Tag Heuer Launches Luxury Watches And Is Committed To Pioneering Green Energy

The skills of marketing and brand communication are to grasp the current development trend. New energy, preferably renewable, is one of these trends, and Heuer knows it.

   Following the launch of the world’s first true electric sports car Tesla Global Tour, TAG Heuer launched a watch through its brand spokesperson Leonardo DiCaprio, raising funds for the Natural Resources Conservation Commission and the International Green Cross Donate money to join the trend of protecting the ecological environment.
   The company also announced that more than 500 solar panels (750 square meters) will be installed in four buildings in La Chaux-de-Fonds. As a result, TAG Heuer will build one of the largest photovoltaic power generation facilities in French-speaking Switzerland.
   TAG Heuer Global President Jean-Christophe Babin said: Leonardo DiCaprio visited the company in March this year, and it turned out to be an environmental test. After a feasibility study, the company decided to take the first step: to participate in a photovoltaic project with a total investment of CHF 750,000, of which TAG invested a third. Its 25-year short-term operating rights.