since the two hands completely overlap, the second chronograph hand cannot be seen immediately. At this time, the wearer can choose to repeat the measurement time within one minute. When the timekeeping function is activated, press the third button at the ’10 o’clock’ position, the upper chronograph hands will stop, and the lower chronograph hands will continue to operate until the normal It will stop after the start / stop button. Using this method, two different short periods can be measured. If you press the tracing hand button again, no matter the chronograph hand is running or stationary, the tracing hand will immediately return to the top of the chronograph hand. This function can only be achieved through continuous sublimation based on rich experience in watchmaking.
Titanium-a glamorous material
    At IWC, innovation is a long tradition: As early as 1980, IWC had taken the lead in using this advanced material, and its titanium chronograph watch led the industry first. Now, IWC has accumulated rich experience in handling this lightweight, almost never wearable and extremely skin-friendly material. By the end of the 1970s, however, with the assistance of aviation experts, Swiss watch maker IWC had mastered the necessary know-how to process and heat treat titanium. Titanium is 43% lighter than stainless steel, but it has excellent overall corrosion resistance, extremely low thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Titanium is one of the most unique and expensive materials in the world. Its unique color and lustre can enhance the appearance and masculinity of the engineer’s chronograph titanium watch. It is a veritable ‘engineer’ both in function and appearance.
Engineer’s chronograph titanium watch
Model 3765
Mechanical chronograph movement, automatic winding
Needle tracking device, date and day display, small second hand with stop function,
Black rubber-coated buttons and crown shoulders
Model 79230
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour / 4 Hz
Number of jewels 29
Power reserve 44 hours
Wind up automatic
Material Titanium and rubber case and pin buckle,
Black dial with white and blue hands and hour markers,
Black rubber strap
Mirror: Double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass
Case back Titanium, screw-in
Crown screw-in
Water-resistant to 12 bar
45 mm diameter
Thickness 16 mm

China Will Be The Largest Market For Nomos In The Future

NOMOS, a famous watch brand from Germany, recently held its first watch appreciation event in Bincheng at Jinhua Clock & Watch in Dalian Centennial City. NOMOS has won the enthusiasm of Bencheng consumers for its simple lines, modern shapes, pure colors and inherent beauty.
  Here, Mr. Uwe Ahrendt, NOMOS Global President and Ms. Judith Borowski, Director of Marketing, visited Lianlian. On December 7, Mr. Uwe Ahrendt, who came to Lianlian for the first time, accepted an exclusive interview with our reporter.
 ‘I didn’t expect that the watch consumer market in Dalian shocked me. & rdquo; Uwe Ahrendt said that he did not know Dalian before, but only Beijing and Shanghai. It was only through a visit to the Dalian watch market on the first day that he was so excited to see that there are so many luxury brands and so many luxury consumer groups in Dalian. He said that he was assured of partners with rich brand structure, honest business philosophy, professional service attitude, and senior retail experience, such as Jinhua Watches, which are exclusively distributed in Dalian.
  The name of the NOMOS brand is derived from the Greek, meaning ‘law’ and ‘standard’, as in the spirit of watchmaking, focusing on the precise and practical functions of watches, and in just a few decades, with excellent quality The unique marketing strategy successfully developed its business territory and became a watch brand regarded as a national treasure by the Germans.
  Uwe Ahrendt was born in 1969. His parents have always lived in the town of Glashütte and both work in the watch industry. He is one of the very few general managers of many brands to learn professional watch knowledge from scratch. There are about twelve top watch manufacturers worldwide, three of which are located in Germany and all are located in this small town. NOMOS is the first mechanical watch brand to adopt the ‘Glasutti’ origin designation.
  It is said that NOMOS has never answered any questions about operating income, profits and annual watch production. Regarding reporters’ questions about the market performance of NOMOS just two months after entering Dalian and the target in the Chinese market, Mr. Uwe Ahrendt said that he was very satisfied with the sales performance of Dalian market, ‘the sales volume is considerable’.
  He said that NOMOS entered the Chinese market for only one and a half years, but quickly received a warm response from the market. China will be the largest market for NOMOS in the future, and he is full of expectations. But Mr Uwe Ahrendt did not set specific targets for sales in the Chinese market. He said that NOMOS has less than 90 employees, of which there are only 40 watchmakers. All of these watches are handmade and the production is very limited. Quality is always more important than output. NOMOS focuses on the steady growth of the Chinese market, pursues the extraordinary quality of its products, and guarantees that it will be presented to consumers with perfect products. NOMOS has the same technology and quality as Swiss watches, but because it does not do complicated functions and pursues simplicity and fashion, its rational and pragmatic style is even more respected by successful people.
  NOMOS was pleasantly surprised by the Dalian market. Regardless of this, both Mr. Uwe Ahrendt and Mr. Guo Tao, the general manager of Jebsen Watches Greater China as NOMOS’s general agent, have stated that apart from Centennial City, they will continue to work with Jinhua Watches. Working in depth to open up the Dalian market, there will soon be another brand-new image store of NOMOS in Bincheng.

Fashionable And Accurate Real-time Mido Helm Series ‘two Places’ Fully Automatic Mechanical Watch

In 1934, two years after the completion of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Swiss Mido launched the Helmsman series. The introduction of this series of watches aims to highlight the coincidence of Swiss Mido and Sydney Harbour Bridge-a perfect combination of design and functionality. In 2018, at the 100th anniversary of Mido, the brand launched the helmsman series ‘Two Places’ fully automatic mechanical watches at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair, adding another piece to the helmsman, a representative series of Swiss Mido A brand new watch with a stylish and sporty style, which combines fashion style and practical ‘two places’ functions into one, and is specially designed for business people who often travel to various countries. Below, let’s follow the team ahead and take a look at this new watch. (Watch model: M005.929.36.041.00)

   The new helmsman series ‘Two Places’ fully automatic mechanical watch, decorated with exquisite blue dial with vertical Geneva ripples, represents the ultimate aesthetics. The round stainless steel case with PVD rose gold plating and the deep blue dial complement each other’s contrasting charm. The stylish and timeless helmsman series ‘Two Places’ fully automatic mechanical watch is an indispensable wristwatch for all the world travellers who want to have both the fashion style and accurate time control of each country.

   PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel, 42 mm in diameter. The double case design makes the model more classic and aesthetic, very beautiful.

   The smooth lugs perfectly integrate with the case, adding a line of beauty to the watch. The smooth radian allows the timepiece to fit the wrist of the wearer well and is ergonomic.

   By rotating the outer ring setting to display 24 time zones around the world, the second time zone (T2) can be adjusted via the screw-in crown at two o’clock. The arrow-shaped hands to indicate the second time zone can be adjusted with the screw-in crown at the four o’clock position (indicating the time on a 24-hour scale). Both crowns are engraved with the ‘MIDO’ brand logo and are designed with non-slip texture, which has a superior feel and is easy to debug.

   The blue dial decorated with vertical Geneva waves, diamond-cut hour and minute hands, echoes the independent applique scale, and the time is clear and intuitive. Polished seconds and red-coated hands in the second time zone. The pointers of the second time zone pointer and the global 24-hour scale on the dial outer ring are decorated with a red lacquer coating, giving the watch a sporty and overall style. The date window is at 3 o’clock.

   Equipped with Mido 1193 fully automatic mechanical movement, through the back cover design, you can see the automatic oscillating weight carefully carved Geneva ripples and MIDO logo, do not have a fun. stand by. Hours, minutes and seconds + ‘GMT time’ display function, and has 42 hours of kinetic energy storage.

   A brown calfskin rolled crocodile pattern strap with brown stitching on the edges is classic and generous.

   PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel folding clasp for easy and convenient operation.
   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair: